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    • Shattered Rift

      If anyone needs anything, I'll be back at my computer by the end of the month. I should still be contactable and checking in sporadically, but it will be sporadic. If anyone happens to be in the (Boise) Idaho or (Central) Utah areas, let me know and we can meet up.
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    • Clucky

      /me presses the give clucky a banana button
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    • Shattered Rift

      Apparently the email double-sent. Not sure what caused that to happen.
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    • Celairiel

      Voce's first game is up for sign-ups! Everyone should join. The concept is really creative and we've got some unique roles for you.  
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    • lion wiggles

      I'm posting posting. 
      Do we know when you are sending out emails, @Shattered Rift?? 
      I'm readdddyyyyy. 
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