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  2. My only criticism would be that it wasn't clear if it was 4v4 or uniformed majority vs informed minority. A tournament implies the former, and by the time I realised otherwise it was probably too late. I figured rift was evil and kept trying to fight him but excessive alcohol made that harder than it should have been. Then my phone broke which was my only real way of getting online, so I gave up.
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  4. Franc, I was positive you suspected me. I have no idea why you believed me. When you claimed the support, my utter shock was totally genuine. I spent the day you were asking for support trying to find any way to avoid the conversation. It was actually one of the easier days for me to participate, IRL, but I just acted like it was a normal day. And at one point, I also wondered about the "not exactly baddies" idea, even though my role PM said "baddie HQ." The set up would have allowed for a really effective subversion of the standard town vs wolf concept.
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  6. If you're willing to do so, go ahead.
  7. I'm thinking we need more players. Really I think what we need to do is reach out to Sunnyneo and Jellyneo and talk to them about how we can run these games to interest their users, and build the player base again.
  8. Yep, knew there was a reason I loved Cel. Gal speaks like a siren. *headdesk* It is a pity that didn't happen. I would not have died. Part of my problem is I saw this game like Dragonball Z if you will - a tournament of worlds. I didn't think there were baddies per se.
  9. I'm announcing that I'm conceptualizing another game, so if someone else would like to host before me, then please show interest in doing so. What I'm currently thinking of is a medieval themed HP/Level UP game. I'm interested in including some illustrations for clarity and engagement. Also, everyone will receive an NPC companion who will help guide them through the game and their role.
  10. Deadline was exactly the same as every other Werewolf, but with the added benefit of having time to allow players to change their night list after execution. Rift used his Kill power at the exact right time he should have. I believe Cel had missed the deadline to deathflag Franc, which is what she meant by killing him. Franc had actually protected himself that match however, and neither power would have worked. I think moving forward, I'll include lots of examples and basic strategy guides for the setup. Some might think that figuring out the game and devising the best way to play your role is a big part of the game. However, it's a common problem with my games that the players catch on too slowly, so I'll definately try the adaptation. I think this is why gunslingers went so well. With a public role, players had more information about the game and examples of other mechanics not gained through role trading, so everyone seemed to catch on faster.
  11. There are a lot of things about the format that I enjoyed conceptually, and I'd be curious to see an HP mechanic or the like included. It took a while to wrap my head around timings and such, and I assume the same was true for others. There was also the question of when to use my Kill and whether to use it sooner or save it for the end as I ended up doing. Cel had wanted me to use it on Franc, but I missed the timing to do so, and that ended up working out to our benefit anyway. I had forgotten how difficult Werewolf can be when the dead retain their voices, and I kept worrying about the support powers of the dead. And I was expecting the rez that never came, given both my Kill power and Cel's convert (not to mention Cel's other Kill that somehow still played out). I'd be curious to see other variants on the double execution mechanic in the future. Juggling that was certainly an interesting thing here (especially with my disconnect from almost everything else in the game early on). @Sinical, I'm sorry for your loss. It sucks having real life stuff come up during Werewolf. And I assume your being in Japan made it all the more stressful.
  12. Execution gave a lot of information actually, and players could still play the game and support. You knew who won, and how many players supported each side. You also knew how many matches a player had won. From that and claims, it should easily be able to determine rough estimates of power levels. An innocent who lost a match against someone they thought was a baddie could tell you that that player had more than x power because they know their own power level and the boosts affecting them. The innocents also had an alignment dreamer, and name dreamer/heir/rezzer combo. The OMT suicides when he loses, and the baddies are unlikely to win if Head Honcho is eliminated, who has the weakest support power in the game. I had personally thought the baddies would get steamrolled by cohesive innocent strategy. Making Head Honcho fight more people is fine. It was obvious he was evil. But the innocents made no moves that I saw to form a strategy to defeat him or even attempt to support players going up against him. Supporting powers were the cheapest and could easily be spammed, especially once eliminated from fighting as they would have nothing else to spend resources on.
  13. So wait, did I win with the baddies? I'll take it. I honestly feel like a big part of why innos lost was because of the execution style. Not only were they unreliable and delayed, they gave no information unless someone died from it and basically tied up 4 players at a time. It was definitely an interesting mechanic and I would like to see it revisited but I don't feel it was adequate for a game of this size. Thanks for hosting, Blac/Rex (Blex? Nah that just sounds wrong)!
  14. Just realized I posed in the game feed without realizing that the game was already over and the forces of darkness have already one so again apologies for being absent along time. But congrats on winners but the war of light and darkness is never truly over. I loved the style of this game I saw a lot of like Tekken style in it. I was wondering if that is where you got your inspiration from Jak?
  15. Hey dogs of war, sorry I've been MIA for the past few days things just at work and the weekend got busy very fast so not really had enough time to come on here but I've been reading through the thread and we I think are now at the finals if the semi finals have already happened and we are now down to Cel vs Rox and you both are pretty much good vs evil right now.
  16. Back from Texas. Never driving through that hellhole again. Incidentally, I will now be looking for a new car.

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      Shattered Rift

      Did your AC give out or something?

  17. Here's the google doc dump for roles and such. The only thing I think I would have changed is making Deathmatch's conversion a Unique power so that she couldn't use it if she ended up winning her first match, because it was basically intended not to happen. The main reasons the innocents lost was due to an extreme lack of power usage. A majority of powers were never used, most importantly, Support Powers. Sinical and Red also should not have been put on the Voting block again together, although even Cel was surprised they were still bound by fate. (If they fought, the loser dies) Red was a confirmed dreamer, confirmed by name dreamer heir, and also non-publicly a rezzer. I guess the OMT also didn't play at all so that probably took a bit of pressure off the baddies. Cel being supported (but also her opponent NOT being supported) meant that she moved on with her conversion still (which I should have taken away) and then Sinical not being protected meant that Rift could use his single trump card to kill him in the Match. If Cel had lost, Rock would have been converted. Both Sinical and Rox could beat Rock, and both were built to fight Rift, so his trump wouldn't have guaranteed the win, and I think the innocents probably would have won. If Cel didn't have her Conversion, then it would have been Rox vs Rift and Rox would have won if he had Support, but I had already told Cel that since it wasn't a Unique Power she could still use it again and I didn't want the potential to make the baddies felt like they lost unfairly by GM last minute rules change.
  18. I'm bummed at the lack of fanfare, but pleased at the result. Great game, Rex and Blac. I loved the tournament style. I think if we gave this set-up another run, players would play strategically earlier. I was able to interact with enough players to realize that there was a lack of understanding how to utilize the set-up. It's different enough from execution-style werewolf, that I think we would all have played a little differently. For example, I'm surprised that we only had a single player volunteering to fight. It really shouldn't have been looked on with such suspicion. Players like myself with strong support powers, but weak battle power should have tried to get into the ring early in order to avoid having to go up against a strong champ later in the game. I also think that if we had fully strategized, more players would have stayed engaged after defeat. The support concept was a great way to do that, but the set-up was unfamiliar enough to limit confidence in where to throw support and just how it worked.
  19. My apologies for the delay. Shattered Rift killed Sinical in the ring (Sinical died). This renders the outcome of the second fight irrelevant: if Cel wins, the baddie team of Shattered Rift and Cel wins. If Cel loses, Cel has activated a power that will allow her to convert Rox. Either way, the baddies win.
  20. Sinical, I'm really sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing OK. Posting for the sake of posting, because, as Rox clearly feels, there isn't much to say at this point. We just need to make our best effort to win the finals. (Since, from what I can tell, me and Rox are equally beneficial winners).
  21. Due to events I'vebeen out of gameplay (aka my mum died) I am overworld. Red approved my role Do you honestly think the killer was the opponent when red died. If overworld exists, you must assist for any chance
  22. I guess voting is pointless at this point. Do we still need to post?
  23. Welcome to the Semi-finals everyone! The last few matches have been decided: Match 7: Sinical vs Rift Match 8: @Roxeon vs @Celairiel The winners of these two Matches will move on to the Finals. It's time to pull out all the stops on these fights, hold nothing back! First up, @Sinical vs @Shattered Rift! FIGHT! Remember to support your Fighter. You never know how powerful a simple word of encouragement can be.
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