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  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Then I guess you'll surprised." Star coughed out with a grin as she dodged back before he could land a second hit. She shrugged, before darting forward again, "Because I promise I'm not any better at this than what you see." Command: Auto-battle - Attack Odin
  3. Mob mentality

    Companies advertising on their own platform like having a website? Or making events or something? I haven't heard of any significant impact on the entire ad industry for the millions of sites running forums embedding ads on the internet. Since google is the primary search engine, with no real competitor, most forums are just using Google as the middleman to receive revenue. Google is making a profit from this and company's growth has been in acceptable margins since forever. In the youtube example, you can replace youtube with google, and youtubers as the millions of forums if that is better. You're talking about them right? the Creators that are being paid through google, and even sometimes directly? Google and others are doing fine, but it's these smaller websites that are really suffering from this "Adpocolypse." If your audience is sophisticated enough to use ad-blocker, you would have to change things up or ask your users to disable ad-blocker much like how youtubers would ask their fan base. You can add a yellow donate button too. Or sell merch or an actual product with product placement even... Frankly, I don't think small forums running ads was ever lucrative. Or at least, after big sites like twitter, facebook, etc. came to be. People will rather congregate to these big sites rather than small forums sadly. This is why news websites have a crap ton of ads on them. No wonder people use adblockers... FFS... Without ads, you'd have to run donation drives like how those radio channels are asking for donations all the time. From what I can tell, it's business as usual, if not better since ten years ago for ads on the internet. It's not some hiccup that everyone is calling adpocolpyse right? Since business is doing so well, that's why I'm inclined to say this adpocolypse is about YouTube and the drama that the community creates about getting demonetized and stuff like that since adverts don't like their politics. Advertisers have been doing this everywhere, and it's only now brought to attention because of YouTube. That's why I think it's BS. Advertisers are pulling their ads while also telling google, not enough clicks? If you want clicks, then don't pull your ads. Ad-blocker is the issue? There are other ways to advertise than clicks. I think there is some misunderstanding in all of this. Something that only Facebook, Amazon, google, etc. can do to get around ad-blockers, if that's such a big issue: They have data that is incredible cheap to store, and they can sell it to advertisers using targeted ads, depending on what you like on facebook or your search history, etc. With ads being more selective, you suffer less from the % if people that use ad-blockers. So it's not exactly about clicks. There's enough data that google/facebook analyzed to show their customers that targeted ads are business effective enough. They can sell by offering less clicks, but with more business results. It's essentially formulating a 'viral' concept of growing interest surrounding certain products by concentrating on targeting people. Those people that are more likely to share the product or message with others on their own will continue to grow the interest, etc. Or advertisers can go to websites/creators directly for product placement and sponsorships since adblocker is blocking so much of the clicks. Wouldn't this be better for the small forums? This is similar to targeted advertisement. It's better than some click data, that most often are just people mistakenly clicking and don't have any interest.
  4. Mob mentality

    The adpocalypse isn't about YouTube (and to be blunt, I listed YouTubers as having a way around it). There are millions of sites running forums that are paid for by embedded ads ("free with ads"), and like Facebook, that revenue stream depends on the advertising industry getting clickthrough and the endpoint customers getting traceable sales from that clickthrough. The clickthrough has fallen to levels that ultimately won't support the "free with ads" model anymore. It's already a poor ROI for the endpoint customers buying the ads. It's already pressuring advertisers and sites like Facebook that act as their own middleman. These are inertia-heavy market forces, but they are moving.
  5. So... how dead are we?

    Ok, that really makes me want to do a Shroedinger's Werewolf game. Cue someone telling me it's been done...
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  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Traj eyed the scrapped wreckage of the Webcrawler and flexed his fingers. Yeah, he'd missed this. [Attack Black Rat A]
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Ward Location: Sparkbomb Mansion, The Arena The J.B. Flea Market was empty except for a single stand, but Ward did not stop there as he passed on to the Arena. His thoughts were filled with great battles of past, both of known and unknown. It was the only place where usergroups were allowed to matter: the Anonymous League belonged to those whose true identities were hidden, but the audience bore witness to the power of each usergroup. The unparalleled skill and tricks of a spectre. The unstoppable force of a phoenix. The unbridled strength of a werewolf in its true form. All were impressive in their own right. Ward's eyes immediately went to the standings as he approached the ticket counter. Public League Standings 1) Exzeir 2) Odin 3) Apex 4) TBA . . . 10) TBA Anonymous League Standings -The Anonymous League is Currently on Hiatus- "There's only been a few ranked matches so far," Edgar said from behind the counter, "and the Anonymous League is on hold until we fix the settings. You thinking of joining the Public League? Now's your chance to have your name on the leader board, and I promise the opportunity won't last long." "What is there to watch right now?" Ward said. "Odin's on his way with some girl who claims she was here during the hack," Edgar said as he leaned forward, intrigued and dubious at the same time. "It's a free show if you want to watch. Or if you'd like to place a bet? Odds are 1.3 to 1 on Odin and 1.7 to 1 on the girl. ... TheLastStarMaker's her name." "How about the practice rooms?" Ward said. "They're open," Edgar said. "We herded a bunch of webcrawlers into a cage, so there's an option besides just finding a sparring buddy." Ward had his choices: Join the Public League, watch Odin's match against Star, or practice against a member or webcrawlers. Or he could do something else. [You are in the Sparkbomb Mansion. Command? Ward: Sparks 27/27 Energy 7/7] TheLastStar Maker Location: Sparkbomb Mansion, General Forum -> The Arena "What, so, I tell you more of my story AND I get to face off with you in the Arena?" She scoffed, though she was giving him a rather toothy smirk, "What a great trade-off. Should I even bother to ask what's in it for me?" She crossed her arms, but made no move to back down. Odin's one eye narrowed as Star recounted bits and pieces of what had transpired during the hacking. Her display of items—Foam Bat, Matching Socks, and Snowball—caused a small stir among the audience. "If I win, you help me with at least one thing this place needs doing to get back on its feet." She shrugged again, "You win, and sure, I'll tell you the whole story." "You have a deal, lass," Odin said. A large procession left the General Forum, led by Odin and Star, and it drew attention in the hall and the Random Chat Cafe. It was the most members that had been on the move at once since before the hack, and that was enough to draw in others. The path to the Arena led through what was left of the J.B. Flea Market, a single stand manned by a lone woman who looked up anxiously at the passersby. The ticket booth was still intact, and Edgar quickly ushered Odin and Star through the door. "As a reminder, usergroup skills may not be used," Edgar said. The Arena was designed as a stadium that could be segmented according to need. A portion with seating for a few dozen members had been prepared for Star's match with Odin. The two took the same path to the middle of their arena. A bell chimed, signaling the start of the match. TheLastStarMaker attacks Odin. 7 damage. Odin attacks TheLastStarMaker. 10 damage. "Yer fast, lass," Odin said, raising an arm to catch the strike of her foam bat and punching her in the gut with his counter. "But ye can do better than that." [Odin remains. Command? TheLastStarMaker: Sparks 26/36 Energy 11/11 Charges 1/1] Team RIBT Location: Jubilation Cave Black RatB attacks iko. 6 damage. iko attacks Black RatC. Critical! 22 damage. Deleted! Black RatA attacks Rexozord. 3 damage. Rexozord attacks Black RatA. 9 damage. Trajectory slashes Webcrawler. 28 damage. Deleted! [Highest damage to date.] Blacjak attacks Webcrawler. [Black RatAB remain. Command? Party 1: Rexozord: Sparks 25/42 Energy 8/10 Charges 1/1, Blacjak: Sparks 32/32 Energy 9/11 Charges 1/1 Party 2: Trajectory: Sparks 33/33 Energy 8/10 Charges 1/1, iko: Sparks 19/36 Energy 10/10 Charges 1/1]
  9. So... how dead are we?

    Schroedinger's LixylSoon?
  10. So... how dead are we?

    I do not exist, and therein lies the difference between us, Lixyl.
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  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star could practically feel the approval that skated across those members standing behind Curtana. And the opposite reaction from those behind Veritas. She resisted a sigh and a roll of her eyes. Apparently both sides had missed her actual point, which was that the admin was going to do whatever the admin always did, and they should band together to get this place back into the shape it had been, instead of bickering and accomplishing nothing like a bunch of old hens pecking at age-old arguments like so much empty dirt upon the ground. Her intentions had fallen on deaf ears that would only hear what they wanted to hear, her actual neutrality on the matter notwithstanding. Star did raise an eyebrow at the guy who stood up and began to address her. "What, so, I tell you more of my story AND I get to face off with you in the Arena?" She scoffed, though she was giving him a rather toothy smirk, "What a great trade-off. Should I even bother to ask what's in it for me?" She crossed her arms, but made no move to back down. "Look, I'm not a fighter. I don't claim to be." She shrugged, "There were enough of us at that time all working together from our measly Level One to help Shattered Rift with his top priority, which as I see it was to stop the Script Kiddie's hacking in progress before it claimed any more than it already had. Though even then, we had a rough go of it." She thought back to the deletions that had occurred during their go at restoring order to the Mansion, her own included. "Let me tell yah, it's not exactly a comfortable feeling to watch a teammate's body seize as they get malware uploaded into them, and witness them as they don't actually delete properly and are forced to watch the rest of us fight a losing battle without them." She shuddered dramatically before turning back to the other guy, "But, sure, my Socks and Foam Bat and I'll fight you if that's what you want. Heck, I could even throw a Snowball your way if it'll help." She paused, lips pursed, "But frankly, I don't really see the point. All I see coming out of a fight is a bunch of time wasted that could instead be better spent piecing this place back together. So if you wanna fight, you better make it worth that precious time." She squared up to this one-eyed wonder fully. "If I win, you help me with at least one thing this place needs doing to get back on its feet." She shrugged again, "You win, and sure, I'll tell you the whole story." Star definitely did not think this was a fight she was going to win, and she hoped maybe her words or her attempt at negotiations would off-put the challenger enough that they would see her point and back down. Part of Star didn't really think it was her place to reveal the names of those that fought with her. And at the same time...she wasn't super sure any of them would actually mind if she did... Note to self: I should ask. Command(s): If Odin agrees to the Terms: Battle Odin in the Arena First Action in Arena: Attack Odin with Foam Bat ((TBH, I didn't really want to just do an auto-battle without knowing how much damage he is going to take from her on this first hit, because truthfully that's going to determine whether or not she ends up tossing her precious snowball at him.))
  13. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat C.
  14. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Ward waved goodbye to Benedict as he left the Random chat cafe. he flipped his hoodie over his head as he made his way down the hall. up until now, he had been walking around aimlessly seeing what needed to be done as he processed what had happened since the restart. But now that was done and all that was left to focus on was his hurt pride. he had come to the fight late, got knocked out in one hit against the script kiddie, and couldn't even land a single hit on the Specter that attacked Iko and himself. and there was one place in the mansion where he could work out the frustration he now felt, the Arena. In the past, this had been one of his favorite place to go. he liked watching the various fighting styles and personalities clash, and listening to the roar of the crowd, all of it got his blood pumping. as he started jogged toward the Arena he only hoped that it was up and running. Move to Arena.
  15. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Webcrawler>Shoot Black RatC>B>Attack Black RatA
  16. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    [Slash Webcrawler]
  17. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black RatC
  18. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    TheLastStar Maker Location: Sparkbomb Mansion, General Forum [Shortening your speech here a bit for brevity's sake, but rest assured it was given in its entirety.] "You don't think there was a hacker?" Star said, and a few voices quieted at the newcomer. One of the cameras turned to her quickly, as most of the others were still seated. She continued. "By the time you managed to log in, the Script Kiddie had already been taken care of, weren't they? As well as some forty-odd mix of Spambots and Webcrawlers the first of us took down before that, not to mention the countless numbers of the same that Shattered Rift himself fought with hand-to-hand to clear out these walls enough to make our community's full return manageable." Her audience was quiet now, and both cameras had turned to her as she went on. "But many hands make light work," she finished. "And we're Sparkbomb. Not even some dumb old hacker can take that away from us." She crossed her arms over her chest and drew silent, looking out across her audience. [TheLastStarMaker has earned respect with the Pro-Shattered Rift Faction. TheLastStarMaker has lost respect from the Anti-Shattered Rift Faction.] "Ye speak as one who was here first, lass," Odin said, rising from his seat. A patch covered his left eye, but his right was a piercing blue with flecks of gold. "When I logged back in, and so far as I know I was the first, the world was dark and brimming with webcrawlers. I assume a hacker was responsible, but Veritas speaks true: there's no evidence o' the source of the darkness or its abrupt end." Odin's lone eye twinkled for a moment. "Ye mention spambots and a Script Kiddie?" He reached into his jacket and withdrew a motor, holding it up for all to see. Though he could hold it in one hand, it was too large to fit inside a webcrawler. "I found this when I cleared the parlor, before the others joined. It was dropped by no webcrawler." It was, however, about the right size for a bot. "Tell us more of yer story, lass. I just have one request: join me in the Arena for a match." Both cameras were on Star. She could name her companions or keep their identities secret. She could talk about her encounter with the Script Kiddie in the Irregular Tower or keep it to herself. And she could talk about the world of darkness she experienced or keep that bit to herself. Whatever she chose to reveal, she quickly discerned Odin's reason for requesting a battle. Her battle prowess would prove that she had already been fighting, as might her Foam Bat. Even her lone Snowball would do the trick, if she was willing to part with it to prove a point. The only catch was that she couldn't use her werewolf skills. [If you accept Odin's offer of combat: Odin approaches (and I'll use the beginning of next update to move you to the Arena). Note that there are two decisions to make here: one is what you choose to say in front of the cameras, and the second is your response to Odin's challenge. XP gain and Death consequences will be foregone in this battle, although victory will have its own benefit. Command? TheLastStarMaker: Sparks 36/36 Energy 11/11 Charges 1/1] Ward Location: Sparkbomb Mansion, Random Chat Cafe [Reposting last update for convenience...] Only a handful of members were gathered in the cafe. When Ward took a seat at the bar and pulled up the digital menu on the counter, he understood why. Drinks were limited to water, and foods were a combination of plain rice, flavorless biscuits, pancakes, noodles with no seasoning, and a variety of eggs. It was a scant selection. [Admittedly, my culinary knowledge is limited. Most foods made from flour, rice, or eggs are available. Foods requiring most ingredients are noticeably absent, namely fruits, vegetables, and any form of sweetener or seasoning.] "What'll it be?" Benedict asked from behind the counter, towel and glass in hand. His tone was cheerful, and his blue eyes had a light sparkle in them, but his mood was also somber. "The menu got hit by the hack too?" Ward said. It was starting to become a clear pattern wherever he went. "Oh yeah," Benedict said. "I took a walk around the grounds this morning as soon as there was enough sunlight to see by. The crops are gone. All of them. Farmers market is dead too, I'd imagine. And unless someone wants to risk traveling outside the walls to look for some fresh produce and seeds, it'll be a while before the menu expands." [New Quest! Quest - A Virtual World Full of Food and Nothing to Eat (Forest) Primary Objective: Acquire Fresh Produce and Seeds -Option: Acquire Potatoes -Option: Acquire Beans -Option: Acquire Fruits -Option: Acquire Vegetables Reward: Spark Coins Again, this is an area I'm less knowledgeable about, so if there are particular foods/ingredients that people would want to exist in S:MS, speak up and say so and this Quest can be adjusted/expanded. Most of the foods/seeds will be one-shot items for this Quest. Note: Like the revealed stores, this Quest is available to everyone. Exploring other areas of the Mansion may reveal additional objectives.] Food wasn't exactly necessary. Good food tasted fantastic, but no one needed to eat to survive. Ward considered his next move. [You are in the Sparkbomb Mansion. Command? Ward: Sparks 27/27 Energy 7/7] Team RIBT Location: Jubilation Cave iko moves behind Trajectory. Microbat dive bombs Rexozord. 9 damage. iko attacks Microbat. 11 damage. Rexozord attacks Black Rat. 11 damage. Black Rat attacks Rexozord. 5 damage. Trajectory attacks Microbat. 7 damage. Blacjak attacks Black Rat. 11 damage. Deleted! Auto-Battle! Rexozord attacks Microbat. 5 damage. Trajectory attacks Microbat. 7 damage. Deleted! Victory! All battlers receive 5 XP! Treasure! Blacjak obtains Black Rat Trophy. [Trophies may be displayed in your personal quarters and do not take up space in your inventory.] Traveling South... The microbat had hit Rex hard. He would need to watch out for them in the future. They continued south, and the steady thwok was abruptly replaced by shouts. The group hurried to the next intersection to find that two miners to the east were under attack by a pack of black rats. Black RatB attacks MinerA. 8 damage. Black RatA attacks MinerB. Miss! Black RatC chitters. MinerB attacks Black RatD. 7 damage. Black RatD attacks MinerA. 8 damage. MinerA attacks Black RatD. 10 damage. Black RatE attacks MinerB. 7 damage. "Please, help us!" MinerB shouted. Three of the black rats turned to face the group, and a webcrawler scurried out from between the rocks to join them. The enemies probably wouldn't follow them if they turned back and left, but leaving would mean abandoning the two miners. [Black RatABC, Webcrawler approach. Command? Party 1: Rexozord: Sparks 28/42 Energy 8/10 Charges 1/1, Blacjak: Sparks 32/32 Energy 9/11 Charges 1/1 Party 2: Trajectory: Sparks 33/33 Energy 10/10 Charges 1/1, iko: Sparks 25/36 Energy 10/10 Charges 1/1]
  19. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Provisional, Traj will attack microbat
  20. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Awaiting commands from: Trajectory and Ward.
  21. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat. Continue toward the noises after the combat.
  22. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star may have found herself somewhat ambivalent towards Shattered Rift in general, but there was a certain irritated clench to her stomach to hear untruths being tossed around. "You don't think there was a hacker?" Star with a calm, cold sort of articulateness intended to demand the attention of the others in the room--especially she hoped those that were recording the debate--as she glared at Veritas, knowing full-well that she was going to have to tread carefully. She scoffed. "No. Of course you don't. Naturally, you didn't see the sky beyond the Front Gate lighting up with the tell-tale signs of a hacking, the zeroes and ones disrupting the view, did you? Because by the time you managed to log in, the Script Kiddie had already been taken care of, weren't they? As well as some forty-odd mix of Spambots and Webcrawlers the first of us--" She gave a pointed look meant to convey that she knew exactly who those "first" had actually been and it wasn't a single other person in the room. "--took down before that, not to mention the countless numbers of the same that Shattered Rift himself fought with hand-to-hand to clear out these walls enough to make our community's full return manageable." She lifted her nose a little higher in the air as she looked out across the room. "But he didn't leave us with anything we couldn't handle ourselves, did he? And we did handle it. We've reclaimed what's left of ours, which could have been a lot less if not for the admin's quick reaction--after all, the Mansion is still standing, isn't it?--and to my knowledge without a single permanently lost causality to our name. Because we are that #### good." She declared with a bit of a smirk aimed at every single individual in the room, and the ones beyond the room throughout the Mansion as a whole. Everyone who had fought within that last day or so. "And our efforts on that front have left Shattered Rift free to work with our best interests in mind, as he always has. This wasn't some flight-by-night hacking." Star's expression grew darker for a moment. "But we're back." She nodded with a bit of finality, face growing more resilient. "All in one piece. Arms and legs and all. And perfectly capable of rebuilding." She glanced around at those seated, thinking of the general air of despondency that she had been wading through ever since she left her room that morning. "That is, if we'll stop moping around and get off our ##### and do something about it. Or don't." She shrugged, "I don't really care. But then you'd better not come crying to me for socks once my collection is up and running again." She grinned and wriggled her toes, plainly fitted at the moment, but her thoughts were whirling around the photo Rift had left her, one she was pretty sure she had never seen before. "There's so much to do." She said at the last, freely admitting they had a lot of work ahead of them, "But many hands make light work. And we're Sparkbomb. Not even some dumb old hacker can take that away from us." She crossed her arms over her chest and drew silent, looking out across her audience to gauge their reactions with her head slightly raised, this time not with disdain. This time with pride.
  23. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Oh, forgot. In that case, my command is: Switch position with Trajectory Attack Microbat
  24. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    You'll learn Spark Heal once you reach Level 4. You're currently Level 3.
  25. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    No, the command is to use Spark Heal. I'll use that description now to avoid confusion.
  26. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Is this a command to use iko's Fused Spark Mini? If so, I'll mention that it can be used for pre-battle healing (in between fights) and an additional command can be used during this battle. I will also remind you that it's likely to be upgraded within the next few updates.
  27. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat>Microbat
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