Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

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Of magic and mystery, gold and betrayal, werewolves and powers amazing, welcome to


Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited


Hosted by Neopetsmom, with the aid of, Koshka, her faithful kattail companion and executioner.


Incredibly awesome banner created by Bed.  Thanks much.


Sign ups are now open closed (except for alternate/replacement players).  This will be a health based game with a store.  Purchases will be made with gold, earned through voting, posting and certain in-game activities.  Every player will have a role, with no plain innocents.  Players will either have or may acquire special powers.  I anticipate that the game will start on July 3rd with Day 1 to extend at least 48 hours until 11 PM CST on July 5 (primarily due to the holiday).  I expect that Days will thereafter end at about 11 PM CST.


Except for Raz (who is away this week), please sign up in this thread even if you mentioned in the preparation thread that you planned to play.




1. Raz

2. Trajectory

3. Kirby-Oh

4. Shattered Rift

5. TheLastStarMaker

6. Sinical

7. Liz

8. Franc

9. Pickles

10. Siniri

11. Silver

12. Red

13. Celairiel

14. Weee5067

15. Graphitesmoothie

16. jlt1990

17. Yark

18. Meta

19. Nell

20. Raephex

21. InuyashaOhki

22. Blacjak

23. Zilary

24. Steev

25. Kathy

26. Roxeon

27. MrHeatherway

28. Lion Wiggles

29. Jonny9

30. Blkmage

31. StratusNova

32. RockTheFox

33. Rexozord

34. Benladesh

35. Forte

36. thelilbear

37. Technocactus

38. Qanda

39. Mike

40. Anson

41. Dyl

42. Yoshi

43. Ekul

44. Azulblaster

45. Josh


SIGNUPS CLOSED except for replacement players. If you think you might not be able to read your role by the end of 7/5, please PM as otherwise you would be subject to replacement (if available).


(Alternate 1 - Clucky) playing

(Alternate 1 - Pets) playing

(Alternate 2 - Smoker) withdrawn

(Alternate 3 - GandalftheGrey)

(Alternate 4 - K23)

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That's why I'm here.  I won't have internet access until late in the day on the 4th, so please don't start bandwagoning me early on day 1 due to my silence.  Once I'm back in town, I plan to be very active.

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