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At this point I feel ready to make this post.

Some of will have noticed I haven't been as active as of late. Some will notice I haven't joined a ww game in a while.

Here's the why.

Last October my mom was diagnosed with endometrial and bladder cancer.

She did chemo and radiation treatments and the bladder cancer disappeared.

The endometrial moved to her lung. It resisted chemo and she was re diagnosed terminal. Still we had options.

Started working on getting into a clinical trial.

This all took a total of ten months.

So she's about to start clinical trials.

I go to a friend's wedding in California. On my way back I get a call.

Sister: "Mom is in the ER. They're transferring her to another hospital."

Me: "Why?"

Sister: "Because this hospital can't handle a brain tumor. "

So I race down I-10 and due to traffic I actually beat her to the second hospital. Pressing her doctor's for info I find out with this hospital's neurosurgeon they have been able to see the tumor isn't as bad as thought before.

Surgery goes well. Recovery is doing great. She gets radiation for the brain tumor.

This brings us to last Monday. She starts. her experimental treatment and suddenly gets short of breath, dizzy, confused, and her legs are swollen. Took her to the ER again.

We now find out that the chemo resistant mass in her lung has rapidly spread. And they are unsure if the experimental chemo caused the other symptoms. Yesterday they told us that if she can't go back on the chemo then the optimistic goal is two month and a more realistic goal is for her to try to make Christmas.

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Thank you for your considerations. I haven't shared it widely because like most things talking about it only makes you feel it more.

I appreciate the friendships I've made here over the decade I've spent here and on X-evo and I cherish them. I didn't want to keep this a secret, but like I said writing a post like this takes some extra effort and most days now I'm drained.


I am her power of attorney and so I'm struggling to remain strong because she needs me to fight to make sure her wishes are followed. My family is around me and we're helping each other.


I want to make it clear that no one should feel obligated to do this or feel like I will be disappointed, hurt, or angry if they don't but

we are raising funds to enable her to complete some of her final desires. If anyone is moved to do so the link is


Like I said I don't know how much I can be on, but there is downtime and I have a smart phone so I can check in every once in awhile.

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I am sure that we all understand where your priority is and should be.  I appreciate you letting us know but don't put a second thought to thinking you have to respond to anything on here right now.  Will be thinking of you.

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We were able to take her to Disney California adventure. She wasn't able to do all she wanted, but she was able to see her grandchildren enjoy the park.

She hasn't visibly worsened, but I fear the drain in her lung is needing to be relieved more often.

She's been weaker in temperment and I think this trip took a lot out of her.

I performed my sister's second marriage on saturday. I'm glad Mom was able to make that as well.

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Thank you, to everyone who helped make my mom's final wishes come true. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It appears it came just in time. Talking with her hospice nurse today they agree that she doesn't have more than a couple days left with us. They've very strongly recommended placing her in their care unit, but this is not what she wants for her final days and I'll be damned if I've fought this hard for her only to disregard her wishes at the end.

Again thank you all for your support both emotional and financial.

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I'm glad that she was able to enjoy spending time with her family and especially glad to hear that she got to be there for your sister's wedding. With Christmas right around the corner, I hope that she's able to hold out for at least the few days necessary to have another Christmas with your family.

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