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Color Gangs M (A Halo MCC Machinima Project)

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Well, here we go again.  The original project flopped because of time constraints and the problems we had with the armor and maps.  But thanks to the Master Chief Collection's release, we now have access to the maps and armor available in all of the games to date.  We are creating an MCC Machinima using the Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary engines to tell the story.  While the story will be based around the original Color Gangs War fiction I wrote forever-ago, there will be differences due to the capabilities that we have with the medium we will be creating it in.


Important Information


  • Teams will be divided amongst Amber, Teal and Pink as they were in CGW.
  • Leaders of A, T and P will be Zen, Nebiros and Lixyl, respectively.
  • White Team and Black Team will still be making an appearance, but the cast of these teams may change.
  • Amber will use Forerunner tech; Teal will use Covenant tech; and Pink will use UNSC tech.
  • Halo 2 Anniversary will be used to tell the story of the CGW backstory, which was never properly explored in CGW but was planned to be during its sequel, Color Gangs Infinity.


This is...  well, its just an FYI page really.  Discuss if you wish.


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Not to worry.  There is something else I'm working on in its place.  I just...  kind of lost all access to the equipment to work a Machinima out of this, unfortunately.

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