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Anyone remember digitaldevotion101 from the old days?

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Oh. My. Goodness.

I was browsing through the comments on my deviantart profile and came across a comment from someone saying, "DD, its thedreamcard from Sparkbomb. Hiya!"

And my jaw kind of dropped.

I . . . I forgot all about this forum.

I looked around through some threads here and recognized some names.

Does anyone remember digital_devotion_101 from like...what, six to eight years ago now probably?

I have a horrible horrible memory and cannot tell time passage for the life of me. It's been forever.


Some of you may remember this image, which I kept in my signature back then:

What a weird child I was...

-eye twitch-


Hello! It is me, digital_devotion_101! I go by the name rainbowpanda101 nowadays.

So, anything important happen that I missed?

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I have no idea who you are, but welcome. You've missed quite a lot. The forum has evolved significantly in the past several years. People stopped using the store, and the forum seemed to be pretty stagnant. (which seems to happen every few years for a season or two) Then an item, the Cake was introduced, that costed far more than any of us owned and was rumored to grant any wish the owner made. The entire forum was moved to a more modern software and given a sleeker look. A new forum game was coded by Rift that involved paintballs and bases. We've had a large influx of new members in the past few months that have been a lot of fun to talk to. Most of that is just recent stuff off the top of my head. Uh, you missed all three seasons of Sparkbomb Idol, all of the All-Stars games I believe? (Which happen almost every summer now, and you should play) We changed our staff around, now including NPM as our Werewolf moderator, and fewer staff members overall. Rift was releasing content for a comic with Nebiros as well as a Mansionverse story and a personal blog.

As for dreamcard, she was active for maybe a week in total across the past 3 years in two separate occurances.

Being on deviant art, I assume you are an artist? What kind of content do you create?

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i remember you. ello again. 

EDIT: er you were on idb right? because ive seen that sig, but i wasnt on this site 6 years ago. 

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Digit! It's so good to see you! And good job Dream! Soon will probably be happy to see you, if he pops around at some point.

Blacjak's summary is pretty accurate. I think you missed the forum software update and everything that came with that.

Digit was a originally an X-Evoer, guys.

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