Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Signup & Graveyard

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In the future, 50 years ago, the Starship Enterprise made it's way onto Earth's viewscreens for the first time. You don't need to know anything about Star Trek to play, but I wanted to run a Star Trek themed game in celebration of that anniversary.

I would really like to have 15 players for this. There is one version of the game that requires a minimum of 15, but more is much better, which will include a mechanic you might remember from Frequency 317 - the peace treaty. You know about the treaty in advance, so you can probably guess it won't be that simple. Some people might not want peace and might try to sabotage the peace process. Others might not care about the peace process and might just want to annihilate everyone. Others may have yet other agendas. Without declaring peace, this will play out as a factions style game. With declaring peace, this will play out as a standard mostly-innocent game.

If there are not 15 players, the peace mechanic won't work, so it will be a mostly-innocent game with conversions.

Story elements, which are not required reading will be posted in teal italic font. Night results will be summarized to make them clear. I will list at the start what processing order is in general terms that will include powers that aren't in the game. This will be a moderately high information game intended to give you enough information to form your strategy with.

I will be including an optional activity for the dead players that will NOT impact the game.

Signups open now until Tuesday, July 19 at 11pm Central ( ). The game will begin immediately upon close of signups, and I will send out roles at that time. Day 1 will last until Thursday, July 21 at 11pm Central. All subsequent days will be 24 hours long:

  1. Sinical
  2. Shattered Rift
  3. Blacjak
  4. thelilbear
  5. Steev
  6. Liz
  7. Red
  8. Celairiel
  9. Zillary
  10. RocktheFox
  11. Lion Wiggles
  12. thezodiac
  13. Lieutenant-colonel Franc
  14. Trajectory
  15. Weee
  16. Spiritbox
  17. Rexozord
  18. Voce Angeli
  19. Rany (I was informed of the signup through unofficial channels)
  20. Red Shirt Ensign
  21. Red Shirt Ensign
  22. Red Shirt Ensign
  23. Red Shirt Ensign
  24. Red Shirt Ensign
  25. Red Shirt Ensign
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Red shirt reporting.

edit: Contratz on 2k posts with that signup Sinical XD

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It's a classic Inu game :P

It says right in the signups that it's dependent upon number of players.

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Oh basically Zodiac, Inu will include Complex Alignments (at least that's what I've been doing lately), but by factions he means there are multiple groups of players with different goals. The peace treaty is something that most of the players can work on without bloodshed and is an optional goal for many players, but there are players who want to stop that from happening. This is in addition to the regular manhunt against the baddie team.

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The original Peace Treaty was that, once the game dropped below a certain number of players, if a majority of living players PMed Inu the password, their win conditions would change to "Kill everyone who isn't part of the treaty." If I recall correctly, Traj, my team, and one other innocent all won via that mechanic (yes, my team could have won by just killing everyone, but it was more in character to go with the Treaty).

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11 hours ago, thezodiac said:

So is this a more experimental game or classical game Inu?

All elements have been tried independently here at least once, but the combination is new.

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