SISK #3 - Game & Sign-ups

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Hello, and welcome to another round of Sparkbomb-Infiltrating Serial Killers!
Ah, summertime. Is there anything better than lounging on a beach, soaking up sun and drinking something fancy? Unfortunately, your fellow vacationers are being slowly picked off, and it's only a matter of time before you become the target. Can you catch the killer(s) before they catch you?

Cutoff: TBD

Player List:

      0. weee5067  Deliciously prepared Night 0

  1. mccraabi
  2. Celairiel Collateral damage Night 3
  3. InuyashaOhki Lynched Day 1
  4. Red
  5. Trajectory
  6. Sinical
  7. Rexozord Carved Night 2
  8. Blacjak Lynched Day 2
  9. Zilary Lynched Day 3
  10. lion wiggles Poisoned Night 1
  11. thezodiac

1. The game will begin with a Night 0, when the first kill(s) will be posted. Don't worry - the first kill must target a non-player.
2. No investigative roles; you should be able to pick the Killers out through kill and behavior analysis.
3. Execution will be done by plurality, with an RNG tiebreaker.
4. 'Nobody' votes are not allowed. If fewer than 50% of living players cast valid votes, a random nonvoting player will be executed instead.
5. I haven't chosen a cutoff time yet. If you have a strong preference, say so when you sign up.
6. Dead players/non-players can contribute in the game thread, they just can't vote.
7. Killers have a ton of leeway in what sorts of kills they produce. Let your creative side out! You can read years of previous kills here.
The Game:

  • The number of killers each round is determined by the number of players, as is the number/inclusion of any additional roles. The more citizens, the more roles!
  • All roles are chosen by random selection and given out secretly by PM.
  • Every day each killer sends in a single kill.
  • The citizens must try and work out who the killers are and vote accordingly. The person with the highest number of votes gets lynched at the same time kills are posted. The host then reveals if the person was a killer or not. Unless...
  • If fewer than 50% of living players vote in a given day, the vote tally will be disregarded and a random non-voting player will be lynched.
  • If, by the end of the round, the killers outnumber the citizens, or there is only one of each left, the killers win.
  • The list of players at the top of this post is updated with every murder and lynch to show those who are alive and those who are dead.
  • Citizens who sign up to be in the game must actively participate in the game.
  • Citizens who do not post for 2 updates will be slaughtered mercilessly. For example, if Lord Cummerbund posts all during the 1st update, but goes mysteriously silent after the 2nd, and stays so during the 3rd, he will be killed in the 4th update.


The Rules:

The killer's job is to craft a kill every day to murder the innocent citizens and eventually overtake or match them in number. Depending on how many people sign up, there may be more than one killer, and they will work as a team via PM.
  • All kills have to be in before voting closes (cutoff time to be determined). Your Gracious Host will accept kills well in advance of the deadline - in fact, she prefers them!
  • You are required to send a kill in on time, every day. If you are late, or do not send one in at all, then no kill will be posted. Additionally, if you miss more than one day, your Gracious Host may provide the citizens with a clue to your identity, with one clue every subsequent day you miss a kill.
  • Kills must be a MINIMUM of two sentences, with 250 characters total. This is a MINIMUM requirement, and it is encouraged to go above and beyond for your kills. If your kill does not meet the min. requirements, it will count as though you did not send one in. Exceptions to the character count can be made in the event of images/sounds being used as the bulk of the kill, but only at the Host's discretion. Whether a kill qualifies or not is ultimately up to the host; ask in advance if you plan to do something unconventional.
    The character count does not include spaces, carriage returns (and/or new lines) or the victim line.
  • Kills must be original. Using a theme or drawing inspiration from outside sources is encouraged, as it adds variety and identity to your killer persona, and direct quotes may even be used, but the bulk of the kill must be in your own writing. In addition, any images/sounds used in a kill must be original works created by the Killer, unless proof of the artist's permission can be provided to the Host.

Everyone participating, unless you are chosen for a specific role, is a citizen. You exist as cannon fodder for killers, lynch bait for your fellow citizens, and most importantly, as the only people capable of stopping the killer in their murderous rampage.

After each update, the citizens get to vote for one person whom they believe to be a killer.
When players are killed (through murder or lynching), they become ghosts and lose the power to vote. However, they are still allowed to post in the thread and give advice to the living.

  • Ghosts must post in a different color to help people keep track of who is still alive.
  • Any nonplayer who wants to comment on a game must also post in color and could be considered a ghost.
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I'm in!

One request...could we start after this weekend (August 6-7)? I'll be traveling for a wedding and likely will get zero private internet time.

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I know you haven't chosen a cutoff time yet, @weee5067, but I was wondering if you had any idea on when it might be. Or if anyone else has given you a preference. 

I am about to start another play and I'm concerned with being able to make the cutoff time. I'm not sure when I would be done with rehearsals, because we haven't set it yet. I'll find out more on Sunday about that. Typically, we would get done before 10. But it might be earlier than that if we start rehearsal sooner. 

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Hey guys, I suck and forgot I'm scheduled to be an airport shuttle until midnight. I might still be able to post the dummy kill at 10pm, but if I'm a couple hours late, please don't riot.

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Yeah, no preamble here - enjoy the (barely early) dummy kill!


Killer: Welcome to my wonderful show. "101 Amazing Uses For the Human Body!". I am your host, Killer and I can guarantee that this show will live up to my name.

Killer: I will be providing step by step instructions for you to follow along at home. For today, we're going to be making a Weee casserole. To clarify for those watching at home without subtitles, I'm not talking about the Nintendo console, the word that refers to a group of people or the Scottish word for small. I'm talking about our very own weee5067. Let's all give her a big round of applause everyone!

(Killer drags out a restrained/gagged Weee out into view while applause plays in the background)

Killer: Thank you so much for volunteering today. Are you excited to be part of this wonderful show?

Weee: Grbmbmbgmglfl

Killer: That's what I thought you'd say! Now, for those following at home you're going to need some simple equipment. A large wooden hammer, a pair of pliers, some sharp knives and a bucket. Oh and don't forget your very own Weee or high quality Weee substitute.

Now, this first step is optional. I tend to normally skip it, but for recording purposes I will show you how it's done. What you want to do is take this large wooden hammer and bring it down onto Weees head. This will render them unconscious. I personally think that it detracts from the fun of the whole thing, but I understand that some of you may be in situations where loud screaming is not an option for you.

Now, we're going to switch to the pliers. You see all these pesky teeth and nails? Well they're a surefire way to ruin the good. Let me tell you one time, I was cooking for a date when she found a tooth in her food. She was absolutely livid! The long story short is that I ended up having to make another casserole that night and didn't even have anybody to share it with. But I digress. Back to the pliers. Make sure you get a nice firm grip of a tooth or nail and just yank it as hard as you can. Don't worry about causing any damage, these parts of the body are not valuable at all for our purposes, so just give 'em a good hard pull. When you're done, you're going to need the hammer again.

This next stop is incredibly important to get right, so listen carefully. For any high quality meal, you first need to tenderize the meat. Some people like to cut the meat away first before this step, but those people are wrong. You see, the human body has an inbuilt indicator for when a piece of meat is sufficiently tenderized. Allow me to demonstrate.

(Killer swing the hammer with full force onto Wees rib cage which results in a large crack sound)

Killer: You hear that? That's the sound of a job done right. Now you're going to have to do this all ooooover the body. If you don't hear a crack the first time, keep hammering away until you do. The thighs can be seriously hard work though, so if you're not the strongest person you can allow an exception to this one area, but I don't want you to use this as a needless excuse to be lazy! Effort leads to self improvement. Or so my mother told me, but she tasted awful, what could she know?

(Transition screen to show Weees body fully tenderized)

Once you've done the tenderizing, it is time to grab your cutting object of choice. As the meat has already been given the full works a sharp blade should cut right through with ease. For this you simply need to cut off all the meat you can and place it in a bucket. Be very careful to avoid including any broken bones. For the organs you can either harvest them to sell on the black market, include them in the meal or dispose of them. The first two are advanced techniques that this guide will not cover, so please seek outside advice if you wish.

Once you've cut off as much meat as you can, we can finally proceed to the cooking phase. To do so, just click the following link and follow the instructions given. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=casserole+recipe+ You will of course need to replace any of the suggested meat with your very own harvested Weeee meat.

That's all for this session folks! Until next time.

Victim: weee5067

Edited by weee5067

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Ok, trying to analyze the writing style.

  • The writer uses () to denote actions. If anyone roleplays with others in this game, try to remember if any of the others used that style.
  • The writer seems to like showmanship. Off the top of my head, that's about half the former MC's in the group, and no telling how many of the not-yet-MC's or people who haven't MC'd here since the forum was set up.
  • I'm not sure what the "group of people" part is, but that might give a clue to region. Anyone know where it's from?
  • The date is female. I don't know everyone here well enough to know if they'd date a female, and I'm not going to pry about orientations for a game, but statistics imply that the writer is male, or was clever enough to put it in to make us think male. If the latter, Cel seems most likely to try that sort of ploy in writing.
  • The spelling and grammar is inconsistent (Wee/Weee, missing punctuation in some places and not others, missing words in some places and not others, varying capitalization). If we take it as accidental, lion is the closest, and Zodiac the second closest, but neither of them quite writes that way. I can't really see Zodiac writing this much either. That leads me to believe some of it is intended to obfuscate. Unfortunately, we talked about that sort of obfuscating last game, and everyone here is capable of it. Somewhere in it, though, is the writer's real mistakes, because writers don't notice their own habitual mistakes. We should keep looking at this aspect. I was mislead by Zilary's writing last SISK, though, so I'm a bit wary on this one.

Weak suspicions so far:

  • Blac: Some of the feel of the writing reminds me of Sparkmas. Particularly the "for those" segue. Blac tended to capitalize more, but de-capitalizing would be a simple obfuscation. The ending also shows he likes a dark twist. On the flip side, it seems significantly different from his writing in SISK 1.
  • Traj: Cel & Traj strike me as more likely to take the black humor route like this. It's a bit over the top for Cel's writing style, though, so I'm leaning more towards Traj.


I'm going to hold off voting until others have had a chance to analyze it and weigh in. Make sure to read through old MC posts, old SISK kills, and the post history of anyone who hasn't MC'd or been a villain in SISK before.

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