Werewolf: Frequency Sign-Ups

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Regarding my role.... Having the ability to kill or protect, with the deciding factor being frequency, made this difficult to play. Since I am quite an aggressive attacking player, I thought I would put those I believed to be evil on top of my list. I targeted Trajectory night 1 and Star night 2. Since neither died, they had to have a red frequency. I was disabled night 3. Now I knew from Rex's notes that frequency had no bearing on alignment yet in my role sheet it was stated "you know blue is bad"... This was confusing and was further so when Wee died as a dreamer and her frequency was blue.

I deliberated coming clean on thread with a total role reveal Day 3, but decided not too. Instead I made reference to how my role had a duality based on frequency... Which was completely ignored by everyone.

Very interesting mechanic Rex, just wish I had found out more about frequency. It could have helped me play my role better... But I still think the best strategy was to target those I believed to be evil!

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The italics of each role didn't have anything to do with the mechanics of the game... just a bit of flavor. I think targeting people you believed to be evil (at least for the first couple of days) was probably optimal strategy for that role.

Part of my design relied on the Frequency Whisperer being used to help coordinate the innocents and get an idea of what everyone's frequency was. Unfortunately, the role was only used once in the entire game. Many of the innocent roles could not be used effectively without a reasonable idea of who had what frequency, but it seemed that no real innocent alliance formed in this game.

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