Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

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Dearest [redacted],

If you have received this correspondence, then you know that our very way of life is being threatened and your presence is requested immediately.

You may trust only the carrier of this message, the one they call Star, for she is incapable of anything other than true neutrality, but know this:

There are Rebels in the Court.


Greetings all! Your friendly, neighborhood flotsam here with the next in what I hope will continue to be a long line of spunky Sparkbomb tradition: a werewolf game!

...well, sort of. This is more of what's sometimes referred to as a "royal mafia" variant in which there are rebels and loyalists, the latter loyal to the Court and the former rebelling against it. The particular variant here is loosely based on the Love Letter card game and is not a set-up which I will make any remote claim to coming up with myself. I'm just tweaking it a bit. I don't think this set-up has been tried on SB before, so I'll be interested to see how it plays out and if people like it or not. ^-^

The biggest difference between this and what most know as a normal werewolf or mafia game is the fact that your alignment is definitely a completely separate entity from your role, and your role can change throughout the game. The easiest way to think of it is by saying you're assigned an alignment at the beginning of the game and then your role is drawn like a card from the deck of possible roles, some of which have the ability during the Day, once officially revealed in-thread, to do things like swap "cards" with another player or force someone to discard their current "card" and draw another. Other roles will have a Night list like usual. There will still be a lynch during the Day and a baddie kill at Night.

Because there will be so many more possible actions to be taken during the Day than a typical WW game it is my intention that the Day Cycle lasts ~48 hours so that everyone is given a chance to use their role as they see fit. Players will be allowed to vote to end the Day within the first 24 hour period if they would like to move on to the next Day, but I plan on requiring it to be a unanimous vote.

This will be a semi-open setup, which just means that everyone will be told at the start of the game all the roles/cards that could possibly exist in the "deck," but you will not be told how many of each there are. For example, if I said there are moose, cow, and cat cards in the deck--and explained what each card did--and then there are three players in the game, there could be one of each card type OR there could be 1 moose, 0 cow, and 2 cat OR etc.

Since I am in the midst of evening rehearsals several times per week with a two hour commute there and back, I will be making Deadline at LEAST 1AM Central just so I can be sure I am back at my desk to be able to process things. Unfortunately, this does mean there will be a large chunk of time on certain days where I will be unavailable, another reason why I am electing the 48-hour Day Cycle for this game.

We had 16 lovely people signup for the last game, and that's the magic number for this game as well. If we are unable to reach 16, only the first 8 to signup will be able to play because balancing.

Signup List:

  1. mccraabi/Zilary
  2. weee5067
  3. Red
  4. smiletrue1
  5. Exiled Phoenix
  6. Trajectory
  7. Blacjak*
  8. Neopetsmom*
  9. Rexozord
  10. Sinical
  11. Celairiel
  12. lion wiggles
  13. _____
  14. _____
  15. _____
  16. _____

*Player will switch out if necessary

Final Player List:

  1. @mccraabi & @Zilary switches out on October 8th
  2. @weee5067
  3. @Red
  4. @smiletrue1
  5. @Exiled Phoenix
  6. @Trajectory
  7. @Blacjak
  8. @Sinical

NPM technically offered to sit out before Blac did, so that's what I did.

If anybody wants to try and switch out with anyone else that did not make it into the game please let me know before Day One ends on the 4th (I'll make a note of that in the main thread as well.)

Since I haven't run this before, and it's a pre-made setup, I didn't want to try and balance it this time around. Thanks everyone for signing up! I'll be starting the official game thread tonight as well as sending out your alignments and roles, so look for 'em!


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I'm in as long as the game starts after Friday, October 7. I have crazy business trips most of next week. I am also familiar and very much enjoy the game Love Letter (I own a Doctor Who themed deck!)

If that's not possible, sign me up as a replacement.

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Hey all! Last night was one of those late-night commutes, so I apologize for not being able to respond with my usual promptness.

I will sign up @Zilary and @mccraabi to play as one person for the moment as long as Zilary does not mind.

@smiletrue1, I did not specify here, but I typically do not allow private messaging between players unless I have informed you in-game that you are allowed to do so.

Currently, with Zilary and mccraabi playing as one, we appear to have 8 players. I would love to have more and fill up the rest of the slots, but this setup does allow for the small size and we can start as is. I definitely will NOT start the game until Monday, October 3rd as both Sat/Sun are kind of all-day rehearsal days for me, but if it gets to be Monday and we are close to 16, I will extend signups another day to allow for that.

Tell yah friends! ~<3

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36 minutes ago, mccraabi said:

haha if the game lasts that long then I'll just take over in an advisory capacity. I'll be a ghost whispering to you OoooOoooOooo


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In, willing to sit out if we can't get 16. My internet is sort of up. By which I mean it's as good as Comcast ever is, but apparently my whining about how it took a week to get it set up made the tech double check everything and we're paying for better (which I always thought), so there will be another tech out Wednesday to re-wire our apartment. 

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Red's explanation for using Prince on himself makes no sense. Apparently he was afraid of being targeted by a Guard which would, heaven forbid, do exactly the same thing that he did to himself to avoid it (???).

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yeah we got into a little fender bender last night. It wasn't a big deal, it just took FOREVER to get done with it, so I couldn't get on to vote.

Still, you guys couldn't have waited for Zilary to take over? 

I would guess that weee is evil. She knew that I was a guard, and those cards only have 1 use. So, she should have known there was a good reason not to use my card right away, since one was already wasted. Instead, she let a second get wasted for no reason? Still don't understand at all how I was executed. 


She said "I'm bothered by what she's said today - it seems like she's trying to make us feel more helpless and information-less than we actually are." 

But that's actually just not true, I had literally no reason to suspect anyone for a particular role, and definitely did not feel comfortable to waste the cards ONE use on that. It makes no sense, and weee knew it made no sense

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@mccraabi I'm glad to hear you are okay! My boyfriend got into an accident 3 weeks ago and I've been heightened to notice car accidents more often now. I hope the insurance isn't too troublesome to clear up.

Hah, I actually forgot about this game until right about bedtime when I was wondering why I haven't gotten a PM from Star yet. Oh, Team Mccilary has died. Well then... 

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