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Oddly, I was told something weird happened to my list. It wasn't Exiled, because he and NPM agree that NPM's list was scrambled. There's at most one WW left after Cel, so NPM and Exiled can't just both be baddies covering for each other. Conveniently, the remaining WW power role is the List Replace Wolf.

Rex and Ashontez both did nothing last night, so unless a Protector speaks up, our last Wolf is pretty much guaranteed to be one of them.

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Vote: Cel

Well, you know my claim. It doesn't really matter to me the order in which you execute, though, cause it sounds like you've got the remaining wolves narrowed down that you can afford to be wrong once. I'll follow your call.

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Votes so far: 

Cel - Weee, NPM, Smiletrue, Exiled Phoenix, Rex, Zilary, Lion Wiggles
NPM - Ashontez, Cel

Not yet voted: :o 

EDIT: Another hour of awkward silence passes while almost everyone stares at Cel.

The bearded man walks out, noting the lack of anyone doing any actual art and shaking his head. Walking up to Cel, he pats her on the shoulder. "By now, you know the drill." She floated up into the air, amid familiar sounding crackles as her body twisted and grew into the hideous form of another wolf. The guillotine of the void swung down once more, striking her and absorbing the evil entity from her before slicing her in half. Examining the energy absorbed, the man nodded sagely. "This was the List Replace Wolf, the least creatively named of their kind."

With that, Day 5 ended and Night 5 began.

(Processing now.)


BANG! A shot rings out in the night and a wolfish howl of pain fills the air. Rushing to Rex's room, Smiletrue is standing over the lupine form writhing on the ground, her empty gun in hand. Rex was the last of the wolves.

Smiletrue has won the game...Oh, yeah, and I suppose the innocent team wins alongside her. Now, does anyone know how to fix a bus?


Innocent Victory

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Game ending

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