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Werewolf: Year's End Sign-ups

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It's that time of the year

Snow is finally here!

Scarfs, jackets, and mittens
Outside, They play like little kittens

Snowballs, snowflakes, and cold air
They just play without any care!

Wait! Come gather around and listen
to a story told once a year
A story that will condemn you to fear!

This is no time to play pretend, Children.
for this is a story of Year's End.


Welcome to Werewolf: Year's End Sign-ups. One last game anyone?

This game's format is simple. There may be slight modifications if needed, like no PMs, and small surprises, but the core game will be simple and werewolf.   

 The game will begin no later than Friday night. Day and Night will end at 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time. The game will end no later than December 22nd. 



If Needed:




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Due to an unusually demanding December schedule, I will again sign up as a backup. (I suspect my hiatus may start earlier next year too.)

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8 hours ago, InuyashaOhki said:

Due to an unusually demanding December schedule, I will again sign up as a backup. (I suspect my hiatus may start earlier next year too.)


6 hours ago, weee5067 said:

If you absolutely need another player to make your game work, let me know, but I can't commit to being active in that window.


Thank you! Will let you know.

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On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 9:47 AM, Blacjak said:

I'll play


On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 1:51 PM, Neopetsmom said:

I will play.


On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 6:20 PM, Trajectory said:

I'll play.


On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 8:29 AM, Zilary said:

I'm in. Will try my best to be active in-between the holiday craziness.


On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 3:03 PM, thezodiac said:

Sign me up.


Just an update, I am still planning to open the game tonight. If anyone would still like to join, that'd be great. If not, then it'll just be us then.

Wee, I think it will be okay with this number, Thanks.

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I will probably get it started tonight still, but late at night. Night 1 can end Sunday night if there are a lot of questions and things, but considering there's only 5 players, and its a simple game, we can end the first day on Saturday night if the players prefer it after I start the game. 

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I enjoyed the game.  I was a little nervous I couldn't get on to post until late today (I was out of town for the day and traveling).  And, having it come down to a randomizer....  I was sort of amazed I ended up the werewolf twice in a row.  I had an item I literally never could use.  I could vote once after dying, but the game ended on the nights I died both times (well, as werewolf the game ended when I died).

Bed - What roles did people have?  I assume they were all present related?  Were there any PIs?

I really enjoyed the structure for a small game and liked the 3 rounds.  I haven't seen that before, but it definitely added some strategy to the end.

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42 minutes ago, Neopetsmom said:

Were there any PIs?

Yep. That was my role the third game. 

I'd be curious to see how this would play out with more players. With as few was there were, there was no real time for anything beyond analyzing 1-2 posts and speculating on the impact of inactivity.

The aspect I liked best was the interaction between games where it mattered who died in which game. I would have liked there to have been a little more variability in between, though. Knowing for certain that Zodiac had to die was about like having a game run long enough that all but one player is cleared. 

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I knew Neo was the wolf there but also knew there was no hope blacjak would vote her. Oh well 😊...

Good game Bed. I just wished I'd sent in those lists the other night. I wasn't lying about having those abilities guys. Could have been interesting.

I got MVP... I'll take that 😊



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I posted all the roles and items below if anyone is interested.

Hmm, originally I just wanted to do a regular, normal traditional game. With 5, the game was on thin threads. It was probably the lowest I could go. I did think of 3-4 player games though - a concept with 1 player controlling multiple roles, not sure... It would be even more experimental, maybe. But with 5, I felt a little more safe, but was still pushing experimental.

The game was operational, but it really needed 5 votes. The biggest thing was that not voting/posting was close to verifying you are not the wolf, which I would say is the breaking point of the game. 

There were other concerns, for example - After every game, players can verify roles (if they were re-used). If you were a wolf, you would know what other things a wolf can do, which would tweak the balance. So I had to think new sets of roles for each game.

I thought it was a good opportunity to use something similar to deathless, but it never was explored much. I wanted dead players to still play the game, since it was 3 games, it was appropriate for dead players to stay inbetween games. So by adding in gambling, I tried to add some uncertainty on if a dead player is on the side of the wolf (to get more points) or not, and whatever they say can somewhat not be taken at face value. I thought it would be fun if a dead player somehow can make a difference. 

These are the roles everyone got -

  1. Neopetsmom - The Returner, Werewolf, Werewolf
  2. thezodiac - PIain Innocent, The Nice One, The Tricky One
  3. blacjak - The Pervert, PIain Innocent, PIain Innocent
  4. inu/traj - Werewolf, The Sneaky One, Plain Innocent
  5. zilary - The Crybaby, The Greedy One, Plain Innocent

There was always a single Plain Innocent in every game.

The last game had many plain innocents, mostly because powers were mostly "set up" powers. Honestly, I don't think it is werewolf if it was more favorable to get rid of the highest points rather than the werewolf. not revealing the score and hidden sparks was one way. I couldn't have powerful interesting abilities, since it's 2 days per game essentially, so these set up powers were almost useless by the end of the game. 



The Werewolf

Alignment: Wolf


Lynch - Once a night, try to kill someone by sending a list of 2 players that are alive.

Steal - Once a game cycle, try to steal from someone by sending a list of 1 player that is dead or alive. If a player has 2 items, only the last item that was added to their inventory will be stolen.

Devour - Eat an item from a player's inventory.  The items will be destroyed.

Devour version 2 - Eat an item from your own inventory. Gain 2 sparks.

(note - Steal or devour would sometimes be removed after each game)


Once a night you are able to see the name of an item that an alive player has


The Pervert

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: Once a night, you can check the body of a dead or alive person to see the name of the item they have in their possession.

Miniature Portal Gun:

Once per night, switch the inventory of two players. Once used, the gun will register the two players and you cannot use the same combination of players ever again. The history of combinations used will be listed here:


The Returner

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: once during a game cycle, you can exchange an item for a new item that Bed has in his bag

 A gemstone

If you are dead and hold a gemstone, you can activate this gemstone to add a vote as if you are living. This gemstone’s power will expire after 1 use.


The Crybaby

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: once during a game cycle, if you don't have any items, you can ask Bed to give you another item.


This item does not take inventory space. The player receiving this item for the time gets 1 spark.

Pass this Frisbee to a player. That player will receive 1 bonus spark and know that you passed this item.

This Frisbee will register whoever sends the Frisbee. The new holder cannot send the Frisbee back to the player that was registered as the sender of the Frisbee. Once the new holder sends the Frisbee, the previously registered sender will be erased, and the new holder will be registered as a sender.

Plain Innocent

Alignment: Innocent

Better luck next time

Elsa Doll

You can activate this doll's powers to freeze one person after execution, for a single night, disabling their powers/items. This doll’s power will expire after 2 use.


The Greedy one

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can take an item from a dead person. If the dead person has 2 items, you will take the last item that was added to their inventory.


The Sneaky one

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can switch your item with another player.


The nice one

Alignment: Innocent

Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can give your item to another person. Bed will give you a new item.


Randomized Items in Bag

Safe Box (removed from game)

Once per night, you can protect a player’s inventory from powers. You are able to use this item on yourself. 

Piece of paper (removed from game)

There's only enough space here to write one name. Write down a name of a player, that player will die the next day, and if a game cycle ends, then that player will die the beginning of the next cycle.


You find a special note from Bed with the following message:


The Pikachu took the note and ripped it into pieces.

When passing this item, the receiving player will not get the original message and will only be aware of this new message. "If you don't pass this Pikachu to another person, you might get shocked and lose 5 sparks.

If you don’t pass this item, you might lose 5 sparks. The person you pass this item to will not know who passed it to you.

 A ferret

You can plant this ferret on any player. If that player gets an item, you will get the item. Afterwards, the ferret will belong to the player you planted it on. This item will not be considered in any player’s inventory if you plant the ferret. 


If you are executed/lynched, the voter or night killer will each get -2 sparks


Edited by Bed

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Oh, wow.  I wish I had gotten some of those items!  I do think you are right, Bed, that the one thing making it difficult was when there were non-voting players.  Well, Traj especially since he didn't vote or post.  Blacjak did do some posting so it was possible that he could have been feigning inactivity while still being an active wolf (I knew that wasn't true since I was the wolf, but still...)

The smallest game I've run is 7 and it was a fairly standard game with people having roles.  I think 5 actually is fine for this type of game if all are active.  Maybe have a rule requiring a first posting before the first deadline with immediate replacement?

I actually loved the 3 round idea with the meta game of who had the most sparks.

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