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OBVIOUSLY THE BELOW GAME IS NOT ATTRACTING SIGN UPS.  See my most recent post about alternatives to this.


Werewolf By Design

I want to try something a little different this time.  Through your voting in signups you will each help me to design this game.  I am going to present some options and I will determine which is used by vote.  In the event of a tie among options, I will use a randomizer.  I will use all of these options if there are at least 12 players.  If the game is smaller than that I will use some of them but not all of them.  In that case, it will not be posted when the game starts which options are being used but I will say how many are being used.

When you sign up, please vote among these options.  If any option is unclear, you may ask before voting.  Votes may be changed any time before sign ups closed.  To change a vote do so in a new post not by editing your old post.

Not sure when the game will start.  I would not expect to start it before this weekend.  It could be longer depending on how signups go.  

I expect that day/night will end at 10 PM Central time.

Players Signed Up

1. thezodiac

2. Exiled Phoenix

3. Zilary

4. Sinical (Questionnaire to be done)

NEED MORE SIGN UPS!  Would prefer to have at least 10.  12 is best, could manage it with 8 probably. 


1. Private Communication

a. None allowed

b. Allowed as usual

c. Limited


2. Health (HP) and Shields

a. Health based game

b.  Not health based, no shields

c.  Not health based, percentage based shields for all players.  Size of shield can vary between players.  Shields will have only 1/2 effectiveness during execution.  For example, if a player has a 60% shield.  It will function as a 30% shield during execution.  Shields can't ever exceed 100%.


3. Resurrection and Conversion

a. Resurrection and Conversion will both exist in the game.

b. Neither resurrection nor conversion will exist in the game.

c.  Either resurrection or conversion will exist in the game (which it is will not be announced in advance).


4. Special powers

a.  All players will have at least 1 special power at the start of the game.

b.  Special powers will not be handed out at the start of the game, but can be obtained through a store.

c. No special powers.


5. On Death

a.  Role and alignment are disclosed

b.  Alignment is disclosed, but the role is not revealed.  There may be roles/powers that could later reveal the role.

c.  Neither role nor alignment are disclosed.  There may be roles/powers that could later reveal this information.


6. One of These Exists in the Game

a. An OMT Who Wins with Any Evil Team (edited to correct typo)

b. An Evil Team that Starts the Game not knowing the identity of teammates

c. A Neutral


7. Dead Players

a. Can post in the graveyard and can’t reveal non-public information.

b. Can post in the game thread and can reveal any non-public information known before death.

c. Can post in the game thread and can reveal any non-public information known before death. If evil (on a team), can privately communicate with teammates after death.  If innocent, neutral or an OMT can pick one player and privately communicate solely with that player after death (but only if 1.a. is not selected).


8. Roles 

a. An alignment dreamer role exists.  There are no plain innocents.

b. Plain innocents exist in the game (at least 2).  Plain innocents can still have special powers if such powers exist in the game.

c.  There is no alignment dreamer and no plain innocents.

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Posting to say I provisionally sign up.

Moving country in a day..assuming game isn't starting in next three days with current numbers. If not I'll be able to play assuming I have no internet troubles there. Will save the rest of the signup thing for later when it's confirmed.

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Ah.  I had a typo there.  SHould be any EVIL team.  The OMT doesn't know who that is (and vice versa), but can win with anyone who is evil under certain circumstances.

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All right.  This game isn't attracting many people.  If there is an alternative game that some of you would sign up for, let me know what it would be and I will see if I can design something that would accomodate most people.

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I'm sorry NPM. I think it's definitely the slow time of the year for WW activity. I was looking forward to this game, but maybe save it for All Stars?

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