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This is inspired by the card game "One Night Werewolf" (but it lasts more than one night). Each turn you will get a different role that will include alignment, so you could be the dreamer on turn 1, the wolf on turn 2, and the serial killer on turn 3. Turns last 2 days so you have 1 day to get your power uses in and 1 day to act on those power uses. This has a lot of flexibility in the size of the game.

Two-day turns:

  1. At the start of each odd-numbered day, you will be given a card with your new role on it. There are 2 more cards than there are players, so that fake role claims can be made. The Jester card may be among the cards left out, but all villain cards will be in play unless dead.
  2. Before the end of each odd-numbered day, you MUST put in your power use. Please put in your power use as early as possible and change it later if you change your mind.
  3. At the start of each even-numbered day, you will be given the result of your power use.
  4. Before the end of each even-numbered day, you MUST vote for a living player to be executed. Execution is by plurality so there will be a player executed each even-numbered day. Ties will be broken by random selection.


  1. If you die, you take your role card with you.
  2. There are no villain TEAMS. All villains are OMTs.
  3. Each night, the villain cards will have a random number generated for them. The higher random number goes first between them in all things that night.
  4. All cards will be listed in the order that their powers are processed. Cards will be listed when the game starts and will be crossed off in the same way as dead players.
  5. The game will last until either all villain roles are dead, or until a villain role wins.
  6. Which cards are available is determined by how many people sign up. If there aren't enough people, for example, Jester won't be in the mix.
  7. Private messages between players regarding the game are not allowed.
  8. Dead players do not have private information, since they die just before cards are redistributed. They can talk all they want in the signup thread.
  9. Failure to submit a list will result in a strike and your power use will be randomly selected from the living player list (excluding yourself). 
  10. Failure to vote will result in a strike. (Nobody votes are not allowed, nor is abstaining allowed.)
  11. Failure to post on any given day will result in a strike.
  12. Three strikes and you die as a neutral (instant loss) and 1 randomly selected role card is removed from the 2 cards not in use that turn. This will happen immediately after the next execution to minimize impact on a round.
  13. If something comes up and you need to miss a day, notify me before the end of the previous turn and I will allow substitute a Plain Innocent role for you that turn. Plain Innocents can be killed or executed, but will not receive strikes for failure to participate.
  14. Strikes and Plain Innocent status will not be made public, so don't assume that someone is innocent just because they failed to post. 

Win conditions:

  • The Jester is neutral and wins by being executed (NOT by being killed by a villain) first place ahead of whoever else wins.
  • The innocents win by having members of their team outlive all villains. If you die innocent, you win or lose with the innocents. The innocents are considered to have failed if there is 1 innocent left alive and 1 or more villains. 
  • A villain wins by being the last villain left alive with 1 innocent. Since the villain cards are redistributed each turn, your only goal if there are too many innocents to win is to not get killed that turn.


Signups close on Tuesday at 10PM Central time. I will send out role cards for the first turn at that time. 



  1. Sinical card
  2. Zilary card
  3. Rift card
  4. Blank card
  5. Blank card
  6. Blank card
  7. Blank card
  8. Blank card
  9. Blank card
  10. Blank card
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I haven't quite figured out how to make this a 2 player Werewolf game, so if anyone knows someone else who would like to play, please extend an invite.

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Assuming you, Sinical and Rift are ok with that, it's fine with me. I'll figure out a lightning round rule if I get a sudden influx of signups between now and then so we don't run into signups for All-Stars.


EDIT: Next Tuesday it is.

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Ugh, oops. I was out vacationing today and forgot to check the game. Thanks Inu for hosting and making it work with such few players. Definitely interesting to see the One Night game translated to forum WW. Sorry that I was terrible in the last round. I am interested to see this played again with more players.

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Oh ######. 

With my giant wall of text that I removed, it included my vote. (not that it mattered without Zilary voting) 

This honestly was the best werewolf I've played in some time. I like the format, although personally would give an extra day for that voting round. 

Edited by Sinical

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. I talked with NPM about the general idea a long time ago, but backburnered the idea. 

As always, feel free to steal the good parts. Have fun with the All Stars game. :) 

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