[Sparkbomb All-Stars 2017] Ultimate Shounen Tournament: The Next Legendary Fighter- Battle of the Gods/ Clash of Destiny

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My apologies for the delay.


Shattered Rift killed Sinical in the ring (Sinical died). This renders the outcome of the second fight irrelevant: if Cel wins, the baddie team of Shattered Rift and Cel wins. If Cel loses, Cel has activated a power that will allow her to convert Rox. Either way, the baddies win.

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Hey dogs of war, sorry I've been MIA for the past few days things just at work and the weekend got busy very fast so not really had enough time to come on here but I've been reading through the thread and we I think are now at the finals if the semi finals have already happened and we are now down to Cel vs Rox and you both are pretty much good vs evil right now.  

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