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This came up in my podcast player today and it made me realize I hadn't been on SB in ages! It's been a really interesting listen and makes heavy reference to a Wired article Rift shared with me when I first got into SB. 

I thought the discussion of AI lie detection and fabrication was quite interesting, especially in the context of such a stripped-down environment as a werewolf game. 

In the podcast, one of the hosts talks about when he hosts IRL Werewolf, he has each player choose a RP character and use that throughout. It made me think of a "build your own character" game. I'm not entirely sure if it would self-balance or not. But my thought was that each person who signs up gets the same initial PM. They get to choose a set number of elements from a predetermined list that will indicate their powers and abilities and craft a character name and concept around this. For example "Choose 1 nightly ability from the following list. Choose 2 single use abilities." After this is completed (probably a 24 hour period or a weekend), I then roll for wolves vs. innocents.

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Wow, welcome back!


That's an interesting concept. Would the game not devolve into everyone picking the best abilities? how would you make people pick a diverse set of abilities without prior coordination?

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