Shattered Rift

Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

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Even she didn't have a suicide wish that badly.

...though the XP gains were reaaaaally tempting... Killing that Webcrawler earlier in one bat-smash was not helping her self-preservation issues.

I could get the drop on that one and, I wonder how many I could kill before I- Grr....

"If you don't mind, I think I'll go first. I'm not feeling particularly lucky." She eyed her HP and swallowed, but moved forward, wishing desperately for the socks that might let her slide across the floor to the other side of the room in one fatal swoop...


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"Yeah, I figure that's probably best."

Traj eyed the group. It would be so easy to just take on one at a time... but he wasn't feeling particularly lucky. 

"I'll go after you, Star."

[Action - Stealth]

[Position - Second]

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On the way down the hallways of the east wing Blacjak sent a PM to Rex:

Don't risk it for the biscuit, we can reach the east door. 

Upon spotting their opponent, Blacjak almost shifted to the back of the group as he felt his lack of Nerve getting the better of him, but he was certain a sneak attack could take out his opponent in a single blow.

'We can't afford to lose iko, best keep him in the rear.'

Prebattle: Use Item- FSM on Blacjak

Shift Position 2

Attack Webcrawler B

Auto-battle, Attack Webcrawler C

Edited by Blacjak

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iko switches position with Blacjak

Attack: WebCrawler A

Nodding at the move, iko preferred being behind the group. That way he can see the action in plain view.

"Got it, Khem." Even though Blacjak clearly looks different from Khem, there was a disappointing lack of attention from iko. He must have been 80% self-reflecting still.

Edited by Bed

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Rex rolls Stealth, third.

Rex looked out on the room filled with Webcrawlers and Spambots. Discretion is the better part of valor. No need to fight here, especially with our depleted resources.

As he was about half-way across the room, he got a PM.

Don't risk it for the biscuit, we can reach the east door.

Smiling faintly, Rex shot back a quick reply.

The biscuit is about half-risked already.


Edited by Rexozord

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Team Piracy

iko moves to Position 3.
Blacjak moves to Postion 2.
Blacjak uses a Fused Spark Mini. Recovered 9 Sparks.

WebcrawlerB runs all around. Speed boosted.
WebcrawlerC crawls all over Nebiros. 5 damage.
WebcrawlerA crawls all over Nebiros. 3 damage.
Nebiros attacks WebcrawlerA. 11 damage.
iko attacks WebcrawlerA. 10 damage. Deleted!
Blacjak attacks WebcrawlerB. 12 damage. Deleted!


WebcrawlerC runs all around. Speed boosted. Nebiros.
Nebiros attacks WebcrawlerC. 8 damage.
Blacjak attacks WebcrawlerC. 13 damage. Deleted!

Victory! All battlers receive 3 XP!

[Paths lie open to the East and South. (You came from the West.) The path South leads to the primary objective and the East Hall. The path East leads towards the Art Forum and the Items Cache. If heading South, please specify whether you will head towards the primary objective or the East Hall.

Nebiros: Sparks 10/33 Energy 5/7, Blacjak: Sparks 14/28 Energy 4/5, iko: Sparks 9/28 Energy 7/10]

Team Science Project

Star found that she moved much slower across the wooden floor without socks, but despite the uncomfortable movement that required picking up her feet she managed to reach the other side safely. She was almost disappointed, but looking back at the webcrawlers made her thankful for her good fortune. [Result: 38]

Traj went next, with similar thoughts to Star's. Surely they could take down a few webcrawlers, couldn't they? His movements were fluid, and  although the webcrawlers seemed agitated by so many passersby, he reached the other side and joined Star. [Result: 73]

"The biscuit is about half-risked already," Rex messaged Blacjak. He continued on with an air of command about him, as if sheer force of will could repel his enemies. Unfortunately, as he neared the other side a spambot and a webcrawler took notice of him. [Result: 85]

[Spambot, Webcrawler approach.

During the first round, only Rexozord may give a battle command. Star and/or Traj may opt to join the battle (joining at the end of the first round). For each player to join the encounter, an additional Spambot and Webcrawler will be added to the battle. At the end of each round, there is a 25% chance of another Spambot joining and a 33% chance of another Webcrawler joining (with a possibility of both joining).

Rexozord: Sparks 19/33 Energy 5/7
Trajectory: Sparks 17/28 Energy 7/10, TheLastStarMaker: Sparks 5/23 Energy 6/9

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Pausing at the other end of the room, the adrenaline had just started to settle into a light meow in her ears, when Star's stomach suddenly felt as if it had leapt up into her throat when she heard the tell-tale sounds of 'Attention-Get!' as it were, and shifted back with widening eyes to catch wind of enemies with Rex in their sights.

She hesitated, knowing full-well that any attempt to assist might be noticed by the other enemies in the room, but unwilling to leave anyone behind.

For the moment...she waited, wondering if perhaps Rex might opt to try and make a hasty retreat and attempt to flee the battle outright...

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A fight in this position would likely draw reinforcements from the other forces gathered in the room. Cleaning the Mansion of these intruders could wait. First priority was to deal with the hacker. So for now, these enemies were a distraction.

Rex flees the battle.

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