Digimon Online: Reboot [Casting Call]

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Digimon Online: Reboot

"The Digital World is in peril!  Band together with your partner Digimon, and save it from the powers of darkness!"  The words on the back of the game's box, and at the top scrawl on the game's webpage make it quite clear what a player's goals are in DO.  You are casted into a world where humans are a minority--a world that is populated mainly by creatures known as "Digital Monsters," commonly referred to as "Digimon" for short.  The few hundred humans that have found their way into this "Digital World" have began to colonize, creating settlements around a great city built by the first to set foot in the Digital World--Boot City.
But all is not well within the Program Continent.  Greedy humans who seek only power...  Digimon who seek to destroy or conquer the human realm...  all sorts of rebellions cropping up in opposition of the humans' colonization efforts...  these are just a few of the problems that Boot City faces.  For this reason, Human and Digimon within Boot began to cooperate, forming the Tamer Union, an organization of humans and Digimon who were dedicated to preserving peace between the two races.
The Tamer Union's Head-Quarters are in Boot City, and its agents come in all shapes and sizes, with Digimon Partners to match, and a special device known as the Digivice Bracer that connects the human and Digimon together, letting strength flow freely between the two.  And at the top of the heirarchy of these Agents are the Avatars, a clandestine order of Tamers who stand out amongst the oceans of players within the game...  who have been selected to safeguard the game  and the players from threats that exist outside of the game's parameters...  such as hackers and viruses.
You are one of many capable Avatars who watches over Boot City...  and this is your tale.


  • No overused Digimon lines.  Let's try to think outside of the box with this one.  Use unorthodox lines if you want to.  Whatever you feel confortable with, go with it.
  • Admin used Royal Knight Digimon for their partners in DWO.  This will not be the case in DO.  Your choice is unrestricted, so long as it adheres to the other rules.
  • No fan-mades.  This is an RP that is based in an MMO-like-world, afterall.

AMENDMENT: Fan-mades are allowed for Mode-Changes only.

  • All characters will be Avatar class.
  • No god-moding.
  • No spamming.
  • Keep out-of-character posts in this Casting Call Thread.  Anything posted in the Role-Playing thread that is OOC will be considered spam.


This is a list of Digimon that are unavailable in this game to the player.  This could be due to being overused, or perhaps because it serves an important plot-point later in the story.

  • Omegamon Zwart
  • BlackWarGreymon
  • BlackMetalGarurumon


Name:  <Your character's real name>
Age: <Your character's age>
Gender: <Your character's gender>
Physical Appearance: <What your character looks like offline.>
Personality:  <What type of person is your character offline?  Can contrast to how they act online.>
Biography: <A short biography that gives a bit of insight into your character's background offline.  Maybe how he/she was introduced to DO?>
Tag-Name:  <Your character's username online>
Physical Appearance:  <What your character looks like in-game.  Can be different, but must be the same gender.>
In-Game Biography:  <How did your character become an avatar?>
Play-style:  <Is your character more based around exploration or combat?>
D-Bracer Colors:  <The basic and sub-color of your D-Bracer.  Sub-color will also be the color of the displayed letters and the like on the device's projection screen>
Executables:  <Executables are programs that players can run in battle to power-up their partner Digimon (making them faster, stronger or perhaps giving them the ability to fly, swim or dig, giving them access to another Digimon's weapon, etc.).  Think of them as Modify Cards.  You are allowed one at the beginning and may collect more as the RP continues.
Partner Digimon
"Nickname goes here if applicable"

  • Rookie:  (Rookie stage of your partner.)

-(Primary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Secondary Attack, and short description of what it does)

  • Champion:

-(Primary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Secondary Attack, and short description of what it does)

  • Ultimate:

-(Primary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Secondary Attack, and short description of what it does)

  • Mega:

-(Primary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Secondary Attack, and short description of what it does)

  • Mega (Mode Change):

-(Primary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Secondary Attack, and short description of what it does)

-(Final Attack and short description of what it does)




Code's Character


Name:  Robert Cecil

Age:  22
Gender:  M
Physical Appearance:  Short brown hair on the sides, but longer on the top, normally swept out of his face.  Has blue eyes.  Wears blue or black jeans, relaxed and carpenter style.  Has a green shirt with a fading hexagonal design running across its front, and a brown, leather biker jacket.
Personality:  Philosophical, ever the voice of reason among offline friends.  Values family ties over everything else, sometimes to the detriment of everything else.
Biography:  Robert is a working stiff, like so many others his age, that would play random MMOs with friends, until the game started to get boring, and then the group would move on to another one.  The group first introduced Rob to DO three years prior to the RP's start, and during that time he was paired with a Pawnchessmon (Black) that he affectionately nicknamed "Rusty."  As time went on, the friends eventually moved on to other games, but Rob remained, climbing through the rankings, until finally he was offered a position as one of the game's Avatars.
Tag-Name:  Code
Physical Appearance:  Basically the same physically, but wears a white coat with black lines lining the bottom and the edges around the zipper rather than the leather jacket, and a single, silver gauntlet on his left arm, the right baring his D-Bracer.
In-Game Biography:  Code had played for a very small amount of time before he got the hang of the combat system, finding that he had a knack for dueling other Tamer Union Agents and that he and Rusty were a deadly combination.  He is known in the PvP Colosseum as the "Turn-Around-King," infamous for his ability to seize victory, even in hopeless situations.  His skill did not go unnoticed, either--as he climbed through the ranks, he was eventually offered a position as an Avatar, which he eagerly accepted.
Play-style:  Well versed in combat.  
D-Bracer Colors:  Black and gold.
  • Gram & Aegis : Equips Champion+ Digimon with Gallantmon's lance and shield for a short amount of time.  Can use a nerfed "Royal Saber" and "Final Elysion" while equipped.  Using second move dispels Executable entirely.
Partner Digimon
  • Rookie:  Pawnchessmon (Black)
-Pawn Spear:  Stabs out with its spear.
-Pawn Buckler:  A charging attack with its shield raised for defense.
  • Champion:  SkullKnightmon
-Spear Needle : A double-stabbing attack with his twin spears.
-Menace : The eyes on his chest give off a wave that may paralyze a foe.
  • Ultimate:  Duskmon
-Deadly Gaze : Fires energy from every eye on his body at the enemy.
-Lunar Plasma : Forms a full-moon with his blades, and then rushes at the enemy, attacking them at high speed.
  • Mega:  AxeKnightmon
-Twin Spear : Attacks with his signature weapon.
-Treason Vortex : Spins his Twin Spears in a circle, creating a vortex of dark energy.
  • Mega (Mode Change):  AxeKnightmon Victory Mode (formally Shoutmon X3SD)
-Billion Stab : A lightning-fast barrage of stabbing attacks with the Victory Spear.
-Acid Typhoon : A spinning brandish similar to Treason Vortex, with a more corrosive result.
-Victory Spear : AxeKnightmon leaps into the air, and throws his Victory Spear at the enemy, causing a gigantic explosion of fiery energy.


Edited by Code

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Name:  Madison Maxwell Hutchinson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Madison stands unimpressive at 5'9" he has unkempt shoulder length reddish brown hair that matches his scraggly beard. He covers his hazel eyes with round lensed beatnik prescription glasses and wears a worn light gray hoodie over concert t-shirts with dark jeans. He almost never wears shoes.

Personality: Madison spends most of his time online. He dislikes talking to people face to face ,even on skype, and has difficulty trusting people. His default position on nearly any situation is one of scepticism. He believes that when it comes to people you can always count on them to do what they believe is best for themselves.

Biography: Out of high school Madison started a printing company with his best friend. After a year his "friend" took off with the profits and Madison's fiancè. Ever since then Madison has shut out the outside world except for supply runs. He stays afloat by webmastering and shrewd investments. One of these investments was in the company producing DO. As a gamer he figured playing the game would be fun and give him information on his investment.

Tag-Name:  TheMadOne

Physical Appearance:  Madison's character is fairly different from his normal appearence. TheMadOne is the tallest setting available to character sprites and also the most muscular. He has short spiked green hair, but retains Madison's hazel eyes although they are hidden behind a cylcopian scanner visor. He wears a bronze metal breastplate and forest green cargo pants over black combat boots.

In-Game Biography:  Madison began his in game persona exploring the far corners of the digital world with his partner Ryudamon. He created many of the digital worlds first travel guides. However after noticing that people were regularly scammed he felt the need to learn everything he could to prevent future scams. After publishing a public guide on how to avoid scammers he was approached to become an Avatar

Play-style: TheMadOne despite looking like a combatant would rather explore the world then fight for it. However he and Ryudamon know how that to be a good explorer you have to be strong.

D-Bracer Colors:  

Basic color: Gun Metal Gray

Sub color: silver

Executables: Armor of Knightmon (creates a covering of chrome digizoid over the target digimon)


-Lai Blade (Fires a katana blade from his mouth)

-Helmet Return (Headbutt)

Champion: DinoHyumon

-Lizard Dance(A series of slashes with all weapons)

-Akinakes (a swing with the large sword Akinakes)

Ultimate: Paildramon

-Desperado Blaster( Fires an energy wave from the two organic cannons growing from its arms, like a machine-gun )

-Cable Catchers (Shoots a long rope of its arms, or fires a spear and fights with this spear )


-Thousand fists (Attacks with lightning fast punches)

-Spirtual Enchant (Summons apparations from his knife)

Mega (Mode Change): Mercurymon Voodoo Mode (created)

-Mirror Image (Creates after images of himself and strikes with his knife Aztec)

-Kerykeion (Drains energy from the opponent with his Kerykeion spear)

-Kerykeion Blast (uses energy drained from opponent to form a giant blast)

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You know I can't pass up a chance for a Digimon RP.

Let me know if I have to change the Executable.

I went with the one that I thought suited him the most, even if I had others in mind.

... I also took some liberties with Justimon's Trinity Arm, lol.


Name:  Taesung Lee
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Brown-eyed and dark-haired, Taesung doesn't look that different from other teenagers his age. He stands at about 5'7" and has a modest build. His usual outfits consists of a tank top worn under a fur hood jacket, black jeans and sneakers. He wears a necklace looped around his wrist like one would a chain bracelet.
Personality:  Naturally sharp-eyed and intelligent, not much goes unnoticed or unobserved by Taesung. He's modest, relatively helpful, albeit a bit low in confidence. He suffers from a fear of screwing up, due to the role he plays in-game. Seems distant and prone to zoning out off combat, but that's not really the case.
Biography: Digimon Online is a game that Taesung has been playing since high school with his friends. As soon as he entered college, he found himself having lesser time for gaming; yet, obligations to the Tamer Union drew him back, as well as the friends he had made there. His friends would rather he play more often to support them on their journeys, but between juggling a premed course and playing doctor in-game, the former won out. However, his promotion to an Avatar led to him spending more time online than he would have preferred, because he felt that he was duty-bound to be online for a certain amount of time each day.
Tag-Name:  Ulysses
Physical Appearance:  Not much is different between Ulysses and Taesung, save for a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. Contrary to popular belief, he does not need them to see. He also looks younger and smaller.
In-Game Biography:  Unlike most of his peers who enjoyed PvP or fighting wild digimon, Ulysses found himself opting for a supportive role, where his partner digimon -- Clear Agumon, otherwise called Mu -- was only too happy to help with. Armed with a good head on his shoulders and analytical skills, he became an asset in party play and taking down area bosses. His promotion to an Avatar was voted favourably by many. Despite attempts to turn it down, he eventually accepted, as it provided him with a new avenue to employ his skills.
Play-style:  Equally suited for exploration and combat, making him pretty versatile, but he prefers playing a supportive role.
D-Bracer Colors:  Bronze and platinum.

  • Pearly Gates -- Executes Holy Angemon's Heaven's Gate technique, which allows removal of a digimon up to one level higher to partner digimon's level from combat. Does not work on bosses, NPCs, or certain digimon.

Partner Digimon

  • Rookie:  Clear Agumon

Petit Heal -- Heals minor wounds of itself or its allies.

Wonder Illumina -- Creates a wall of clear toy blocks for defense, or for firing at enemies.

  • Champion: Pidmon

- Mega Heal -- Heals major wounds of itself or its allies; minor wounds if used as an AoE.

- Fire Feather -- Sets its feathers blazing with holy fire, before raining them down as meteors.

  • Ultimate: Cyberdramon

- Erase Claw -- Sends out super-oscillatory waves that erases space and destroys configuration data.

- Cyber Nail -- Slashes with sharp claws.

  • Mega: Justimon

- Justice Kick -- Delivers a kick with a destructive force of 45 tons.

- Trinity Arm -- Accesses one of three Arms via the Extend Transmitter on its shoulder:

Accel Arm -- The power-type Arm; boosts the defensive and offensive powers of itself and allies.

Blitz Arm -- The lightning-type Arm; boosts the speed and evasion of itself and allies.

Critical Arm -- The cutter-type Arm; boosts the accuracy and critical chance of itself and allies.

  • Mega (Mode Change): Holy Ring Justimon
    Empowered by Goddramon's Holy Ring attached to its Extend Transmitter, Holy Ring Justimon's sense of justice burns hotter and stronger than ever!

- God Fist -- Slams its Trinity Arm into the ground, releasing shockwaves that stun and cause damage over time.

- God Flame -- Releases a powerful burst of holy spirits from its Trinity Arm.

- Summon -- Unleashes twin dragons from its Holy Ring:

Amon of Crimson Blaze -- administers destruction; consumes glitches, malformed data and viruses to purify and restructure it.

Umon of Blue Thunder -- manages regeneration; heals major wounds and dispels status conditions from itself and allies.

Edited by Maelstrom

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Accepted.  Sorry for the absense, been handling some real-life issues (one of which being a nasty bout with the flu).  We need just one more for this story to kick off.

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My bad... My family and I have been dealing with a lot of, uh, attention since X Games. It's been a whirlwind since then, honestly, so I likely won't be able to submit an app because I'd have to drop out anyway.


Have fun.

Edited by HummingGillz

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Code, is there still a chance of this role play happening, or has it officially fallen by the wayside as a result of your real life situation these past few months/the fact that you're focusing on Color Gangs Infinity now?

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