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Shattered Rift

Werewolf Introduction and Gameplay

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Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is a game where players assume the role of villagers in a small community that has been infiltrated by werewolves. To survive, the villagers must eliminate the werewolves before the werewolves eliminate them. The catch? Everyone, innocent villager or werewolf, looks like an ordinary villager. The innocents make up the majority of the village, but they don't know who they can trust. The werewolves make up the minority of the village, and they have the advantage of knowing each others' identities. Each Day, the village meets in the hope of clearing the good names of the innocents and catching the werewolves in their lies. At the end of each Day, a villager is killed by popular vote, and the dead villager's identity, innocent or werewolf, is revealed. At Night, the werewolves attack and claim another innocent life. This cycle repeats until the werewolves are eliminated or the number of innocents has dwindled so much that the werewolves are able to overpower the survivors by force of numbers.


But it's not always that simple. Sometimes an innocent has the Power of dreams and is able to learn a villager's identity each Night. Another might be a guardian, able to protect a villager from a werewolf attack during the Night. Still another might take the law into his own hands and kill his fellow villager in the hopes of taking down a werewolf. Maybe the werewolves aren't the only threat: sometimes a mafia exists in the village, ready to take this opportunity to seize power by making kills of their own during the Night, making a second group that the village has to eliminate.


There are limitless possibilities in Werewolf. It's not always a village that's at stake, nor is the enemy always a group of werewolves. Players aren't always what they seem, either: anyone and everyone could have something they can do to turn the tide of the investigation.





At the start of a game, the Master of Ceremonies (or MC, the person running a game) will assign each player a role, an alignment, and a win condition. A role may include Powers and instructions for how to use them, such as submitting a Nightly list to the MC. An alignment may be on the side of the innocents; a baddie team such as the werewolves, mafia, or a one-man team; or a neutral team that can win alongside another team under special conditions. If the player is on a baddie team, he will usually be informed of his teammates' identities. Win conditions are usually simple: eliminate the baddies, eliminate all other teams, or in rare circumstances something more unique. There are limitless possibilities for what might be included in a role, and each game has its own set of teams and win conditions.


Only living players and the MC are allowed to post in the game thread. In the game thread, the players may discuss theories, throw out accusations, cast votes, and help the game move forward. Day phases typically last 24 hours in real time. At the end of each Day, typically at a set time, votes are tallied by the MC and the villager with the most votes is killed and his role is revealed. Night follows, wherein the baddie teams will make their kills for the night and other powers may be used. This cycle repeats until a win condition is met. This usually means the cycle repeats until all of the baddies are dead or until the living members of a single baddie team equal or exceed the number of all other living villagers.


Dead players are sworn to silence about the knowledge they had obtained while living. Both dead players and spectators are allowed to spectate on games and discuss theories in the graveyard thread.


All living players are expected to be active, posting at least once during each Day phase and casting at least one vote during that time. Games typically last about a week, but individual games can and will vary, and a player should expect to be able to be online everyday during that time.





1) Community Rules Apply


The Community Rules still apply during Werewolf games.


2) Activity


Signing up for a Werewolf game is a commitment, and you should have a reasonable expectation of your ability to actively participate when you sign up. Typically an unexpected absence during one Day of the game is permissible, but more than this will generally result in punishment. If you have any questions about the expected length of a game, or if during the course of a game you learn that you won't be able to participate fully or need to drop out, please contact the MC. As a general rule, a player will be expected to post and cast a vote at least once during each Day phase. Submitting lists to the MC may also be an activity requirement for certain roles.





Community Rules and the Activity rule always apply during Werewolf. The following Guidelines are generally applied to all games, but an individual MC may alter them as desired for his or her game. Please consult the first post of a particular game thread for additional rules or clarification.




When casting a vote, your vote should be bolded and include the username of the player you're voting for. For example:


Vote: Nebiros


To change your vote, you should remove your previous vote.


Unvote: Nebiros

Vote: Rexozord


Some games include the option to cast “no one” votes (Vote: No One) to meet the activity requirement.


Day phases will end at a time set by the MC. A game may either use majority (whoever has 51% or more of the votes) or plurality (whoever has the most votes) to determine which player will be executed. The method used in a particular game may vary, and some games might not use majority or plurality.




To use your role's Powers, you will usually be required to send in a list to the MC. Instructions for how many players to include on this list, how frequently to send in this list, and other instructions will be included with your role. Some lists need to be submitted daily and can be an even more important component of activity than posting and voting. In the PM title, please include the current Day/Night phase and the name of the Power being used. Normally, the topmost living player on your list will be affected by your Power.




Dead players may not post in the current game thread, but they may post in the graveyard thread. They should not post any non-public information they knew while living, and they should not privately contact any living players. The graveyard thread should be their only method of communication with other players.


Dead players should also continue to pay attention to the game: resurrection is always a possibility in Werewolf.


Quoting the MC and Other Players, Revealing Teammates' Identities


You may not quote PMs from the MC or private conversations with other players. Quoting private messages received from the MC is often grounds for removal from the current game. If you want to talk about a conversation you had with another player, you may not quote from it but you may refer to it.


You may not reveal the identities of your teammates unless both you and the MC have received permission from them to do so. If during the course of a game your role or alignment changes via game mechanics, you may reveal such information to your new team.

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