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      23 Apr

    Why am I watching a LP of a horror video-game at this hour? ;_;

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      22 Apr

    Why are there like seven Canadian hockey teams but only one of them made the playoffs this year? I thought you guys were supposed to be good at hockey.

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Current Werewolf Game

Werewolf - Mansionwolf

Werewolf 21 Apr 2014
Prologue: MCbot Sparkbot stood in the Werewolf Forum, almost completely still despite the hustle and bustle around him. Only Sparkbot's head and eyes moved, shifting ever so slightly as he took in the room and the members in it. He blinked once, an automatic event that was part of his humanity pr...
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Newest Episode of The Mansion

Episode 3: Two Steps Forward

The Mansion 25 Mar 2014
The elevator was cramped with so many spambots in it, but Rift tried to put the discomfort out of his mind. It didn't bother them, and it didn't bother Sparkbot. All that really mattered was the space needed for their fifteen bodies, and Rift had designed the elevator to fit sixteen. He never exp...
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Article of the Day

Vote Manipulation

SparkWiki 15 Apr 2014
Vote Manipulation includes a family of activated powers that affect voting. An extra vote power allows the user to cast a second (extra) vote. A vote cancel power will remove or negate another player's vote. A combination of these two powers is a vote steal, where the player may gain an extra vot...
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