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      01 Sep

    I really wish I could look at all my werewolf game statistics for the last decade.

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      31 Aug

    "Both options make me sad, but the second also makes me furious with rage (or feel slight disappointment, whatever, it's Monday)." Another good consestant. I'm sure we all understand the feeling...

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      31 Aug

    Inu has just discovered a section called Profile Feed and was curious enough to put this in the blank in hopes of getting a carrot out of it somehow.

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Turf War

Congratulations to Red Team for winning the Turf War and seizing control of the Sparkbomb Mansion!

Current Werewolf Game

All Stars: 2015 game thread.

Werewolf Games 19 Aug 2015
I have come from the year 2022 to warn you all of the dangers that you face. Time travel is very much a real thing as you will all soon find out for yourself. Unfortunately, it is something which humans cannot be trusted with. Immediately upon discovery there were no less than 1,394 attempts to k...
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Newest Episode of The Mansion

Episode 5: Behind the Bar

The Mansion 17 Jun 2014
Nebiros' wall was covered in pictures and sticky notes. She had dredged up posts, conversations, and role plays that had previously been long forgotten. She had found old pictures and screenshots, including some of her ancient drawings that hadn't been properly destroyed. Years of working alongsi...
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Article of the Day

Cult (Team Convert)

SparkWiki 17 Jul 2014
The cult begins the game with a single cultist that has a powerful conversion power.Example role names: VampireThe cult begins with a single cultist who has a multiple-use conversion power (that can usually be used each Night). Variants of the power may require two successful uses to convert. Or...
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