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      29 Oct

    Finally got that 2 plate deadlift! (225 lbs for the uninitiated). I FEEL AMAZING

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      26 Oct

    New Signups are Open! Enter Into the Mist if you dare

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      23 Oct

    Mewtwo confirmed for Smash Bros.

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Please welcome the newest member of our Staff Team, Neopetsmom!

Current Werewolf Game

Werewolf: Into the Mist

Werewolf Games 26 Oct 2014
Some tell tales of valiant knights, crusading for a just and noble cause. Others speak of mighty heroes of legend, paragons of virtue. This story is no such apogee of benevolence. Tonight, my friends, I weave a web of shadows. So that your minds may be clouded with doubt, and your hearts filled w...
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Newest Episode of The Mansion

Episode 5: Behind the Bar

The Mansion 16 Jun 2014
Nebiros' wall was covered in pictures and sticky notes. She had dredged up posts, conversations, and role plays that had previously been long forgotten. She had found old pictures and screenshots, including some of her ancient drawings that hadn't been properly destroyed. Years of working alongsi...
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Article of the Day


SparkWiki 16 Jul 2014
Shields are a game mechanic that allow players to survive attacks. When a player would die, a random number is rolled against their shield's percentage. If the number rolled is equal to or less than the shield's percentage, the player survives. The shield may then lose power equal to the number r...
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