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      27 Nov

    If anybody here does not value being sociable and/or productive, FF14 is currently on sale for 10 dollarinos.

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      27 Nov

    Did Code really take over the Lounge?

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      22 Nov
    Shattered Rift

    Okay, I think I just need to implement the images, write the install files, export S:TW, and then install it to Sparkbomb...

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Turf War

We're fighting a Turf War for control of the Sparkbomb Mansion. Grab your paintball gun and sign up today!

Current Werewolf Game

WW: Gotham City

Werewolf Games 19 Nov 2014
WW: Gotham City     RULES (Please read carefully; not everything works the same way as past games) 1. Roles: Each of you has been randomly assigned a role from the Batman universe. There are no plain innocents. The alignment of a role in the game might not necessarily correspond with t...
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Newest Episode of The Mansion

Episode 5: Behind the Bar

The Mansion 16 Jun 2014
Nebiros' wall was covered in pictures and sticky notes. She had dredged up posts, conversations, and role plays that had previously been long forgotten. She had found old pictures and screenshots, including some of her ancient drawings that hadn't been properly destroyed. Years of working alongsi...
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Article of the Day

Doubler (Enhance)

SparkWiki 03 May 2014
The doubler is a role that personifies the double variant of the enhance power.Doublers are almost exclusively innocent due to their beneficial nature. Doubles are usually revealed privately, and they are usually only revealed if they allow the target to get an extra use of their power. This allo...
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