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      24 Oct

    One of those disappointing days... Need a good snack, haven't found one yet... :(

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      23 Oct

    Mewtwo confirmed for Smash Bros.

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      22 Oct

    When will this voltammetry cycle end?

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      22 Oct
    Shattered Rift

    You're welcome.

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      22 Oct

    (language warning. pro reasonable person warning. rift probably wants this to be a thread but whatever this is more convenient) https://medium.com/the-cauldron/why-gamergaters-piss-me-the-f-off-a7e4c7f6d8a6

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Please welcome the newest member of our Staff Team, Neopetsmom!

Current Werewolf Game

Werewolf: Twisted Genome

Werewolf Games 14 Oct 2014
Dear Journal,   I arrived in the village today. While I was initially confused why the mayor wrote to a student of genetics for help with what appears to be a serial killer, I think I understand. Walking down main street, the inbreeding is obvious. From an inordinate number of redheads and c...
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Newest Episode of The Mansion

Episode 5: Behind the Bar

The Mansion 16 Jun 2014
Nebiros' wall was covered in pictures and sticky notes. She had dredged up posts, conversations, and role plays that had previously been long forgotten. She had found old pictures and screenshots, including some of her ancient drawings that hadn't been properly destroyed. Years of working alongsi...
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Article of the Day


SparkWiki 02 May 2014
Enhance is an activated power that improves the target's powers. Enhance might allow an extra use of the target's power (called doubling). Or it might make the target's power act as a combo power, turning a protect into a protect/kill that will protect a target and kill whoever tries to kill that...
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