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    "Happy" Little Trees signups

    I'll play.
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    New Prez

    Well said. Misinformation and cherry-picking sources is a huge problem. I teach writing part-time and I try to stress this for my students. And it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between objective sources and biased sources. Almost anyone can make a respectable-looking website these days. I often use The Onion as an example in my classes, and then I show them literallyunbelievable.org (collects people's reactions to Onion articles, and is both funny and depressing). A few days before the election, someone from another department walked in and said, "I only watch (certain news station.) They're the only ones that aren't biased." Of course, what she really means is that they are the only news station telling her what she wants to hear. That attitude is so damaging -- the (sometimes willful) inability to judge any news source fairly. A contributing factor is certainly that some members (not all!) of older generations (baby boomers, gen X, even older millennials like me*) did not grow up with this media and aren't savvy enough with it to make those distinctions (and believe every chain mail they get). Of course there are young people who aren't media savvy either, but it's so pervasive in our lives now and will continue to get more so. It'll be interesting to see what happens in a few decades when most people alive have grown up with technology. Something I found neat: I use Google Drive in my classes. When I started teaching remedial writing 6-7 years ago, there would be maybe one or two people in my class who knew what Gmail was or how to use Google Docs. I had to block out a whole period to get them to sign up and show them how it works. Now, it's rare that I get a student that doesn't already have it, whether I'm teaching American or Saudi Arabian students. * ETA: Technically, I'm right at the crossover between Gen X and millennials, which is also known as "The Oregon Trail" generation, so of course I prefer that
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    New Prez

    I am kinda glad that our forum wasn't too caught up in the politics. It felt nice to be on a "social media" where I didn't have to hear about each side as to which one was more evil than the other. I am a liberal living in a very conservative state, so I try not to stir up things at work or whatnot. However, I did notice that my Facebook is was very vocally for Hillary (could just be who I am friends with) as well as reflected in the polls and media outlets. Yes, we were all shocked and stunned when Trump won when so much media had a guarantee win for Hillary, however, post-election, I took into consideration that those who voted for Trump, the silent few who aren't as engaged with social media as the younger generation (or a term I like to avoid "millennials") are. The United States is still made up of a lot of hard-working, blue collar people who could care less what the media thinks or how computers work or to participate in online polls. I think there was such an upheaval of "Trump is going to lose" in the media that some of the Hillary supporters might have sat back and the Trump supporters strongly went to the polls. As much as I don't want to credit Trump for anything, but I do recognize with him being a celebrity of sorts, he understands how to work the media and the entire campaign. He knew that being a shocker and a crazy person was publicity no matter what. The unfortunate thing is that even though Hillary seem to have won all the debates and have more experience, her criminal background seemed to be more of a threat than Trump's misogynistic and xenophobic character. The other sad part for me is that my parents, who are immigrants from Asia, sided with Trump. I tried to ask their reasons, but what I got out of it was that he was a celebrity and a businessman. They didn't know much about Hillary. She didn't create as loud of a stir as Trump did. I don't remember if my parents liked the Clintons or not back in the 90s, but I guess they're weren't too fond of Obama either. I honestly don't think Trump will undo everything that we have progressed so far on. I don't think he will reverse Roe v. Wade, nor gay marriage, or anything else. I have faith in our government's checks and balances (even though they're all Republican now) to keep him in check. I do sympathize with all my friends that feel threatened by his win or the vast disappointment of the parents who told their daughters they can be anything, even president. It is unfortunate the campaign attitude that Trump has taken to get him to become President and I don't consider him a role model for anyone. Presently, our government has been majorly run by corporations, as much as we want to think they're for the people. We will now see how the government will run under a person of true corporate mindset. In the past, every election ends like this...with one side rejoicing and one side greatly disappointed. One side thinking we have elected Satan and the other side thinking we have elected a Solution. Right now, it's all very fresh, but it too will pass. However, I do want reform on both our primaries and electoral college voting systems, as we seen them as deeply flawed this election. Popular vote should have equated to presidency, but it doesn't. Anyway, it is what it is. My Facebook post yesterday was about how it's the responsibility of each individual to love more and one man does not make our nation "great". We make our nation great and we don't have to reflect the values of the one who "leads" us.