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    New Prez

    I have never been so depressed over an election in my life. I actually have a degree in Political Science and am just astonished that this country could elect Trump. To me, he doesn't meet the basic minimum qualifications for being president. The idea of him with the nuclear codes is genuinely terrifying. Many people don't really that that is one area where the President's power is vast and absolute. There are no constraints on it. Also, the fact of unified Republican control of all branches of government is scary to me. I also fear the Paul Ryan agenda being enacted. Much of it is directly contradictory to what Trump promised people during the election. But, I'm not sure Trump will really care. And, even if he would, I'm not sure he would understand that Ryan was doing standard issue Republican stuff that is contrary to what he said he wanted. Trump has the attention span of a gnat, doesn't read and listens to the last person to talk to him. I think there is a good chance he is just a rubber stamp for whatever horrific ideas that Ryan can come up with. Not just the ACA repeal, but wholesale destruction of Medicare and Social Security that many older people rely on. I am dumbfounded that something like only 38% of people thought he was qualified to be president and he still won. How can someone vote for someone that they don't think is qualified? How can you make that person the most powerful individual in the world?
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    Yo Lixyl/Dyl/Other canadians any of you wanna marry me so I can get out of this country?