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    I don't know about odds but the odds never seem to be in the winners favor because we are always surprised by the results. You may float like a butterfly but be prepared to get squished by the paw of a polar bear or the cold arctic temperature which no butterfly could possibly ever survive in as well as such two creatures that would never really encounter each other unless in captivity and under strange circumstance.
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    That the second draw I've head this week. The first being the result of the Scotland vs England game, one all. Alright, Rift your up next! Get in there, my son! Zil's got nothing on you. give him the old 123! The Kansas city shuffle, the New York Deli special, The New York Subway special in fact just give him all the New York specials. Sting like a bumblebee and hit like a polar bear.
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    And this is why you don't ignore your LUK stat, Zilary. Or should I call you Inferno Blaze?
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    Ah...so the first two rounds of voting seems to be with little information. Tomorrow's voting will be better influenced, hopefully. 4-way match, eh? BRING ON THE RANDOMIZER. *rawr*