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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    [100% blame Rift for the following xD] "You can take my rear any day." Nebiros, the strikingly beautiful, actual Disney Princeā„¢, king of pirates, and general shenanigans causer, glanced over his shoulder, winking playfully at Khem with a steamy smolder on his face to match. Gosh. Simply irresistible. Every tank certainly needed a support, and Khem would be a fine addition to Nebiros' soon to be harem, and he didn't even have to ask... Er. Wait. I mean... hold on. Hold... on... an unexpected error seems to have occurred.... While Nebiros had, in fact, glanced over her shoulder, she simply nodded to Khem, fine with this decision to side with her, before turning her attention back to the Spambots, making sure she stayed ahead of whoever else planned to join up with her. She wasn't sure what the bots were trying to advertise today, something about a new app for lonely singles. Sparklr? Nebiros rolled her eyes. "A'ight. Well that's two of us. Taking one more signup for Team... uh... I don't know. Team something - we'll figure it out later..." Nebiros shrugged. ---- No matter what RPs happen, or what the teams end up being, I might as well put my command in. Nebiros will attack Spambot-A ----
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    SparkRPG thread will probably be posted tomorrow. Shoutout to @TheLastStarMaker for helping me make sure everything makes some amount of sense to people less unfamiliar with the mythology. Shoutout to @Code, @Nebiros, and @Trajectory for help with various things. Shoutout to @Rexozord for helping me go over class balance.
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros's face fell upon seeing... well... literally everything. In most cases, she figured she'd enjoy the ballroom, with all of its windows and clearly stellar views. But not like this. Never like this. At this point, she was almost certain nobody would actually, truly mind if she just... added a 4th option. Set fire to the room. Set fire to the whole mansion. When asked why she'd just say there were one too many robo-spiders. She'd be completely justified. The only thing really stopping her was that, unfortunately, she had no actual way of going forward with her nuclear option. Her frown intensified. Nebiros turned to face iko and Blacjak, who were both in rough shape with sparks. One crit on either would take them out easy. She still had a singular spark mini but would hold off on crushing it for either, hoping to save it for another, less crazy, time if they made it through the ballroom without drawing attention to themselves. "Hey so like... Please don't Leeroy Jenkins this room because I will let you die." NEBIROS IS GONNA STEALTH BY THE ENEMIES BECAUSE EFF THIS NOISE OMG... but maybe not first. iko and Blac can play rock-paper-scissors for that 95% stealth if they're looking to stealth too. I'm chill with 80%. Save yourselves.
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Happy to see the Webcrawler she intended to engage go down before she even got there, Star fluidly shifted her forward motion into a spin that ended up with a solid heel kick connecting with the Beta of the Webcrawlers... ...and suddenly found herself and her single-digit Spark-count pivoting back to stand in front of both Rex and Neb... ...the Guardians... ...both of whom had healed themselves... ... ...I'm sorry, what? She nearly laughed out loud, though whether cynically or not, the sound did not make it past her lips as she gave one, almost imperceptible shake of her head and stubbornly squared her shoulders, fists coming up once more... run_command!Battle/Front_A/Attack/WebcrawlerC run_command!Auto-Battle/Attack
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    (([sweats profusely] C A L C U L A T E D.)) 1 spark left? Noooooo problem. Screaming internally for the foreseeable future, Nebiros forced-casually dusted herself off and promptly marched her way down the north corridor. On edge as anything could just kinda... sneeze at her and remove that last spark. When Rift's reminder about the cache came through, she jumped and clutched her chest, but then rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew. Initially, she didn't care, but thanks to that crit the desire she had been holding to challenge and 1v1 somebody in the pit for a weapon had gotten nixed real damn fast. Groaning at the new targets ahead, Nebiros pulled out a Fused Spark Mini to prepare, crushing it for herself. "So I haven't quite decided which is worse, but now I have a vendetta against Spammy McSpamface..." Prebattle: FS.Mini -- Target: Self Allows position swap, taking iko's 3rd. Battle: Nebiros attacks Spambot, Enc.A ((RNGesus be with me.))
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    Shattered Rift

    What are you playing?

    Yesterday, @Zen persuaded me to play Doki Doki Literature Club. I'm not sure if I've ever played a visual novel dating sim before, but it's an absolutely fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone. There's a bit of mature content, especially if you continue past your first playthrough and into a new game plus, but this is one of the rare cases where I think that the experience is so worthwhile that most people who would shy away from that kind of thing will still take something out of this. And if not, even a single playthrough is a powerful enough experience to be worthwhile on its own. There's not much more I can say without spoiling it. The poetry in the game is fantastic. And it's worth giving the game the seven playthroughs it takes to unlock the final ending (but you can decide that for yourself after your first or second playthrough). Zen and I have both given it serious consideration for being our Game of the Year 2017. It's an experience that shouldn't be missed.