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    Roles now sent out, later than intended sorry. Day will be extended due to this, it will now end in approximately 37 hours. Also a game still needs a plot no matter what, so here goes. Plot by phone. In the small town of sparkbomborough, there is a killer on the loose. You should probably stop them.
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    Apparently not. I had thought so too.
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    This is officially one of the best penalties we've ever seen.
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    I see that you've since done some research, but I think this has been the big problem surrounding this discussion. There are only two reasons that there's been a nearly worldwide support for the agreement: the lack of penalty and the fact that most countries are individually impacted minimally (if not garnering support). Meanwhile, the United States faces a disproportionate amount of the burden. The political motivations behind the climate change narrative are a large cause for concern in my mind. While I would like to address the ecological impact humans have upon the Earth, I see hubris in the assumption that we and we alone are responsible for the warming of the Earth, and furthermore we lack anything resembling any certainty of what our impact will be or where a tipping point is to whether our efforts will justify the costs involved. Many are quick to say that the worst case scenario of an uninhabitable world is reason enough, but that's a poor argument. Meanwhile, the awareness an interest by many individuals and groups provide other avenues to work towards the goals of the Paris agreement without requiring action on the part of the federal government.
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    I almost forgot about this thread because I don't have any political-minded friends that I can vent to and was about to go all rage quit on Twitter. I just can't imagine the U.S. being a first-world "super power leader" country and not be engaged in climate issues in a positive way, especially since we seem the be the only first world country that doesn't care about climate (sorry, I haven't read the Paris Agreement in detail to know what other countries are engaged). I mean, Trump did promise job to the coal miners and it doesn't seem to be focusing on alternative forms of energy, but there are articles about how solar (and wind?) energy will create MORE jobs in the future. I feel like we are spiraling to a backward society where Trump is just resetting progress. Even big respective corporations urged him not to pull out of the agreement: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/facebook-apple-urge-donald-trump-paris-agreement-not-pull-out-climate-change-global-warming-a7766521.html We live on this earth and we need to take care of it. To believe climate change and global warming is a myth only for liberals makes me upset. What kinds of proof do we (apparently not science since that's not good enough) to pull out for people to start taking climate change seriously?! Now that Trump doesn't care for the environment, then how do you expect the American people to follow. I'm upset that how can one president make so many awful-seeming decisions and not suffer consequences? Is he really listening to the people or is he just doing whatever instinctively makes the most noise and makes him the worse? Not to mention, all the #covfefe memes yesterday seem to be huge distraction to what really matters at hand. Yes, the jokes of his tweet were fun and all, but I fear it took away from more pressing and serious issues like this. When does Mars open up again? ETA: Full transcript here https://www.vox.com/2017/6/1/15726638/trump-withdrawing-paris-climate-agreement-full-transcript
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    Probably a good idea to send reminders to everyone. I know I'm out of the habit of checking the forum daily, and I get the feeling that I'm not alone.
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    Magikarp Jump is a surprisingly addictive game. (It helps that it's pretty cute!)
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    Dance weekends are the best weekends.
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    Well, assuming all of the provisional yes players are still in I guess this is enough to start. Will put up the game thread in around 36 hours. Still some time for people to sign up if you want to bug somebody into joining