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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros's face fell upon seeing... well... literally everything. In most cases, she figured she'd enjoy the ballroom, with all of its windows and clearly stellar views. But not like this. Never like this. At this point, she was almost certain nobody would actually, truly mind if she just... added a 4th option. Set fire to the room. Set fire to the whole mansion. When asked why she'd just say there were one too many robo-spiders. She'd be completely justified. The only thing really stopping her was that, unfortunately, she had no actual way of going forward with her nuclear option. Her frown intensified. Nebiros turned to face iko and Blacjak, who were both in rough shape with sparks. One crit on either would take them out easy. She still had a singular spark mini but would hold off on crushing it for either, hoping to save it for another, less crazy, time if they made it through the ballroom without drawing attention to themselves. "Hey so like... Please don't Leeroy Jenkins this room because I will let you die." NEBIROS IS GONNA STEALTH BY THE ENEMIES BECAUSE EFF THIS NOISE OMG... but maybe not first. iko and Blac can play rock-paper-scissors for that 95% stealth if they're looking to stealth too. I'm chill with 80%. Save yourselves.