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    You should fix that. Never have I ever drank coffee.
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    I did only once, someone talked me into it. Good that you were able to hold out. Never have I ever swam in an ocean.
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    Never have I ever flown in an airplane.
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    Behold, the creation of my deep emotions as some of my favorite smileys: = Nopers = I'm cool = Grr = Embarassed = Sneaky ###### = Yeah, I know right? = Yeah I'm Crazy = Regret = Annnd? = Sobbing = How come you didn't save me any?? = Haha... HAHAHAHA = I dare you to sleep tonight = Speechless = Can't believe I'm stuck with you = I was right and you were wrong! = I won, what are you going to do? = I won, wanna try again? = Excited = Hmmm... = I'm a jerk. = I have no idea what you're saying but I agree = Heart = Admiring Kiss = I intend to kiss = Sudden attack from Natale = FFFF yeah. = Good for you = Good for you with a tinge of jelousy = Good for you I don't care = laughing out loud = Just laughing = Lick = You are the man = in love = pervert = let me think about it = oh sh*t = Blank Look = You did what? = I don't get it = Merf = Can't talk = screwed up = Merf beta = ninja ninja with cat ears = That's bad = No way in hell = Seriously? = I'm screwed = Like I said = Really? = Oh-hoh = Ungh = Sad = That sad... uh... = That really happened? = I'm game = You're going down = Sneakiness = Can't believe what I'm seeing = Sweat = Holding in the tears = Letting the tears go = Even though you're a total failure, you're doing great = Do you want me to do this to make you feel better? = My honest opinion = I didn't do it = Sex attack = Uh. Yeah. = Uh Hm. = I hate to tell you, but yeah... = Imma FFFF you up. = What now? = Enhanced cool bro = Whatever = You're gonna pay for that = Ouch = Enhanced Ninja = Irritated = Eh? = Loony
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    I popped an incense just now and after about twenty minutes A VAPOREON SHOWED UP IN MY ROOM. I threw one ball at it, it broke free and ran off. I feel so betrayed.
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    I passed my Ph.D. defense on Friday
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    I tend to stay out of debates. That being said, my view is simple. The country will be fine, as long as people stick together and care for one another. I always try to have love for everyone. And that's not going to change based on who is president.
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    I would like to say that it's something players should deal with. If a player is inactive they get executed. This in turn deters others from going or seemingly going inactive for future games. The only problem is that nobody actually goes through with said votes. I guess partly the reason why is that people don't want to waste executions. They are limited in supply afterall. So perhaps a compromise could be if a host deems a player to be inactive, at the start of day they could announce at the start of day that players have to vote on whether to keep a player alive or not. This will be in addition to a standard execution. Eg. "Player x has been inactive and has failed to improve after a warning. In addition to your regular vote, you can also vote on whether to spare or kill player x".
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    Did I miss the memo where we call everyone male regardless of gender now?
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    If anyone's ready to play a new game, SISK sign-ups are open!
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    Against my better judgement, I'll sign up. Wow, that sounds bad. I mean, I'll be very busy for the next few weeks because I'll be moving next month. Still, I'll give it a shot.
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    My parents' language (Chinese) was essentially my first language and English was my second...but now my English is better than my Chinese...so yeah, I'll count that. By this thread, I'm going to assume Sinical is the oldest member on Sparkbomb. Never have I ever read the entire Harry Potter series. Got halfway through the first chapter...then put it down. It's on my lifetime bucket list, though!
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    Never have I ever drank alcohol. Boom.
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    Might as well start with the obvious. Never have I ever played this game.
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    Roles now sent out, later than intended sorry. Day will be extended due to this, it will now end in approximately 37 hours. Also a game still needs a plot no matter what, so here goes. Plot by phone. In the small town of sparkbomborough, there is a killer on the loose. You should probably stop them.
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    I feel like my name should be "Happy Little Treee".
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    Wasn't this all based off of role names? Or were powers also included? Once that started coming out, I thought claiming only powers (which is the truly important thing anyway) would have still worked out. Props to Blacjak for including three baddies and two(?) specific-condition neutrals to balance out for this. I haven't read over the full role/power list, but it seems like Blacjak designed this game much better than I had ever suspected. Some needed clarification here and there is always a fault in Werewolf, but the overarching design seems like it was much better thought out than expected. I didn't expect to say that walking away from a game that started with a confirmed innocent. Edit: Actually, going to give extra kudos considering the low player count too.
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    I don't know how I'll explain this to the press though, deputising somebody that's going to be shooting my deputy.
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    I don't think there's an issue with this mechanic (or other activity-rewarding mechanics). There's an issue with the players who would prefer to kill active players than be active themselves.
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    I figured it was like hesitance to summoning a monster at first, but now given the situation it's more like putting salt on an open wound.
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    Thoughts from a semi-regular, non-veteran player: I have played enough to know what's going on most of the time, but I still consider myself an outsider every game that I play. I don't have a status where people message me early in a game; it's usually not til there's only a few left and people are trying to persuade for votes or whatever. Unless I'm on a baddie team, of course. But then it's out of necessity and not a need for me to be included in the "group." So I naturally end up only posting when I need to, instead of every chance I get. And it's honestly easy to skate by in many games with minimal posting. I try to get into the games as much as I can, but sometimes it is simply just making sure I get whatever requirements met. A lot of it for me is that I don't know any of you. Besides, the two people who brought me to Sparkbomb. I used to only play games when they did. But they aren't on as much anymore, so I had to just jump in alone. And since I am also noob to forum gaming in general (Sparkbomb is my first and only source of werewolf), it has been a slow road to learning the nuances of the forum version of this game. It's easy to feel alone while playing this game, on top of the fact that I don't know anybody. The secludedness just makes it that much easier to disappear in the middle of a game, or only post when necessary, or makes it easier to not pay attention and forget to post/send in lists, or make irl plans without remembering or regarding the commitment made to the game. I'm getting better at juggling all of it. But it takes an effort. And sometimes, I feel rewarded for the effort. My input during a game feels to have made an effect or something like that. Or a game was really fun to be involved in. Anyway, I think the point to all this, was to explain what it's like for a newer player to deal with all of it. Or why inactivity happens with newer players at times. I know I've been guilty of just skirting through a game. I don't like to. It makes me feel bad for those who put in the effort to play. I think that if the experience was more welcoming to beginners, it might help players be open to being invested during the whole game. Or help them learn good playing habits. Playing with people you know helps a lot. But, I know that's not always possible. As far as veteran players who go inactive, if that's even a problem, I have no real input. You guys would have to figure that out yourselves. I think I'm done rambling now.
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    Inu usually does that in his games. Red, just assume everyone in this game is female. You'll get it right more often than you currently are.
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    50 minutes into the match. You ace the enemy team without a single death on your side. Their mid inhib is open. You're playing support Team: "Let's get drake!" I feel like this sums up how I feel about the current WW game perfectly.
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    First....of the people with a username starting with an S and is called Ryan. ...wait a second.
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    I'm not sure if it's making national news, but just in case it is - I wanted to let people know my home is on the high ground, though one of the flooded out areas is where I was hunting Magikarp Friday night. My office was evacuated for construction already, which is fortunate as a considerable amount of water went through that space over the weekend. Last night, heavy storms hit again, with the worst of it northeast of my home, causing a dam break this morning, but there's been several hours warning and it's been a slow break, so I'm hopeful it won't be too bad.
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    I'll start off with saying, if anybody even thinks anything negative towards rany I will deliver a wishful punch to their face. I'm sorry Rany. I did what I had to do. It doesn't feel good to do that against a newer player, but it was required. For everyone thinking it was completely obvious who was evil, you have to remember that I was not trying to convince you. I realised three days in advance that I just needed to convince rany and had a tailor made argument required to do so. I also didn't think I would ever say this, but my three days spent as being evil in this game were much more challenging than ANY game I've ever played before. I thought it was truly impossible to win, but I planned a route and hoped for the best. It somehow worked out.. Anyway, I think that's it. Good game everyone.
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    "Your emoticons make it stronger. It eats your winking smily, it consumes your sun-glasses-face smily, it devours your big-grin-closed-eyes icon! No txt message will survive!"
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    ...Except you get one shot. One opportunity. Would I catch it, or would I let it slip. Yo, his balls are ready, bait set, rocks are heavy Dragon on the screen already, no confetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To catch ######, but he keeps on forgettin' How to do this, the poke ball might just miss, The rock will hit, but he just can't commit. He's chokin' it, Dratini's leggin' it There goes his gift, turns up, over, blit!
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    To everybody that reads this and thinks this looks horribly suspicious I would just like to say ...I do not blame you.
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    After reading back over everything, I can now safely say that I actually have no clue what's going on. Unvote: Rex
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    I'm back from Tokyo in Tulsa, so I can be more verbose in my responses. There's still time to sign up if anyone else wants to join. This is a awesome crowd already, but I can take more players if anyone else is considering playing. Remember to check in Wednesday as roles will start going out Tuesday at 11pm CST. Also, thank you everyone who's signed up so far. I'm excited about this one as it incorporates a story I wrote 2 years ago and have rewritten a few times since, with game mechanics I've tweaked as I learned what works best here.
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    How the hell is that possible? I haven't seen a magikarp with over 100cp. Typical gyms here contain 3 or more 800cp pokemon. In other news, I was bored so I made these. True representation of the struggle.
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    An aside - normally I try to let the previous game have a full day to be talked about before I post signups for my next game, but I'd like to take full advantage of the desktop post editor rather than doing it from mobile. I'm leaving tomorrow, so I'll be posting signups for the next game by early tomorrow.
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    I'm glad to have entertained. I gave up on the game (somewhat) a while ago, it's just nice to be able to take the game so light heartedly. I guess it would take an essay to get my full feelings across, but I think I am finally able to just enjoy these games for what they are and not be totally obsessed with winning. (Maybe two years earlier and this site wouldn't be dead...) @RocktheFoxis to thank (or to blame) for this mentality shift. When I saw his absolutely hilarious plans I couldn't help but smile and go with it. And finally. Team. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you.
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    Could someone remind me when Cel died? This headcold must be worse than I think it is if she's posting in graveyard.
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    The thing that baffles me is that Sinical hasn't claimed Neutral yet.
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    So uh, I think Zen just rez banned himself...
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    Never have I ever gotten into a car accident
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    Never have I ever had braces. LOL. I've only played this game in youth groups as an icebreaker...so mine is always without alcohol. (Though, I have played it with alcohol like, twice, in my life).
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    Never have I ever played this game without alcohol before..
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    Let's see how the new Leaderboard feature goes over.
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    I have never been so depressed over an election in my life. I actually have a degree in Political Science and am just astonished that this country could elect Trump. To me, he doesn't meet the basic minimum qualifications for being president. The idea of him with the nuclear codes is genuinely terrifying. Many people don't really that that is one area where the President's power is vast and absolute. There are no constraints on it. Also, the fact of unified Republican control of all branches of government is scary to me. I also fear the Paul Ryan agenda being enacted. Much of it is directly contradictory to what Trump promised people during the election. But, I'm not sure Trump will really care. And, even if he would, I'm not sure he would understand that Ryan was doing standard issue Republican stuff that is contrary to what he said he wanted. Trump has the attention span of a gnat, doesn't read and listens to the last person to talk to him. I think there is a good chance he is just a rubber stamp for whatever horrific ideas that Ryan can come up with. Not just the ACA repeal, but wholesale destruction of Medicare and Social Security that many older people rely on. I am dumbfounded that something like only 38% of people thought he was qualified to be president and he still won. How can someone vote for someone that they don't think is qualified? How can you make that person the most powerful individual in the world?
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    I don't think this is the case at all. Players who are not active will not be able to kill active players who can also buy defenses that make it harder to kill them. Everyone should try to be active. it is idiotic to kill a player for doing what is Expected of them. If you aren't active, you aren't playing to win.
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    Okay then, even numbered guys I want you to shoot N. That guys a dick anyway.
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    That was the worst time I think I could ever have had become ill...oh well. I'm annoyed at myself for including an ellipsis considering that was about one of my three self imposed rules for not using. The "erm" though is something you just never even think about. Great job by blac to catch it. I was lucky enough that he appeared pretty scummy honestly so it gave me some chance of winning, although to do so would obviously be a miracle after being discovered day two, and I might have got away with it to if it wasn't for you meddling kinds and your flu. ...Time to go back to bed and try and sleep for a solid week.
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    Guys, if the kill is posted late, we know weee is busy, so it probably means she's the killer.
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    Found it! Do I post in thread, or PM you? And do I win cookies? Dang it. Seriously... Two games in a row? And this time I wasn't even on my phone. Back to where I belong...
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    Current Votes (8) thelilbear (4) - Zilary, Blacjak, thezodiac, Celairiel thezodiac (4) - weee5067, thelilbear, Qanda, Lieutenant-colonel Franc RNG.com has told me to choose 6,725,385