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    RPS wolf game thread

    Roles now sent out, later than intended sorry. Day will be extended due to this, it will now end in approximately 37 hours. Also a game still needs a plot no matter what, so here goes. Plot by phone. In the small town of sparkbomborough, there is a killer on the loose. You should probably stop them.
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    [100% blame Rift for the following xD] "You can take my rear any day." Nebiros, the strikingly beautiful, actual Disney Prince™, king of pirates, and general shenanigans causer, glanced over his shoulder, winking playfully at Khem with a steamy smolder on his face to match. Gosh. Simply irresistible. Every tank certainly needed a support, and Khem would be a fine addition to Nebiros' soon to be harem, and he didn't even have to ask... Er. Wait. I mean... hold on. Hold... on... an unexpected error seems to have occurred.... While Nebiros had, in fact, glanced over her shoulder, she simply nodded to Khem, fine with this decision to side with her, before turning her attention back to the Spambots, making sure she stayed ahead of whoever else planned to join up with her. She wasn't sure what the bots were trying to advertise today, something about a new app for lonely singles. Sparklr? Nebiros rolled her eyes. "A'ight. Well that's two of us. Taking one more signup for Team... uh... I don't know. Team something - we'll figure it out later..." Nebiros shrugged. ---- No matter what RPs happen, or what the teams end up being, I might as well put my command in. Nebiros will attack Spambot-A ----
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    SparkRPG thread will probably be posted tomorrow. Shoutout to @TheLastStarMaker for helping me make sure everything makes some amount of sense to people less unfamiliar with the mythology. Shoutout to @Code, @Nebiros, and @Trajectory for help with various things. Shoutout to @Rexozord for helping me go over class balance.
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    Cardwolf Game

    Since everyone is revealing one role, I'm the MC.
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    It appears to be impossible to delete quote boxes and YouTube videos when using a phone on sb...
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    Werewolf: Year's End Game Thread

    It's the ghost of Werewolves' past!
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros's face fell upon seeing... well... literally everything. In most cases, she figured she'd enjoy the ballroom, with all of its windows and clearly stellar views. But not like this. Never like this. At this point, she was almost certain nobody would actually, truly mind if she just... added a 4th option. Set fire to the room. Set fire to the whole mansion. When asked why she'd just say there were one too many robo-spiders. She'd be completely justified. The only thing really stopping her was that, unfortunately, she had no actual way of going forward with her nuclear option. Her frown intensified. Nebiros turned to face iko and Blacjak, who were both in rough shape with sparks. One crit on either would take them out easy. She still had a singular spark mini but would hold off on crushing it for either, hoping to save it for another, less crazy, time if they made it through the ballroom without drawing attention to themselves. "Hey so like... Please don't Leeroy Jenkins this room because I will let you die." NEBIROS IS GONNA STEALTH BY THE ENEMIES BECAUSE EFF THIS NOISE OMG... but maybe not first. iko and Blac can play rock-paper-scissors for that 95% stealth if they're looking to stealth too. I'm chill with 80%. Save yourselves.
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Happy to see the Webcrawler she intended to engage go down before she even got there, Star fluidly shifted her forward motion into a spin that ended up with a solid heel kick connecting with the Beta of the Webcrawlers... ...and suddenly found herself and her single-digit Spark-count pivoting back to stand in front of both Rex and Neb... ...the Guardians... ...both of whom had healed themselves... ... ...I'm sorry, what? She nearly laughed out loud, though whether cynically or not, the sound did not make it past her lips as she gave one, almost imperceptible shake of her head and stubbornly squared her shoulders, fists coming up once more... run_command!Battle/Front_A/Attack/WebcrawlerC run_command!Auto-Battle/Attack
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    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    (([sweats profusely] C A L C U L A T E D.)) 1 spark left? Noooooo problem. Screaming internally for the foreseeable future, Nebiros forced-casually dusted herself off and promptly marched her way down the north corridor. On edge as anything could just kinda... sneeze at her and remove that last spark. When Rift's reminder about the cache came through, she jumped and clutched her chest, but then rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew. Initially, she didn't care, but thanks to that crit the desire she had been holding to challenge and 1v1 somebody in the pit for a weapon had gotten nixed real damn fast. Groaning at the new targets ahead, Nebiros pulled out a Fused Spark Mini to prepare, crushing it for herself. "So I haven't quite decided which is worse, but now I have a vendetta against Spammy McSpamface..." Prebattle: FS.Mini -- Target: Self Allows position swap, taking iko's 3rd. Battle: Nebiros attacks Spambot, Enc.A ((RNGesus be with me.))
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    Back for SparkRPG

    Back for SparkRPG
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    Obscure Werewolf Roles

    Oh, one other I thought up. It's called Useful Plain Innocent. Basically it's a PI that actually contributes to the game rather than going pseudo-afk. The most obscure of roles.
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    Shattered Rift

    Obscure Werewolf Roles

    I'm accustomed to this being called Headhunter (and I don't recall what EM called it).
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    13 Year Anniversary

    Zombie angst?
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    13 Year Anniversary

    Oh gosh, now we gotta deal with teen angst. :hairflip:
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    Not sure how I feel about this new layout, but parts of it seem decently sexy.
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    The Next Legendary Fighter- Battle of the Gods/ Clash of Destiny For millennia, the forces of Overworld and Shadowrealm have been locked in an epic struggle for their very survival. Each lives in precarious balance with the other, but a single tragedy from total mutual annihilation. Long ago, the God of Creation birthed a light so bright, that not even the deepest shadow could quench it. Its miracles washed away any affliction, and granted inspiration beyond that which any mortal could conceive. Unsure of what to do with this great gift, he sought the advice of the God of Logic, for surely he would know. It was then that the God of Logic saw fit to bless the champions of Overworld with the mystic power of the Spark. Being the larger realm, it was obvious to him that it was the superior choice. With it, Overworld prospered and became a shining example of creation and virtue. However, not all beings were happy, and this filled the God of Creation with sadness. Jealousy had filled the empty hearts of those abandoned in the depths of Shadowrealm, far from the Spark’s grace. Embracing the destruction of the gods benevolent creation, they launched a full scale invasion against Overworld. Countless lives were lost and Shadowrealm was on the verge of overpowering their opponents and consuming the Spark. It was then that the God of Creation intervened and stopped the slaughter by tearing his gift in two; The Spark of Light, and the Spark of Shadows. The God of Logic however, did not agree with his brother’s actions, and argued that only the strongest creation should be worthy of the Spark. The world stood still for several days as they squabbled before finally a compromise was reached. The gods agreed not to interfere with the conflict between the two realms, however, a direct confrontation would not be allowed. Instead, the mightiest fighters from each world would gather together to compete in the Ultimate Tournament. The prize: the Spark, and inevitably, their very lives. Rules: All standard rules and ethics of Sparkbomb apply. Gods: Blacjak- God of Creation Rexozord- God of Logic Fighters: 0. Sinical ^ His 1. Celariel ^ Drill 2. Rock the Fox ^ Pierced 3. Shattered Rift ^ The 4. Red ^ Signups 5. Zilary 6. Roxeon 7. Lieutenant-colonel Franc 8. thezodiac 9. 10. All-Stars will begin July 5th.
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    Werewolf Hosting and MCing

    I'm announcing that I'm conceptualizing another game, so if someone else would like to host before me, then please show interest in doing so. What I'm currently thinking of is a medieval themed HP/Level UP game. I'm interested in including some illustrations for clarity and engagement. Also, everyone will receive an NPC companion who will help guide them through the game and their role.
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    Back from Texas. Never driving through that hellhole again. Incidentally, I will now be looking for a new car.
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    Vote: Rockman the Foxman disclaimer: that is not his actual fighter name (though i wouldn't mind if it were)
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    Votes for Match 4: Franc- 4 (Cel, Red, Rox, Rock) Red- 2 (Rift, Franc) Rift- 2 (Sinical, Zilary) Conclusion of Match 3- @thezodiac vs @RocktheFox As Rock entered the arena, he received a thunderous applause. The energy of their voices channeled through his muscles and he knocked out zodiac with a single punch. The crowd cheered, as a few moments later zodiac stood up from the ground. "I will not be defeated so easily, I am the greatest that ever was and ever will be." So Rock knocked him down again, and again, and again. He drew back his fist on final time, but zodiac did not move." RocktheFox is Victorious! thezodiac has been eliminated from the Tournament, and unfortunately has died. RocktheFox received help from 1 Supporter. ~~~~~ Match 4- @Lieutenant-colonel Franc vs @Shattered Rift will start in 2 hours and 20 minutes.
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    I don't know about odds but the odds never seem to be in the winners favor because we are always surprised by the results. You may float like a butterfly but be prepared to get squished by the paw of a polar bear or the cold arctic temperature which no butterfly could possibly ever survive in as well as such two creatures that would never really encounter each other unless in captivity and under strange circumstance.
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    And this is why you don't ignore your LUK stat, Zilary. Or should I call you Inferno Blaze?
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    Form my understanding this game follows a tournament like format and vote are no so much from executions but for players being voted to select each other like the dialog between Sinical and Red which I would like to see. Now for my introduction; I am Rock of the Clan Fox. I was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And I am immortal who shall like to put the name to the test and bring their pretty face to my axe Vote: Red
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    You stopped being my brother the day you slaughtered that orphanage. Why the orphans...why? All I know is that these fists will end you. Pray that you don't end up in the arena with me.
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    Not a surprise, Mr. Sinical. I have seen this in the moon. And I can only say: so predictable. Do you really wish to kill your brother?
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    LET'S GO. SUPER VOTE SMASHU: red I'm not too keen on the whole blood speech.
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    RPS wolf game thread

    Apparently not. I had thought so too.
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    Shattered Rift

    RPS wolf game thread

    This is officially one of the best penalties we've ever seen.
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    Shattered Rift

    New Prez

    I see that you've since done some research, but I think this has been the big problem surrounding this discussion. There are only two reasons that there's been a nearly worldwide support for the agreement: the lack of penalty and the fact that most countries are individually impacted minimally (if not garnering support). Meanwhile, the United States faces a disproportionate amount of the burden. The political motivations behind the climate change narrative are a large cause for concern in my mind. While I would like to address the ecological impact humans have upon the Earth, I see hubris in the assumption that we and we alone are responsible for the warming of the Earth, and furthermore we lack anything resembling any certainty of what our impact will be or where a tipping point is to whether our efforts will justify the costs involved. Many are quick to say that the worst case scenario of an uninhabitable world is reason enough, but that's a poor argument. Meanwhile, the awareness an interest by many individuals and groups provide other avenues to work towards the goals of the Paris agreement without requiring action on the part of the federal government.
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    New Prez

    I almost forgot about this thread because I don't have any political-minded friends that I can vent to and was about to go all rage quit on Twitter. I just can't imagine the U.S. being a first-world "super power leader" country and not be engaged in climate issues in a positive way, especially since we seem the be the only first world country that doesn't care about climate (sorry, I haven't read the Paris Agreement in detail to know what other countries are engaged). I mean, Trump did promise job to the coal miners and it doesn't seem to be focusing on alternative forms of energy, but there are articles about how solar (and wind?) energy will create MORE jobs in the future. I feel like we are spiraling to a backward society where Trump is just resetting progress. Even big respective corporations urged him not to pull out of the agreement: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/facebook-apple-urge-donald-trump-paris-agreement-not-pull-out-climate-change-global-warming-a7766521.html We live on this earth and we need to take care of it. To believe climate change and global warming is a myth only for liberals makes me upset. What kinds of proof do we (apparently not science since that's not good enough) to pull out for people to start taking climate change seriously?! Now that Trump doesn't care for the environment, then how do you expect the American people to follow. I'm upset that how can one president make so many awful-seeming decisions and not suffer consequences? Is he really listening to the people or is he just doing whatever instinctively makes the most noise and makes him the worse? Not to mention, all the #covfefe memes yesterday seem to be huge distraction to what really matters at hand. Yes, the jokes of his tweet were fun and all, but I fear it took away from more pressing and serious issues like this. When does Mars open up again? ETA: Full transcript here https://www.vox.com/2017/6/1/15726638/trump-withdrawing-paris-climate-agreement-full-transcript
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    Magikarp Jump is a surprisingly addictive game. (It helps that it's pretty cute!)
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    Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    Well, assuming all of the provisional yes players are still in I guess this is enough to start. Will put up the game thread in around 36 hours. Still some time for people to sign up if you want to bug somebody into joining
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    Marry a girl who knows men's fashion. Go with her every time you go to buy clothing. Done.
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    I would say, keep your ties as an accent and your general wardrobe full of neutral basics (whites/cream/ivory, light greys, dark greys, etc.). If you are keen to match your tie with your shirt, I would say go complimentary instead of direct tone-on-tone, which is the issue of your ties getting lost if they are too similar to your shirt color. Complimentary schemes might be a blue tie (cool) with a cream shirt (warm) or an orange tie (warm) with a light blue (cool) shirt. If your tie is patterned/illustrated, I would keep the shirt as one-color/blank as possible. And vice-versa, if your tie is a single color, you can play up your shirt with a subtle plaid or polka dots. As far my company goes, when I started, we were "business casual" (J.Crew and Kate Spade) with "casual" (tshirt jeans) on Fridays. Then somewhere in the middle, we got a bit more restricted and went to more "business professional" (pencil skirts and blouses). Now we are "creative casual" and you can do whatever, so most of the times I wear jeans and graphic tshirt. Recently, I have been trying to live more minimally (I know there's another thread with this discussion somewhere) and that includes purging my wardrobe. So my current tactic is to get a lot of neutrals as my base and spice it up with a fun accent necklace or cute pattern on shoes (Old Navy is my go-to). I personally prefer working in the most comfortable clothes possible, but now that I am rising up the corporate ladder, I am in more meetings with important clients, so I try not to look so "hobo-esque" at work.
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    Ascetic Living

    I too went without computer and internet for a long period of time, in the past though. It wasn't hard for me to drop everything you are working on and start something new. I think its the same feeling as "giving up," which I hear is the easy road to things. Withdrawal comes from perhaps an addiction of some sort. I was a bit addicted to playing games, and when I stopped my gaming upkeep, the feeling of giving up was greater than a feeling of hanging on (withdrawal). I've had numerous times prior to experience failure and giving up, so I think this helped me rid myself of effects of chronic withdrawal. It's not like this sort of addiction is a drug-addiction too. I've often been told from people around me that the cause of everything that is bad is my computer, games, and technology in general. I took this advice and let myself not touch technology for maybe half a year. I found that when I stopped indulging in my computer time, I had a lesser indulgence in something else. I went out and hanged out with friends. Went outdoorsy, went to bars, went to house game parties, etc I was thinking, why is one form of indulgence better than the other? What makes it acceptable? Obviously one is culturally acceptable. But I felt that factor muddies the real verdict. So I broke down the fundamental benefits of each form of indulgence. The computer is a portal to greater knowledge. It is infinitely growing in complexity. You can create anything you want and learn whatever you want. The drawback is that it is changing too fast and is viewed as this "other world." People who do not use it find it strange and not human. I was on a plane the other night, and a drunk lady that sat next to me yelled at me for reading an article on my phone. She educated me the difference between speaking to another human through a device and in person. One was more real, personable, human. The other was machine. The social life, often defined as "having a life" itself is culturally acceptable. It offers a traditional and even more effective means of social networking. Often leads to a partner in life I think. Speech is an ability that you don't often practice on the computer (even though you can). Eye contact and body language seems to be important to people. I don't care for that stuff. You get a lot of health benefits than sitting around too. I think the drawback, from my own personal experience anyways, is that you are not exposed to new ideas as much as you can be; tunnel vision. Gossip, word of mouth, can lead to a disaster, AKA drama. I don't know if it was the drama that ensued at the climax of relationships, but it felt like the people around me were emulating the drama they see in shows or something. They were non-issues, but they do a lot of damage. It's like the bigger picture didn't matter, and this incredibly minor issue turns out to be the nuclear bomb of a happy community. Such forms of hysteria exists on the internet and in real life, but more-so damaging in real life. I chose mostly option 1 later on, as it relates to my life goals. This option also helped me with a "less materialized" way of living. The computer and cell phones are devices that compact multiple devices into one. It's less material overall. Also, it can simulate many things. If you want to snowboard, you can play a snowboarding game. I know it's not the same thing, but take it as a trial before doing the real thing. You don't need a snowboard, you don't need a board game, a basketball, a frisbee. Forget camping. If the goal is less material, a computer life is the best package. Forget having a variety of clothes to dress up nicely (I wear the same thing everyday to work... haha), a car, outdoorsy equipment. You just need a bed(optional, but good for your back nonetheless), a computer, a toothbrush, a couple sets of clothing, some toilet paper, soap, a notebook, whatever you need for your job, and that should be good. Lastly, Ascetic living is defined as a form of living without typical or worldly indulgence and more time spent on the spirit. If you find satisfaction in spending time on your spirit, isn't that an indulgence? What is the criteria for an acceptable indulgence in terms of going ascetic?
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    Khaled and I met in person in Montreal in 2007, I think. He coached me through asking someone out for the first time.
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    Are modern consoles worth buying?

    "Are modern consoles worth buying?" isn't really the right question, in my opinion. You either can afford to buy it or you can't. If you can't, you might as well just not worry about it. Something I know I've brought up many years ago was the crisis of not being able to play every game, watch every movie, read every book. We have a finite life-span and I think it's important to accept that. Let's say there are 40-60 good games per console and 10-20 great games per console over it's life span. Let's define great as: games that you'd really, really enjoy, appreciate, and remember. As an adult, your focus, if you want to game, should be on the 10-20 great games. And I think it's really important to understand when you are playing something because you don't want to waste the money you spent on it versus. actual enjoyment. I think the best advice I can give is: if you make more money, you will have less time and more games. You'll only have enough time for the great ones. And that's OK. If you are at a point in life where you can't afford to buy more than one console, you should probably not buy any. It is way more important to have an emergency fund, to have savings, to have money to move for a job, ect. There are a ton of really good indie games from the last seven or eight years on Steam that you can get cheap during sales. Look at it from the standpoint of great art. If this game was a book, a movie, a painting, would it be remembered in a decade or is it just a passing trend? Will anyone even remember Battlefield 4 in ten years? I'm sure people will still remember how good Bioshock was. We live a short life. Show yourself respect by only playing great games. And not wasting your time and money on the good ones.
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    Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    I have fond the Watcher/Dreamer and they are under the Foxman's protection. and I feel NPM is right about Blackjak and Rift looking shady but one is more shady than the other which makes sense and they could be the one after the dreamer/watcher who must not be named at the this moment for their safety so trust me, the Fox like God of Rock on this grave matter. Vote: Blackjack
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    *Pick up gun*