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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    What name and class archetype? Also, as a point of clarification to everyone, you will be able to change your archetype to your final class fairly early on in gameplay. For plot and other reasons, only the archetypes will exist at first, and then class selection later will lock in and finalize choices. I also like this as it gives all of you a chance to experience the format and gameplay before making any lasting decision (although I know some of you already have specific plans regardless). What do you mean by character sheet page? An example character sheet or a separate page for the list of characters?
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga is a play-by-post role playing game set in the world of the Sparkbomb Mansion. Each player controls a “member” character and navigates the world via quests, battles, and role playing. To join, simply post your desire and include your character's username, desired usergroup (Spectre, Phoenix, or Werewolf) and class (see below), and trait (Leader, Acrobat, or Hacker). During this introductory period, players will only choose from the four class archetypes: Guardian, Bruiser, Duelist, or Savant. Once classes are officially unlocked, players will be allowed to finalize their choices. Remember, after a class has been selected, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely. Mansionverse Saga will officially begin this coming Thursday, November 23rd. Players will be expected to check in and post commands by Sunday, November 26th. If you want the dry and mechanical version of things, read onward! If you want something more flavorful, skip down to the Story Elements. --- Gameplay During each cycle, players will choose from possible actions. In town, such actions may include shopping, speaking with NPCs, or undertaking Quests. During Quests, actions may include navigation, special actions, or battle commands. Updates will occur approximately every 72 hours. All commands are expected to be in by that time or players risk delaying any teammates they may be traveling with. Players are allowed to defer their action choices to teammates, but inactive players risk their characters foregoing battle and Quest rewards or being placed into retirement until their return. Role playing is not required but is strongly encouraged. Like with my previous Sparkbomb stories, I enjoy writing each of you as characters, and I welcome any insight you might give me so that I can better represent your character. Battle Battles are turn-based affairs where all participants choose commands and a round of combat is run. The following commands exist. Attack: Specify a target and deal a physical (Strength-based) attack. Ability: Specify target(s) and choose from a list of class-based commands. Abilities use Energy. Defend: Damage to the user is halved during this round. Item: Specify target(s) and choose an item to use from the character's inventory. Run: Attempt to flee the battle. Phase Trick: Spectres may choose from a special list of commands. Phase Tricks use Charges. Surge Strike: Phoenixes may choose from a special list of commands. Surge Strikes use Charges. Shapeshift: Werewolves may Shapeshift in addiction to their normal command. At the start of the round, the Werewolf will Shapeshift and gain boosts to Strength, Stamina, Talent, and Nerve. This bonus lasts for three rounds, and at the end of the third round the Werewolf will revert to their normal member form. Shapeshift bonuses are removed at the end of battle. Shapeshift uses Charges. Characters Characters have the following statistics. Sparks: Sparks represent a character's health. If a character's Sparks drop to zero, that character is deleted and must respawn. (There will be a death penalty. It remains pending at this time.) Energy: Energy represents a character's access to Abilities. Charges: Every third level, a character will receive an additional Charge. These are used to perform Phase Tricks, Surge Strikes, and the Shapeshift command. Charges are restored at inns. Strength: Strength represents a character's physical performance. It is used to deal damage for normal attacks and some Abilities. Stamina: Stamina represents a character's physical durability. It is used to withstand damage from normal attacks and some Abilities. Talent: Talent represents a character's special aptitude. It is used to deal damage for most Abilities. Nerve: Nerve represents a character's special durability. It is used to withstand damage from most Abilities. In addition to their statistics, characters have Sparks, Experience, and Levels. Sparks in this context refers to currency and is separate from health. Experience is gained through combat and Quest completion. Levels are earned via Experience and unlock additional Charges and Abilities. Characters also possess a Class and a Trait. A character's Class determines their statistics and the Abilities they will learn. Traits will allow for special opportunities during gameplay. The Traits are as follows. Leader: Leadership represents a character's ability to influence others and exert authority. Acrobat: Acrobats are able to perform feats of daring and coordination. Hacker: Hackers possess the knowledge to disrupt or affect various systems. Usergroups and Classes The three Usergroups are Spectre, Phoenix, and Werewolf. Each of the Usergroups possess a special command that can be used during battle and sometimes as a special command outside of battle. Spectres know Phase Tricks, Phoenixes have Surge Strikes, and Werewolves can Shapeshift. Classes are broken up into four primary archetypes: Guardian, Bruiser, Duelist, and Savant. Each of the three Usergroups has at least one Class in each of these archetypes. Guardian: Guardians are defenders, able to take hits while supporting their teammates. They have more Sparks than other classes but lack Strength. The three Guardian classes are the Kaieta Spectre, Executive Phoenix, and Ebony Claw Werewolf. Bruiser: Bruisers are fighters, preferring basic attacks. They have more Strength than other classes. The three Bruiser classes are the Daltath Spectre, Covert Operations Phoenix, and Amethyst Baron Werewolf. Duelist: Duelists can mete out both physical attacks and special Abilities as their circumstances demand. They have more Talent than Guardians or Bruisers, but they lack Sparks. The three Duelist classes are the Shaft Spectre, Pariah Phoenix, and Crimson Nail Werewolf. Savant: Savants are masters with Abilities. They have more Talent than any other archetype, but they lack Strength. The three Savant classes are the Lavite Spectre, Biotics Phoenix, and Azure Optic Werewolf. Specialist: Specialists fill unique roles that don't fit into the other archetypes. At this time, the two Specialist classes are the Lunar Jade Werewolf and Amber Matriarch Werewolf. Legendary: Legend has it that Shattered Rift designed three classes so powerful that they were locked away and forbidden from player selection. Sorry. Usergroup and class descriptions are included below. Spectres Spectres are capable of phasing through objects and channeling elecriticy from their fingertips. Rumors tell of countless secrets hidden within the walls of the Mansion, and Spectres intend to find them. Each group of Spectres, called a Caste, is named after a particular Spectre who paved a new way of life for their people. Kaieta (Guardian): Kaieta Spectres claim to have once been caretakers of the Spawn Points. Although that is only a legend, they await the day when they are restored to this task. In battle, they bolster the defenses of their team. Daltath (Bruiser): Daltath Spectres believe that the Werewolves were responsible for a war that resulted in the destruction of the Spawn Points, and they hold themselves responsible for this failure. While others consider that war ancient history, Daltath Spectres believe the war continues today. In battle, they are the only Bruisers that can effectively use Abilities in addition to their strong physical attacks. Shaft (Duelist): In a recent war, the Shaft Spectres were the first to assemble to fight the Werewolves. However, they knew that they would lose the war without help, so they aligned with the Pariah Phoenixes and a branch of Azure Optic Werewolves. The Shaft Caste was disowned by other Spectres for this decision. In battle, they prefer to decimate their opponents with Abilities first and physical attacks second. Lavite (Savant): When Shaft joined with phoenixes and werewolves, a betrayal in the eyes of many spectres, Lavite was chosen to spearhead the campaign against the Werewolves. In battle, Lavite Spectres can destroy entire groups of enemies at once. Phoenixes The Phoenix Syndicate is filled with highly trained operatives proficient in field combat. In light of the many hacking attempts over the years, Phoenixes believe that only a strict authority can secure the safety of the Mansion and prevent members from being permanently deleted. Their organization is split into Divisions fulfilling different roles. Executive (Guardian): The Executive Phoenixes are the leaders of their organization. Some manage the affairs of the Phoenix Syndicate while others provide a public face to pacify the members of the Mansion. In battle, they can bolster themselves or their teammates as needed. Covert Operations (Bruiser): Covert Operatives of the Phoenix Syndicate thrive in the field and in combat situations. They act as the primary moderating force in the Mansion. In battle, they can choose between consistent or high-risk tactics to defeat their enemies. Pariah (Duelist): A group of Phoenixes became Pariahs when they allied with the Shaft Caste of Spectres to fight against the Werewolf threat in a recent war. In battle, they prefer to use Abilities first and physical attacks second. Biotics (Savant): Phoenixes constantly push the limits of science and technology, and it's the Biotics Division that fronts these efforts. Their ultimate goal is to prevent deletion completely. In battle, they can bolster themselves, annihilate their enemies, or debilitate foes according to the situation. Werewolves Werewolves are shapeshifters that have the wolf-like lucian form in common. Legend tells of an artifact capable of changing the very Mansion itself, and the werewolves believe they will one day conquer Sparkbomb and use the artificact to change it into a utopia. Werewolves have Tribal identities. Ebony Claw (Guardian): The Ebony Claw is an egalitarian tribe where no one is greater than any other. In battle, they can adapt to survive any situation. Amethyst Baron (Bruiser): Amethyst Barons believe might makes right, allowing the strongest to rule while the weak fall. In battle, they conquer through pure strength. Crimson Nail (Duelist): Crimson Nails hold loyalty above all else, often pledging themselves to the families they choose. In battle, they can adopt different fighting styles as needed. Azure Optic (Savant): Azure Optics seek knowledge and position, and most are willing to play the long game to achieve their goals. In battle, they weaken their enemies or brutally destroy them, adopting the best tactics. Lunar Jade (Specialist): The Lunar Jade are shrouded in mystery, and rumors hint that they know ancient secrets. In battle, they are healers. Amber Matriarch (Specialist): An all-female Tribe, Amber Matriarchs command respect from all werewolves for their wisdom and prudence. Matriarchs rarely interfere with the affairs of others, trusting others to act in their own best interest and offering advice only at the most pivotal moments. In battle, they can debilitate their enemies and bolster their allies. --- Story Elements The Legacy According to legend, The Admin entered Sparkbomb through the Spawn Points. He built the Mansion as a nexus, a central point from which the world could be explored. Members joined him, eager and searching for a cause. He granted unto them to safeguard the Spawn Points, to be caretakers while he went forth to learn the secrets of this world. These members were loyal and dedicated to their task, but in the Admin's absence a threat passed through the Spawn Points. New members fought to claim the Spawn Points, viscious werewolves that valued conquest above all else. They struggled to pin down the caretakers, beings they called spectres for their talent to appear and disappear at will. The war between the werewolves and spectres ended with the Sparkbomb Mansion in ruins. No one knows for sure what happened to the Spawn Points. Some say they were lost entirely. Others say the only one remaining is the front gate of the rebuilt Mansion. The most commonly held belief is that Shattered Rift, a member claiming the title of admin in the war's aftermath, now commands whatever remains of them. All that can be said for certain is that new members continue to flow through the front gate, and Shattered Rift keeps a tenuous peace between all members in the Mansion. This peace is enforced primarily by a new group of members, a military organization called the Phoenix Syndicate. For reasons unknown, Shattered Rift has decreed that all members conform to one of these groups: spectre, werewolf, or phoenix. Spectres can appear or disappear at will, phasing through walls to ambush or flee. And when they attack, they can channel electricity from their fingertips. When formed into a ball, this electricity creates the Spark Bomb that the world is named for. All spectres are fiercely loyal to a cause, and the best choose the noble causes. The worst devote themselves to heinous ones, such as a rogue faction waging a guerrilla rebellion against Shattered Rift. Except for the minority, spectres accept Shattered Rift's reign in the hope that the Spawn Points might be found again. However, fewer and fewer remember their first task, and many would happily settle for revenge against the werewolves. Werewolves might look just like any other member, but in an instant they can become ferocious beasts, monsters that cast fear into their foes. There are always werewolves looking to prove themselves, and the unscrupulous won't hesitate to make an easy kill. Most choose their battles more carefully, however, working towards goals in every shade of gray. Their allegiances vary, with some loyal to Shattered Rift's reign, some not, and others merely waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Many await a future day of conquest where they will annihilate spectre, phoenix, and any other foe that stands in their way. Phoenixes are highly-trained soldiers, the best of the best. Outwardly they're devoted to keeping the peace, a unified organization with strict regiment. Internally, corruption threatens to pollute even the best of intentions and most moral of its members. The organization is loyal to Shattered Rift's reign, although some phoenixes are growing restless and resent their task as peacekeepers, believing themselves better than spectres and welcoming a war with the werewolves that would bring their assignment to a victorious close. Members before you came from Earth and swore allegiance to one of these groups. You follow in this legacy. To which will you belong? The Mansion The Sparkbomb Mansion is a sprawling community comprised of hundreds of members. Although all members identify with one of the three usergroups, this identity has a limited effect on day-to-day life for most denizens. Members find pleasure in the various recreation activities, such as the popular paintballing sport, ubiquitous Mafia game, firework displays, karaoke and other game shows, the arts, underground gambling, and other ventures. Most members forget or ignore the masked phoenixes that surround them to keep the peace, although incidents occur on an almost weekly basis. Violations of the decrees are punished harshly, but most are considered reasonable. Beyond the Mansion grounds lies an untamed wilderness outside the protection of Shattered Rift. Countless rumors concern this wilderness, but only one thing is certain: deletion, perhaps permanent deletion, awaits anyone foolish enough to stray too far from the Mansion grounds. The Innocence Pact “By decree of Shattered Rift, members of the Mansion shall neither ask others nor reveal their own Usergroups.” Among members of the Mansion, it is considered both impolite and a violation to ask someone's usergroup or to reveal your own. Every member appears to be just another person in the Mansion, and this allows polite manners and encourages friendship and peace. Even outcasts like Shaft Spectres and Pariah Phoenixes can breathe easy in the Mansion. The Phoenixes that walk the halls of the Mansion on moderation duty specifically wear masks to honor the Pact and so their identities need not be compromised in the line of duty. While the affiliation of some members is public knowledge, only a select handful of phoenixes were permitted to reveal theirs. --- Final Note: Mansionverse Saga is in ongoing development. Changes may be made to improve the gameplay experience.
  3. SparkRPG thread will probably be posted tomorrow. Shoutout to @TheLastStarMaker for helping me make sure everything makes some amount of sense to people less unfamiliar with the mythology. Shoutout to @Code, @Nebiros, and @Trajectory for help with various things. Shoutout to @Rexozord for helping me go over class balance.

    1. TheLastStarMaker


      <3 <3 <3 Happy to help!

  4. So, I could get the thread going for SparkRPG within the next couple of days (with a launch a few days later), but with Thanksgiving coming up, it makes more sense to just wait the extra few days. If people want, I can make the signup a priority, but I don't know if the downtime before starting is worth it.

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    2. InuyashaOhki


      Spark has rocket propelled grenades?

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Not for a while. I'm not sure how long it's going to take fireworks to make an appearance.

    4. InuyashaOhki


      So Spark uses IBM's Report Program Generator then? :P

  5. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    I'm accustomed to this being called Headhunter (and I don't recall what EM called it).
  6. What are you playing?

    Are you using a Nintendo-brand Wiimote, Motion Plus attachment, or off-brand? I was using what I'm pretty sure was an off-brand Motion Plus and stopped playing on the second dungeon or so because of how painful the process was. Always meant to pick up a Wiimote with built-in Motion Plus but never got around to it (and never really wanted to spend the money just to play Skyward Sword). I'd like to comment on A Link Between Worlds, but I only played it once on release and don't recall enough details to be entirely sure what you're referencing with various things. I found the dungeons a bit too easy/boring due to each one only being able to rely on a single item being in the player's possession, although they were otherwise well designed. It's also the only mobile Zelda title I've enjoyed, which is something. (Not that I've played many, but I disliked Link's Awakening and was never able to get into whichever Oracle game I briefly borrowed from a friend.)
  7. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    Thanks for the link. Going through it while multitasking today... Why have we never included a Nurse-type role? Simultaneously protects and disables the target. Is that stronger than I'm giving it credit for due to its versatility? Edit: This came to my attention a while back, but I didn't go very far down this rabbit hole at the time, but what about a mass conversion game with one or more players that protect from conversion? Or that reverse conversion (possibly in a Cult that doesn't reveal the original Cultist). Edit 2: Monkey is one of the most fantastic roles I've ever seen. Edit 3: Excellent. This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Still interested in hearing more, and it's going to take a long time to sort through this in a way that will fit what I'm working to create, but it definitely suggests that my idea is very feasible. Assuming my core idea is good. I'll be having Rex look over it once he finishes checking SparkRPG.
  8. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    Could anyone remind me of as many weird/obscure roles as possible? I'm talking especially about the kinds of things we don't normally include like Millers. I'll likely pour over my unused SparkWiki notes at some point, but there was a lot of stuff I specifically excluded from those notes since they weren't interesting there. Edit: Or like The Fool, where when it dies it wins the game. I hate that role. But it's totally viable for the project I'm working on. Edit 2: And by Fool I mean Jester. I've now gone through my notes.

    False Swipe Gaming on YouTube has been putting out some videos about individual Pokemon and how they've fared in the metagame throughout the generations. I don't care much for competitive Pokemon, but I've found them fairly enjoyable to watch.
  10. What are you playing?

    I recently replayed KotOR (and got partway into KotOR II before getting distracted). It's still good overarching writing, but it really doesn't hold up well. On mobile, I've been playing Transformers: Earth Wars and Digimon Links. TF:EW is a really slow-moving grind, but it's actually a really solid idea. I'd love a more fleshed out version as a full game. Digimon Links seems to be following the engines from the recent PS4 installments, and it's paced grindfest.
  11. 13 Year Anniversary

    Just give me another couple of weeks to launch SparkRPG's trial run.
  12. Who's still checking in from time to time?

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      I'm here today. Not sure when I'll be back again. TKD is basically my evenings now.

    3. Shattered Rift
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      Shattered Rift

      Taekwondo? Did you finally pick it back up?

  13. 13 Year Anniversary

    Happy Birthday Sparkbomb! We've hit thirteen years and still counting!
  14. What are your hobbies?

    I appreciate that! It'll probably be a few months before the next time I'm headed up that way. What part of Seattle are you living in right now? They did x-rays for me at the same time I went into physical therapy when I started on at a studio a couple years back. The right approach definitely seems to be working out/strength training for a lot of stuff, especially for those of us coming from a sedentary lifestyle. And it definitely takes several weeks/a few months to notice a difference. Have you tried chiropractic at all? What do you mean by subtle comedy? Like jokes that can go over someone's head, or something else? Those pictures are beautiful. It's really neat that you've been able to carry on a hobby your father had. That's an impressive number of people regardless. I'd been curious to hear what's been going on with Pokemon GO. It seems like most of my friends still playing it locally are doing it individually. What kinds of things have you made? I'm impressed that you were able to keep it up for a full (leap) year. We used to have a small artist community here back in... 2010 or so? Sadly, there hasn't been a SparkArt thread since the 2014 revival.
  15. What are your hobbies?

    No kidding. I ended up on a completely different trajectory from the one I was on back then. The Utah thing fell apart. Short version is that I went down there for two weeks in April, had work and housing lined up, but there were issues with work and so I ended up rejecting the job offer. With no Plan B in place, that left me here in Portland. I've since gotten a job with one of the studios here and expect to be here for the foreseeable future. I was up in Seattle a week and a half ago for a Zouk Congress. (That's the fancy name for a type of dance weekend.) Do you have back pain regularly? I think that's neat, especially for that last reason you mentioned about minor routine and progress. Gardening/plant keeping is pretty far from my interests, but I have a lot of love for any routine interest that gets to see results over time. Have you been doing much of this? I remember seeing you post quite a few random pictures on Facebook from hikes(?) or the like. What kind of films do you want to make?