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  1. Dance weekends are the best weekends.

  2. Site should be fixed now.

  3. Site may be fixed now.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Never mind.

  4. Is anyone else experiencing login or caching issues?

  5. Just want to let you guys know I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks, so mobile-only access in the meanwhile.

  6. We'll see how the new security question does about keeping spammers out.

  7. Let's see how the new Leaderboard feature goes over.

    1. InuyashaOhki


      It's terrible, I hate new things. What's a leaderboard?

    2. Exiled Phoenix

      Exiled Phoenix

      I like how receiving one like gets you on the leaderboard.

  8. Restoring gender icons took hours longer than it should have.

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    2. Bed


      I would like my gender icon near the bottom center, just like where it naturally goes

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Bottom center? You mean beneath your username?

    4. InuyashaOhki


      Yay! It's shocking how many people here can't remember the gender of others they've played dozens of times with.

  9. To those who use the Home Page: You're welcome.

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    2. Roxeon


      uh thanks i guess

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Okay. Just gotta figure out how to pull the date from the post rather than the creation...

    4. Shattered Rift
  10. Cat Bowsers! Cat Bowsers everywhere!

  11. Just three more to balance... until I get an actual night's sleep, shake off this sleep deprivation, and realize I'm not happy with any of it.

  12. Thanks to Young Rift's difficult to interpret notes, I think I've finally figured out a viable damage formula.

  13. And with a great thunderclap, Shattered Rift slapped his hands above his head and a great wall of fire incinerated the bots standing at the front gate of the Sparkbomb Mansion.

    1. Sinical


      And there was much rejoicing.

  14. Who did/didn't get the email sent just now about Inu's game? Who got two copies of it?

  15. *Types up role PMs and looks for any last-minute issues*

  16. How many people actually received the email for All-Stars signups?

    1. Zilary


      Nope. Nothing in my inbox or spambox.

    2. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      So, at this point, I'm just kind of assuming that no one received the email despite what the bulk mailer has claimed to me. Especially considering the newest result claims to have sent out three times as many emails as we have members.

      Plus, I mean, if it really was sending to the same people as many times as I've hit send, I'm sure we would have seen more people show up looking for the button to turn off emails.

  17. About to break update Sparkbomb. Standby.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      If this goes through, then everything's probably still working.

  18. If anyone needs anything, I'll be back at my computer by the end of the month. I should still be contactable and checking in sporadically, but it will be sporadic. If anyone happens to be in the (Boise) Idaho or (Central) Utah areas, let me know and we can meet up.

  19. Apparently the email double-sent. Not sure what caused that to happen.

    1. Voce Angeli

      Voce Angeli

      I didn't get either of the emails. So, not sure what is going on, but my settings say I should be receive them (Cel even double checked).

    2. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Did anyone else not receive the email? (Assuming your settings are sent to receive bulk mails in the first place: a few people's aren't.)

    3. InuyashaOhki


      I got my doublemail. I figured you were trying for emphasis.

  20. So how many people can post right now?

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      So, for some reason only my account can post or something? Not going to be able to look into this until tomorrow evening when I get home from work.

    2. Shattered Rift
  21. I have seen the Soon, and I have seen the thing living on his head.

    1. Soon


      Lies! Lies and deception!

    2. thedreamcard


      It is hard to see so that merits an award.

  22. SparkWiki's navigation has been fixed. Its layout still needs to be overhauled, but it's functional again.

    1. Celairiel


      Thank you! It was very difficult trying to coach new players without a source of explanations that weren't potentially biased by my knowledge of game set-up.

  23. Merry Christmas everyone!

  24. Sparkbomb Idol idea: There are official "karaoke" versions of all of Taylor Swift's albums. (Technically they only remove the lead vocals, so background vocals still exist, sometimes in odd places like in full choruses.) I know how much audio quality we lose stripping vocals via Audacity, so I thought I'd mention this.

    1. Dyl


      Sparkbomb Idol Idea: Jackbox party pack games.  Clucky, Blacjak, Techkid (from our D&D group, not on SB), and I played them and I think they'll be good for a Sparkbomb Hour.

      Only the host of the game needs to actually own the game.  They range from 4-8 players and many of the games have an audience feature that lets extra people join in and vote on things in different ways.

      Only problem is that while it's possible to play without seeing or hearing the main, host screen, it's not the best.  Which means I have to screen share and put the audio to skype through Virtual Audio Cables.  The VACs I can do, but the screen share is laggy for my laptop while running the game.

  25. Found the button to re-squarify our avatars.

    1. Celairiel


      This saddens me. Mine looked so cool circular.

    2. Clucky


      I liked the circles

    3. InuyashaOhki


      I knew it would be fixed as soon as I gave in and made mine a circle...

      To those who liked the circles - Ask me and I can re-circle yours in photoshop. :P