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  1. What are you playing?

    Yeah, it's a shame the 3DS version is missing one of the essential ingredients that makes the game worthwhile. Auhin's Thwomp level was pretty fun. Anyway, snagged world record for several of his levels and starred most of them. I probably upped the death count a fair amount since I was making a lot of risky jumps when I'm not especially good, but I also found the jumps the most interesting part of gameplay. That was one of the early (and beautiful) insights into programming, knowing that the entire underworld was on one screen (so to speak) similar to the overworld. I owned the DX(?) GBC version, so I only got to use the glitch once or twice on a friend's cart.
  2. What are you playing?

    Have you played Link's Awakening before? I don't think I've played it since fifth grade. I didn't realize there was a Mario Maker resource. It'll be good to have a reason to fire up the game. Also recently finished my playthrough of Ocarina of Time 3DS.
  3. Not sure how I feel about this new layout, but parts of it seem decently sexy.

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      I hadn't noticed those before. Hum.

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      So now instead of "Shattered Rift had the most liked comment on August 2", we'll see "Shattered Rift had the most confused comment on August 12"?

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      Or both. Who knows?

  4. On that note, would the game have ended had all of the baddies been defeated? Or would the tournament format have caused it to continue?
  5. Werewolf Hosting and MCing

    So you want to host a Werewolf game? There are a few requirements to be able to host a game on Sparkbomb. You must have at least 30 posts.You must have played at least one Werewolf game.You must have a game prepared to host.Both the post and playing requirements may be exempted at the discretion of the Staff member running this thread. (Shattered Rift is currently the Staff member running this thread.) For example, anyone who was active and hosted a game here on Sparkbomb before the forum software update will probably be considered eligible to host and allowed an exemption from these requirements. If you have met these requirements and would like to host, please make a post in this thread saying as much. Once you have been added to the Hosting Calendar (found at the bottom of this post), hosts will generally be contacted in the order they applied. Please note: After you have hosted, you will be removed from the Hosting Calendar. If you would like to host another game, you will need to sign up again. If this is your first time hosting, the Staff member running this thread will help you by going over your game design with you. (Shattered Rift is currently the Staff member running this thread.) It is highly recommended that you stick with a basic game design for your first go at MCing (including one baddie team, plain innocents, and a minimum number of roles). MCing can be very demanding, and having a strong grasp of game mechanics is essential. Some newbie MCs have become overwhelmed by trying to run a game of intermediate complexity without realizing how essential it was to understand power priority (the order things happen in and how that affects submitted lists). Some newbie MCs have also become overwhelmed by the number of game-related PMs they have had to respond to. You're going to do fine hosting your first game, but we want to make sure that you haven't overlooked anything. MCs responsibilities and privileges include the following: Werewolf games must follow the Community Rules. Staff members may intervene in a Werewolf game if one of these rules is broken. Their intervention should only be to enforce the rules.Werewolf games must follow the rules outlined in the Werewolf Introduction and Gameplay. The guidelines listed in that thread will also be followed unless the MC states otherwise in the game thread.In addition to these, an MC may establish additional rules of his/her choosing. These rules will also be enforced.Werewolf MCs may disallow specific members from participating in their games.Werewolf MCs may modkill a player who is misbehaving in the game. (Modkilling is where the MC kills a player independently of game mechanics, usually replacing them with a backup player.)MCs are expected to use these privileges prudently. Cases of abuse or perceived abuse should be brought to the attention of the Staff member running this thread (and may additionally be brought to the administration). --- Hosting Calendar (edited by NPM on 1/28) Neopetsmom (Recurring) Blacjak Clucky Sinical Cel (deferred until probably mid-April) InuyashaOhki (recurring)(no set time set)
  6. Werewolf Hosting and MCing

    If you're willing to do so, go ahead.
  7. There are a lot of things about the format that I enjoyed conceptually, and I'd be curious to see an HP mechanic or the like included. It took a while to wrap my head around timings and such, and I assume the same was true for others. There was also the question of when to use my Kill and whether to use it sooner or save it for the end as I ended up doing. Cel had wanted me to use it on Franc, but I missed the timing to do so, and that ended up working out to our benefit anyway. I had forgotten how difficult Werewolf can be when the dead retain their voices, and I kept worrying about the support powers of the dead. And I was expecting the rez that never came, given both my Kill power and Cel's convert (not to mention Cel's other Kill that somehow still played out). I'd be curious to see other variants on the double execution mechanic in the future. Juggling that was certainly an interesting thing here (especially with my disconnect from almost everything else in the game early on). @Sinical, I'm sorry for your loss. It sucks having real life stuff come up during Werewolf. And I assume your being in Japan made it all the more stressful.
  8. Until we get an explanation of the extension and a rules change for the semi-finals (we shouldn't be on quarter-finals), it should be Rox vs Cel next and then winner faces whoever wins between me and Sinical.
  9. Vote: Sinical Assuming Rox is innocent since he's the only person to provide information, there's no other choice. And, to get into character... You killed Red Like Roses, Heir to the Martyr, The Great Author, The Wily WerePhoenix, Schemer of the Amazons, Master of the Maple, and Holder of All Titles! Edit: Do we have any many baddies are left and/or what powers they have to disrupt combat? My initial thought after Red died was that Sinical is evil, but the more sensible play (if we have reason to believe in the innocence of the three options we have) is to have a draw if we have any method left to do so without being disrupted.
  10. Vote: RocktheFox So it looks like the options for matchups include Cel, Rock, myself, and Rox. Rox is the only person to provide any intel whatsoever. It's probably fine having me fight over and over again (as that partly seems how my role might have been intended to be played), but the risk of two innocents being matched up means it'd be better to see Cel vs Rock. You doing all right?
  11. So does anyone actually have any information at this point besides Red and Zilary's role name, and Rock and Franc both having support during their fights?
  12. Hum. About time we saw someone do something. Does suggest that the death wasn't due to something someone did to Zodiac. Vote: Sinical Jester/Joker roles are always a bad idea, so Red's gotta be something else. And since Sinical wants(?) to go in the ring... (Good to know that we can self-vote.) Also, my personal junk is resolved, so I should be good to go for the rest of the game. Time to get in this. *Cracks knuckles on Franc's face*
  13. It's not just the same Power Level. They also had the same Fighting Spirit (see attached quote below). With this in mind, I find coordination the more likely possibility. Vote: Red It may also be worth throwing a disable (or whatever disable-equivalent someone might have in this set-up) at him as well, provided he gets in. Whatever benefit he gets from battling, he should still be able to be worn down either via powers or the like to make sure he goes down.
  14. Doesn't that just mean I hit like Lixyl? Is that really a positive thing? Vote: Lieutenant-colonel Franc Placeholder vote... but it will probably remain my actual vote. I'm hoping to get some things resolved today so I should be available during the rest of the game, but things aren't lined up to be resolved today, but if things change I'll end up losing a huge chunk of the afternoon/evening.
  15. Oh! My reasoning was that Zodiac had posted at that point Had Zodiac voted for anyone other than you, I would have voted for you. Because Zodiac voted for you, I didn't want to stack another vote. BRING IT ON ZILARY~!
  16. See the logic immediately prior to that in my post: --- Considering nightkills don't(?) exist in this game, it would make a lot of sense if baddies have combat-hungry powers and/or win conditions. Are you in town right now? Combatants are determined on Day X, and the battle happens on the following Day Y after voting (and thus a new matchup) are determined, so they'll be having their brawl in three hours.
  17. Delayed executions is something I haven't thought about in a long time, and it's weird going into Day 2 (or should this still count as Day 1, really?) without having information. I know that we're mid-game at this point and what I'm about to say could be read into as a lie/bluff/whatever, but I'm going to be heavily preoccupied with some things going on for the next few days. Wednesday should be a good day and the game should have my full attention again. Vote: thezodiac Voting records are going to be what matter in this game, although I'm not yet certain what way to read into them. Not having Zodiac or Rox's stance on the Sinical vs Red battle provides us with less information once Match 1 completes. ... I think. Note that I would have voted Rox if there wasn't already a vote on him. I don't want to stack votes without having information.
  18. Considering the Tournament theme, I'd be more inclined to assume it's a diversion by the MC. OMT fits a Tournament theme ("I wanna be the very best~!") whereas a Neutral generally doesn't. I'm going to be out for most if not all of the day, so... Vote: Lieutenant-Colonel Franc Solely because he's the last person to post (besides the Fox Man, who got killed off first last time he played). I should be online for another two hours.
  19. It's a lot easier to win the race against Inga when you're actually using Epona.

  20. First. Not sure what to make of the mechanics quite yet. This is potentially a great take on semi-dead players (non-combatants). That's going to change voting strategy too.
  21. Cardwolf Signups

    Well, that was a very unexpected ending to the game.
  22. Cardwolf Game

    I'm counter-claiming Dreamer and Jailer. I walked into this Day with no chance to take game.
  23. Cardwolf Game

    Or I'm Worst Innocent and Jester. Zilary, if you're Wolf then Sinical is Worst Innocent and this whole thing is easy because you know I'm telling the truth (unless he somehow rolled Worst Innocent and Jester, but in that scenario he has game regardless). If you're not Wolf, Sinical is. I started this Day not wanting Sinical to take game and hoping that one of you was Jester so that I'd still have a shot at taking game. I jailed you so that I could dream Sinical as I didn't want him to win after my misplay yesterday. Enjoy your 50-50 shot at which of us to trust.
  24. Cardwolf Game

    Vote: Sinical