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  1. Wednesday has defeated us.


    1. Dyl


      (get on skype if you do)

  3. Splatoon

    Good ol' Splattershot. Octoling armour, with goggles. #teamdecepticon
  4. Digimon

    Oh good, now I don't have to fi- Eeeeee! Butter-Fly! I didn't mind the character models, and I think they look better animated than just as stills. The story's looking cool too. Bad future, mysterious girl and cat, Alphamon vs Omegamon?
  5. How do you like your pizza?

    Clucky underestimated how serious we are about pizza. The thread could always be moved, I guess.
  6. How do you like your pizza?

    I prefer a thicker crust because you don't get the flavour of it with a thin crust pizza. I like pizza crust on it's own, and it can also work as a good palate cleanser between slices. But mostly for the taste.
  7. How do you like your pizza?

    Something cooked under cheese will seep more flavour into the sauce, so if you want a topping to mix flavours with the sauce you put it under cheese. Ground or grated meats are ingredients you want to leak their flavours and take on others. Something on top of cheese will lose less and retain more of it's own flavour, adding variety to individual bites. Tougher ingredients like pepperoni and mushrooms will be less inclined to leak flavour in the first place and so fit better on the top of a pizza. Also, ingredients underneath cheese won't brown, but ones on top will. Browning the cheese and other top ingredients accentuates and changes their flavours, and of course crispens their texture. Also also, cheese pizza is great, especially browned. I usually use a cheese pizza as a base to add leftovers as toppings, though.
  8. How do you like your pizza?

    Depends on the topping. For example, mushrooms or pepperoni go on top of cheese; beef, sausage, or bacon goes under it.
  9. Happy Integer Overflow!

  10. If I recognise the names correctly, that would be Combusken of PPT, Randomness, and DBA.
  11. Final Fantasy

    Does Bravely Default count as a Final Fantasy?I prefer the earlier installments. Haven't played past X (and didn't finish it). IV is my favorite. The first half of VI is good, but too much momentum is lost in the mid-game and never recovered. VIII holds a special place after role plays with Nebiros back in the day. Typing on mobile is so exhausting. Expect a longer reply in a few days. Bravely Default is very much an older-style FF game, I see it most compared to V, which I pretty much agree with. I'd say it's more of a FF game than the Tactics games or XIII. Being a mobile game they weren't going to make it a main-series entry and so started a spin-off franchise for it.
  12. Final Fantasy

    Favourite game: III and Bravely Default Best Game: IV, VII, TA2, and Bravely Default No particular preference for characters.
  13. So, Legend of Korra. Amazingest finale, or astoundingest finale?

    1. Nell


      So, I've heard it's amazing, and have been scarmbling through season 3 and 4 to catch up to avoid spoilers.

    2. Lixyl


      Lesbians everywhere