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  1. Back for SparkRPG

    1. Red



  2. New Prez

    mhm. I don't understand how a generation who lived through the Cold War could do this.
  3. New Prez

    I stopped drinking for my Meniere's disease and some other blood tests are showing liver abnormalities and yet...
  4. Pokemon Go

    Yeah, multiple people around here find Slowbro in the Safeway parking lot at different times, as well as a Psyduck in the middle of the beer isle.
  5. Pokemon Go

    Other people are way ahead of me at leveling up. I can't even compete at the gyms, haha. If I were still in AZ I would post up in an ASU building with some Lure Modules, but there aren't as many good PokeStops around here. Or at night just roam the campus tagging pokestops in a huge loop.
  6. Pokemon Go

    look at the map, find the blue pokespots. walk around and get close to a pokespot and tap on it and spin the circle. if you see pokemon, tap them and go catch. level up, look up how to gym later, you can't do it yet. if you find an egg, go to the pokeball at the bottom to Pokemon, slide the screen over to eggs and try to use the egg, put it in the incubator. then you just keep pokemoning until you run out of battery. BONUS TIP install google opinion rewards to get free moneys to buy pokecoins with
  7. Pokemon Go

    You get to pick teams at level 5. It's out now in the US, and I also got an Eevee that was standing on my dinner last night.
  8. Pokemon Go

    NZ/AUS release today of Pokemon Go, still waiting on the US release. What team is everyone taking? I want to go Blue
  9. I passed my Ph.D. defense on Friday

  10. How's Life?

    Yeah, you just make it up! I forgot to mention that. I am watching a slightly more through video series on it than that, where the outside turn is video 4. I didn't finish the one that I posted. While I was out at the bar we chose, named Moonshine, I definitely saw that the outside spin, inside spin and free spin are the majority of what people do, other than the occasional established couples that go all out for some songs. I probably won't completely understand how made up it seems, but I am interested in any other thoughts you have.
  11. How's Life?

    Yeah it's got a million names, AZ Two Step is also what I have heard it called. I don't know enough to be sure this is enough information, but it's just pick a direction, one two three tap five tap, kept stationary by slightly offsetting into a circular motion or keeping the left steps shorter than the right. Your basic country music drink and dance. Um, this: And I will look at those recipes, seem pretty good. Thank you for taking the time! I have some no salt added pasta sauce that I can play with from Trader Joe's Making a basic chicken dish that my friend sent me tonight. I snagged some bananas, strawberries and protein powder yesterday, just tried doing some stuff with that.
  12. How's Life?

    I don't cook enough but I've got the pans and knives and a bunch of spices and I can kind of pick them. Some idea of heat and time for meats and vegetables, etc. What are the levels?
  13. How's Life?

    this week ugh I had another vertigo episode on Monday at about 5 PM, sudden headache, ears buzzing, then too dizzy to move and vomiting by another half hour. My thesis advisor had to drive me home but I had to carry my things the last 20 feet through the door to somewhere up high enough that the very frustrating chihuahua can't pee on it for whatever reason he gets in his little head because my thesis advisor is very afraid of dogs and these are charging barking little jerks so she couldn't come inside. Still couldn't eat anything until I got some sleep and the next day I had to still feel pretty rough if not fully dizzy to get to the doctor, who suspects Meniere's disease, then go to a specialist Wednesday to confirm the Meniere's so now I am on a permanent low salt diet. Busy trying to find good low salt foods and figure out how to cook them and so i haven't been eating enough and I am still hungry after I went hunting for something in the cabinets and dripped a big can right on my foot and now it has a blood blister but at least the can didn't drive the knife that also fell anywhere because I would be in real trouble then because I am on a 1 week course of prednisone to handle any residual inner ear swelling and that is an immunosuppressant so it could easily get infected and I can't lance the blood blister because of it. Even though there is a club event at a bar tomorrow which I can't drink for both the prednisone and also the Meniere's can also be triggered by alcohol anyway, but I also can't eat most of the foods there anymore and there was going to be dancing afterward but now I have to be careful of this blood blister and I am supposed to wear boots. I don't think my boots press the blood blister even though right on top you might expect it to. I also happen to have moleskin that I bought that I thought was thin for hand wrapping but is actually designed for this.Its a tall and narrow blood blister, though, so it peaks right at the top of the moleskin, maybe the pressure will spread it to the sides just a bit and a little might get carted away by the cells overnight and leave me very safe but I don't know. But I also missed the dance lesson on Tuesday because I didn't want to trust my balance and I took the anti nausea so I am completely unprepared because I only vaguely learned both basic spins so I need to review those on YouTube and just hope I can do it without too much trouble and also review what songs match the only dance I know, which I believe outside of Arizona is called Rhythm Two Step. I would just give up on the dancing and not feel too bad but there is a cute lady (of course there is) that I need to impress. But she is a nurse and may not be impressed with risking a blood blister rupture on predinsone. The blister isn't the part that hurts though, it's the impact. I'm so hungry guys and I was having a hard time before the Meniere's, grad school is awful and my project is a mess I was supposed to work on it today and I had some time but then all the cooking and the cleaning and the TA work. Wait I didn't drink a Soylent on the day I was sick let me cash that one in. I was going to trim and edge up my beard tonight, let me do that and try to sleep...
  14. Anyone remember digitaldevotion101 from the old days?

    I do remember you at least a little. I had forgotten about that signature.
  15. Car crash boiii. Everyone is okay, very surreal

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I'm glad you're all right.

    2. Kirby-oh


      couple scratches, a shin bruise and some neck pain but I'm back to running and Miitomo and Netflix and research.

    3. Celairiel


      Glad you're safe!