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  1. Ascetic Living

    Whelp. This turned into a giant ramble. I have several close friends that have talked about wanting to live completely ascetic, but only maybe one that could actually handle it and would in fact pursue it if not for familial obligations (he's the one that takes almost sole care of his grandma). As for myself, I'm practicing a mild form of it right now. I live with my parents and they've had the same house since I was nine months out of the womb (so it's ~28 years old), and they haven't been able to take care of it very well for a long time due to age and health (they own two and a half lots that include not only the little house but an in-ground pool and volleyball court and small pond and it's the yard that is really the problem: upkeep is difficult for them). Long story short, at this point they're trying to sell. When we began the process, my room was packed with all the stuff I had accumulated from moving into a dorm and then into an apartment (six years worth of stuff), and since I was sort of at a 'what am I doing' point in my life, I didn't really put anything into storage, instead piling it around on the two bedroom sets that lined the walls (movies, books, video games, the works). Now, basically all of that stuff is stored in boxes in my closet or the garage and my floors are clear and there's only the one bedroom set, my TV, Wii, and computer out. I haven't touched my TV/Wii in months (I kept them and like a game or two I thought I might play), and in general I'm fully aware that I don't need to be on my computer quite so much and could do with less of it any way. And I don't miss any of it. All those piles of stuff I wasn't using anyway. But I never really have felt any withdraw when this sort of thing happens. I had a friend recently take a look at my PC for me and he had it for a few days and I didn't hardly miss it at all. Probably what I felt the most "sore" about was the fact that if I wanted to do any RPing, I had to type it on my phone, which is noticeably slower than my ~100 wpm with a keyboard. (Note: I don't hardly use my phone for anything other than texting, but occasional RP-typing and things of that sort will happen on it.) Now, the thing is, I don't really want to get rid of the stuff that I don't want to get rid of. Would I miss them if there was a fire or they got stolen? I guess. But I know perfectly well that I am capable of living without them. There's very little in my life that I'm actually attached to. That I would honest-to-goodness be upset about if it went away. The other problem though is the fact that as someone who does the whole music thing, I have boxes of sheet music and opera scores and they just take up space, but as part of my job there isn't really much I can do about it. Similarly with scores, there's just something about the tactile sensation of holding a book in your hand and having them physically present that I will never get with e-books. I purged quite a few things as we were packing things away and as I mentioned I'm rarely the type to get truly sentimental about stuff, but the things that I didn't get rid of are things that I want to have around, though perhaps just for the sake of knowing that I have them around. I like having my movies and books and manga and video games out, regardless of the fact that I haven't so much as touched any of them (aside from the books) in ages. It's more like, instead of knick-knacks, I decorate with those sorts of things. I got rid of almost all of those knick-knack paddy-whack sorts of stuff because "I don't really want to have to move this," only keeping the handful of anime or video game paraphernalia I have that I enjoy keeping out. I really do miss being able to have my various posters hanging up on my wall (I didn't put them up when I moved back home out of my apartment), but I want to have a place to put them where they can stay. Where I can nest and get everything where I want it and not have to worry about moving out of that home. Granted, in this process, I've also learned what not to put away. Things that you look at and are all 'oh I don't need that' and then boom. You do. I traveled to Sussex about two years ago for an Opera Music Festival and packed WAY too much stuff that I had to them haul around the Underground while in London and then onto the trains we took during the last leg of the journey there. And sure, I used all of the stuff I brought, but as I'm planning for my trip to Italy in June (more opera stuff), I'm looking at the smallest suitcase I can possibly get away with. My only problem is, what with saving up for Italy, I haven't had a chance to purchase some sort of e-reader for myself, so I'm still looking at my book collection going 'but I want to take like five of you with me QQ'
  2. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    This is actually kind of funny because you were one of the ones my instincts were telling me was a wolf and I just never followed up on it either xD
  3. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    And me hitting zodiac was just the stars aligning. (heh) I had Blac at the top of the Night before I died, and I'm honestly not sure what I would have done if he flipped inno. Thanks for running the game, Exiled! I always appreciate a no-PM game.
  4. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Alright, so, not gonna hold back any longer at this point. I'm the dreamer. Zil died N1, and next on my list was thezodiac, who is a wolf. Dreamed Rock last night, who is also a wolf. Blah blah, I could be wrong because dream tainting yadda yadda, they both voted for Blac. Now that we've gotten all of that out of the way, the only way to really find out if the dreams are being messed with is executing one of those two choices. Vote: thezodiac If anyone wants to check, I was leaving hints since my first post of the game and on the last post I had before this one. I was eventually gonna spell out DREAMER if I lived long enough, but only got as far as DREA if you'll notice. The first capitals of each first portion of my posts: the first two were parts of the word dreamer and the next capital letter was the first letter of who I was investigating that night. It was Z for Zilary in that first post, and T for thezodiac in my most recent--since that's who I actually hit--with G for ...well guilty because it was the only word that came to mind. I'm so subtle, I know.
  5. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Ever think that maybe claiming protector wasn't the best choice? Almost seems kind of weird to me. Then again, it's you... Guilty as charged, hm? ... Unvote: thezodiac Under duress, I assure you, but I'd rather not leave it up to randomizer considering I don't actually think Blac is a baddie as he's acting pretty normal for him as far as I can tell. Vote: Rift Edit: X'd with NPM lul. Seems like me changing won't matter anyway.
  6. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Now I kind of wish she'd had a chance to get back on and change her vote. We can't really afford to stay quiet about our suspicions in this game, so any input you may have, gut-feeling or otherwise, is at this point all we have. Please feel free to elaborate. I will say though that having both a dreamer and a watcher in one person would be a very "eggs-in-one-basket" kind of role seeing as how they're both rather investigative, whereas honestly imo having BOTH those roles in one game would seem just silly and possibly over-powering for the innos depending on what other roles there are in the game. Anyway, voting nobody at this point isn't going to get us anywhere. Vote: thezodiac Just something about "we need to pressure people" and then you not actually voting someone later seems off to me. Yes, you seemed rather on the fence about voting nobody, playing a bit of Devil's Advocate here and there, but I'm honestly kind of surprised at you for not picking someone there towards the end. In regards to your blacjak vote and why I'm not following that, he's only posted once, so I suppose you could legitimize a vote for him insofar as inactivity will get us nowhere, but neither do I see him doing anything particularly scummy: to my knowledge the timing of this game is going to be a bit off for him and if he has work the deadline is definitely a weird place for it to be where he is. I would certainly like to hear from blac as well as Rock as those are the people I feel have "contributed" the "least" as far as discussion so far. Rock mostly because I had a question. xD
  7. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Dang, here and have my role. Really almost forgot. ...will probably make a note to myself on my phone or something...maybe my monitor. Zero chance of missing that, ha! ... I really hope there aren't any daykills unless they're circumstantial. In a game this small, what amounts to a straight-up auto-kill seems really strong for either team, and stronger as the game goes on. What I'd really appreciate is a no-PM game without even a traditional dreamer role. That'd really force us to analyze posts. If I remember correctly, I ran one back in the day with several different "cop" roles who all had their dreams twisted in some way I think. Vote: Nobody I think it's beneficial to wait for now. If we've got a protector of some sort maybe they'll get a successful block and give us even more time.
  8. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    Rift poked me to sign up so I shall. I are fan of no-PM gaem.
  9. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    Most of what has been brought up in regards to my decision has been well discussed by others in the graveyard thread, so for the most part I'll leave it. Let me sum up: my definition of true player inactivity and what weee is considering inactivity are two vastly different items of discussion. Truthfully, smile's contributions to the game were extra commendable, logical, fairly self-reliant analysis of happenings for a player so new to the world of WW forum-games, and I feel as if weee's response to how the game ended was completely uncalled for. There isn't a player on SB that hasn't either forgotten when a deadline was (Heck, it was my own game and I had myself mixed up for several Cycles) or otherwise did not play strictly by the rules at all times (see: mccraabi's comment regarding the number of players that should have been modkilled Day One of this game) and not cutting some slack to a new player after learning that A. her AFK was accidental and not "lurky" or "flying under the radar to win" and B. she had been present during the Day Cycle in question, even if behind the scenes, just seems like a sulky response to a loss, whether or not such a response was intended to be expressed. And not only was the AFK accidental for smile, but a few other incidents all juxtaposed together to make the end result rough around the edges. If anything, be upset at me for being AFK because of real life for what basically amounted to 48 hours. An entire Day Cycle. I'm the one that was really inactive this game if we're being honest. It rendered me incapable of responding to the situation with smile in a timely manner. By the time I realized what was going on, it was pretty much the last Day Cycle of play, and while I had contacted Zilary about replacing smile--maybe you missed that the first time around when I was explaining things, weee, (insert snarky "four players volunteered for replacements here")--once Zilary and I made contact with one another, Zilary agreed with me that replacing someone on what amounted to the last day wasn't particularly fair to anyone. My picked responses to the issue at hand, in which I do repeat myself a bit: Let me make it perfectly clear that if I had ended the game on the spot due to smile's inactivity, it certainly would not have been with you and your team winning, which as far as I can tell appears to be your overall complaint-agenda as to the result of my MC decisions. If anything, I would have called the game to a close as defunct. As a mulligan. Is that the kind of inactivity reward you'd like to see next time, then? Assuming we're talking about the same sort of inactivity. Since it's been established that we're not. And I don't think it's terribly fair to--in what, if we're being wholly honestly was not actually legal in accordance with forum rules--passive-aggressively send a PM >>via your team chat after you died<< in regards to a decision that I was in no way going to attempt to placate you about given how rudely it was done or explain myself in regards to given that the game was still going at the time. So I guess we're even. You can choose to believe whatever you want--though accusing your MC of anything but their best attempts at game neutrality is so utterly insulting I don't even know how to begin to address it--but you're laughably wrong, and you obviously didn't read all that far into my explanation. I left her in the game because she was still playing the game. Just because you couldn't see her playing the game doesn't mean she was not playing. You're consistently pushing a point that has no ground to stand on, given your definition of what "inactivity" is, which even if based on my rules' definition of inactivity was still left up to my discretion and is by no means anything like what you keep referring to as inactivity. There was no "encouraging afk lurking behavior" on the part of this decision. Lurking didn't even really happen this game. It couldn't. There were too few players. Smile honestly thought she had more time, and you seem to have gone off on a pretty unrelated tangent about it. Luckily, I had that little clause in there that said I could decide as I chose. Funny how you're only interested in that rule being used to directly benefit you, when at my discretion I could have on the same principle decided to eliminate like half the players on Day One. Perhaps that's the kind of inactivity reward you'd like to see instead? As to other things: This isn't really what would have happened, Exile. What I had meant to post in Night Results was changing the "vote: end day early" from unanimous to majority. The Day still would have ended at 1AM just like all the others. What I offered to you privately via PM was an option, if you didn't feel like fighting off the two votes on you, to end the game entirely by joining them in their "end day early" vote and letting it happen immediately upon your doing so. Partially offered it because I was actually around on Monday and it would have been convenient for me to have you make that choice. I filled out the player list completely with alignments and roles on the first page of the actual game thread if you'd like to go look. The answers to your questions here are "no" and @Trajectory was right in his early-game assumption that the wildcard was a red herring. This honestly did not occur to me and is an interesting idea for future consideration. Granted, with this specific case, smile was not actually "lurking" or attempting to "slide by under the radar." She simply had a slip-up in regards to deadline and had otherwise been contributing in a logical manner the rest of the game. Eheh, lengthy story, but the short version is Rox and I played in a game Traj hosted where we both ended up changing into the same innocent WW power role due to it happening during the same phase of the moon, our "mother" if you will, me having acquired the power first and Rox later on in the game, resulting in my referring to him from then on as "little brother" and he in turn calling me "big sister."
  10. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    Hey all! Thanks to everyone for playing. This was a bit of an experiment insofar as I hadn't run this type of game before and I wasn't myself terribly sure what to expect. I'd be interested in knowing what everyone's thoughts about the game setup itself are and if there's any interest in ever seeing it again (with some changes pending). A couple of things I would consider changing next time might be adding the whole "once you use a card, it's discarded and you get another" as well as letting everyone know when the "deck" has been shuffled. The rules themselves on the site I pulled this setup from were pretty vague, so the various calls I made when setting up the initial post were usually done in favor of "if we were sitting around a table playing a card game, what would people know/not know." Which is how I tend to do my WW games anyway. I'm in favor of trying to stay as true to an IRL game where everyone is able to look at everyone else. I can't decide how I feel about attempting the game with PMs allowed. I always feel as if allowing PMs in a game take away from posting in the thread itself and make it seem like activity is even lower, though in a game like this where alignment is so separate from role, PMs wouldn't be as useful for that dreaded Inno-circle that I despise so much since there isn't in particular roles in this game which indicate one alignment or the other. In regards to incorporating more Love Letter itself, I might consider adding a second element to the game regarding the numbers on the cards themselves and the hierarchy of aforementioned numbers. It's a thought, but not one I've necessarily completely hashed out. ~!**!~ A couple of general gameplay things/notes, specifically for @weee5067 (who just posted as I was writing up all of this and is subsequently being tagged for what I knew would be her immediate "complaint" and surprise, surprise, I was right): First general thing, you're absolutely wrong, weee. You really shouldn't go assuming things before you know the whole story, so let me set out some facts for you so you can be straight about it all and then you can decide for yourself what you're really going to complain about. Smile DID in fact play the game within the 48-hour period, she DID in fact do something(s), you just didn't see it, nor was I about to explain to you what was going on since the game was still going. And I didn't particularly appreciate your attitude about the whole situation at the time--nor how you decided to complain passive-aggressively in the team chat you shouldn't have posted in because you were dead--and I still don't. There are few things that aggravate me more than players complaining about a game before the game is finished when they don't know everything that's going on--when the person running the game literally cannot defend said game because, you know, it isn't over--though one of them is most definitely players doing so in a passive-aggressive manner. If you recall, my inactivity rules said "may result in replacement/modkill at my discretion," in case you've forgotten, and secondly, her and I had in fact been having an extensive PM conversation on Saturday the 8th and I noted later that she read my last response to her that afternoon around 4PM Central. Compound this with the fact that I was in rehearsal/commute from about 7AM Saturday to like midnight-ish the 8th, almost immediately collapsing into bed when I didn't see a unanimous "end day" vote, and then was up again Sunday morning for more two-hour-travel-commute/rehearsal and back again at a similar late hour... Suffice it to say I will admit I had not had time to properly poke her as I would have liked--having honestly just assumed she would post in thread at some point given she had seen my PM--and I was super late about trying to contact someone else about replacing her (and really, the game was so close to being over it would have been unfair to everyone involved to actually replace a player) at that point since, as mentioned, rehearsal, and...well, I'm just glad she did come back for the last part of the game at least. I don't think I would have really considered it a true win for the baddies if she hadn't. More like a win-by-default-try-the-setup-again-sometime. Second general thing, I had actually meant to make the "vote end day early" a majority vote on the last day (and have it end the game immediately instead of just at 1AM) but completely forgot to put it at the end of the Night Results and by the time I would have posted it the next morning when I woke up and realized I had not said that, smile and Red had already made the vote. I contacted Exiled about the whole situation and felt him out for if he was not wanting to fight the votes off, offering an insta-end-game option if he decided to end the day early which he responded with "Never give up, never surrender," and I let him ride it out xD In hindsight, I wouldn't change it in the future and I'm glad that I didn't end up saying it. While it would have been convenient for me at the time because I was actually home all day yesterday as I did not have a rehearsal, it was more fair for Exiled to get the chance to fight. And he nearly won, too. Props to you for not giving up.
  11. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Final Vote Tally: 2 Exiled Phoenix - Red, smiletrue1 1 Red - Exiled Phoenix Day Four Execution: "Decided on another? Alright, then." Drawing the rapier from her side as all nights before, Star approaches Exiled Phoenix, who looks her directly in the eye as she closes the distance. Giving him a tiny shrug, something passes between them just as she raises the weapon and he nods, asserting with an inward strength: "Never give up--" as the tip of the rapier passes into his body, through his heart with relative ease and he drops to the ground, choking on his words as it slides back out, "...never...surrender..." Star bends over his body, seeing something peeking out of his pocket. It was a kerchief. "Three drops of blood on this." She murmurs almost to herself. "A token of protection. Wonder why he had it...?" Exiled Phoenix, a rebel, has died. He was holding a Handmaiden card. END GAME: Well, looks like it turned out all right for you loyalists after all. What's left of you anyway. They nearly got you there at the end, but you held your ground. Good fight all around. You've done the hierarchy proud. Until next time, Regally yours, The Last of the Star Makers, Empress of [redacted] WINNERS: Loyalists The game is over. Please move any further posting to the Signup/Graveyard thread.
  12. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Just btw: afk cuz rehearsal.
  13. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Final Vote Tally: 1 Trajectory - weee5067 3 weee5067 - Trajectory, Red, Exiled Phoenix Day Three Execution: "Got another for me? Let's get to it then." Once more Star draws the rapier from her side and with an effortless flick of her wrist pierces weee5067 through the heart. Weee5067 slumps to the ground, pectoral cross clattering onto the floor as the returning flick of the rapier severed the chain in twain. Light beginning to fade from her eyes, weee5067 could only smile and whisper just at the last, "...may a new regime rise..." weee5067, a rebel, has died. They were holding a Priest card. Night Three Results: "Goodness. This has turned out to be quite the mess, hasn't it? I've cleaned off the helmet, but there wasn't much else left to salvage." Trajectory, a loyalist, has died. He was holding a Guard card. Day Four has begun. Day Four will end October 12th at 1AM Central. Feel free to Vote: End Day Early before October 11th at 1AM if you're prepared to have Day Four end at that time.
  14. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Vote Tally: 1 Trajectory - weee5067 3 weee5067 - Trajectory, Red, Exiled Phoenix Not yet voted: smiletrue1 Day Two Deadline ~3 hours. I am tagging @smiletrue1 in this post due to today's inactivity.
  15. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    O.O Glad to hear she's alright. I feel as if getting to a computer is definitely the least of one's worries in that situation. Execution has been updated. If no one else posts, this post will be updated with Night Results. Night Two Results: "Look 'ere. Seems yah lost one ah your own last night, loyalists. Found the crown and robes in bloody disarray. Literally. King 'e was. Seems fitting he was on your side, I suppose." Sinical, a loyalist, has died. He was holding a King card. Day Three has begun. Day Three will end October 10th at 1AM Central. Feel free to Vote: End Day Early before October 9th at 1AM if you're prepared to have Day Three end at that time.