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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ... ... ... "...whelp..." Even she didn't have a suicide wish that badly. ...though the XP gains were reaaaaally tempting... Killing that Webcrawler earlier in one bat-smash was not helping her self-preservation issues. I could get the drop on that one and, I wonder how many I could kill before I- Grr.... "If you don't mind, I think I'll go first. I'm not feeling particularly lucky." She eyed her HP and swallowed, but moved forward, wishing desperately for the socks that might let her slide across the floor to the other side of the room in one fatal swoop... run_command!Options/Two_Stealth/Order/First
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    As Star danced backwards out of range, she brought the foam bat up to her shoulder and stood observing the rest of the round of the fight, extremely pleased with herself. Yes, this "weapon," as it were, felt much more natural in her hands. She had suspected that the Webcrawlers were more susceptible to her physical attack and felt overly satisfied to find it drop to her "blade." The Spambot, she felt confident, would prove more resilient to such tactics. She appeared to consider something, then shrugged. run_command!Battle/Attack/Spambot
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star blinks, suddenly finding herself at the start of the fight no longer in first position. She checks her status in the menus and frowns deeply. I didn't give my permission for that move, yet moved I was. Note to self. Once the enemies were dispatched, Star's eyebrows rose higher on her head as one of the people she thought least qualified to wield one of these particular weapons--Traj--immediately went over to pick one up. "I mean, yeah. I object." She shrugged, thinking nothing would likely change in spite of her objection as she walked over and picked one up herself. "My suggestion is that those better suited for physical combat take one, and we head to this "item cache," where I would hope we are to find things better suited for those with the proper Talent." ... Another shrug after they find the next encounter, "I'm fine with staying or going, but I think a grouping like Blac is suggesting is unwise for what it's worth. Leave one with high Nerve, leave another with lots of actual HP to stand in front, and leave one of us two that can punch things hard." As she sees Blac preparing to leave, she shrugs, "I guess that means I'm staying here." run_command!Inventory/Equip/Foam_Bat run_command!Party_"Encounter"/Formation/Slot_3 run_command!Battle/Attack/WebcrawlerA
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Happy to see the Webcrawler she intended to engage go down before she even got there, Star fluidly shifted her forward motion into a spin that ended up with a solid heel kick connecting with the Beta of the Webcrawlers... ...and suddenly found herself and her single-digit Spark-count pivoting back to stand in front of both Rex and Neb... ...the Guardians... ...both of whom had healed themselves... ... ...I'm sorry, what? She nearly laughed out loud, though whether cynically or not, the sound did not make it past her lips as she gave one, almost imperceptible shake of her head and stubbornly squared her shoulders, fists coming up once more... run_command!Battle/Front_A/Attack/WebcrawlerC run_command!Auto-Battle/Attack
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Eyes scanning their newest opponents, Star notes Traj's move and iko's intention to do the same, leaving them to it in the hopes that their combined efforts would do the trick... "Whatever we're doing, I suggest we do it fast." She commented aloud as she bounced up and down once before shifting her weight forward in prep for her next attack. "Once these things get moving, even I can't get the first hit on them. And that's saying something." She whirled forward with a fist beginning to curl as she moved to uppercut the Webcrawler in the lead. run_command!Battle/Front_A/Attack/WebcrawlerA run_command!Auto-Battle/Attack
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Tch." Star scoffed, raising an eyebrow at Traj-- "Watch me." --and not moving from her position from in front of him. "I can take hits from these guys better than you can and--Hey!" Star took sight of the healing animation shiver its way around her, watching it fizzle. "--if I'm gonna get deleted, I'd just as soon get it done with early, while I'm wiped, when it doesn't matter quite so much." And maybe I'm just a little curious as to what happens given the strangeness of the day. Darting into melee range again, Star feels her left hook connect before she backpedals out of the way again, preparing for a second go. "You know, I really would have thought the team with the only Hacker would have gone to take care of that door the admin mentioned." She watched said team scramble into the cache room as she went in for another shot--err, punch. run_command!Battle/Encounter_B/Attack/Webcrawler run_command!Auto-Battle/Attack
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Why me you jerks? Star pursed her lips, injuries for the moment ignored, watching as the other enemies fell with no small amount of irritation before running down the hall towards the weapons cache that had been mentioned. Hearing the admin's voice, she scoffed light-heartedly and PM'd a reply. "Tch. I'm a Duelist, apparently, Rifters. Doesn't that just scream 'always has weapons on-hand?'" And it's not like you offered me your sword.'s not like I asked for it either though. Catching sight of iko and Nebiros beginning their engagement with a set of the oncoming enemies, Star shifts her focus to the second encounter with a slanted grin. Come at me, bros. run_command!Battle/Encounter_B/Attack/Webcrawler
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star emulated the admin's actions from earlier as she willed a Fused Spark Mini out from one of the slots of her inventory--Had I always only had six?--and into her hand, crushing it and feeling some of her wounds from the previous battle fade away. She rolled a shoulder, eyes darting between the Webcrawlers, watching them as some seemed to grow faster, others damaging Rex. Ducking between the latter and the avatar who stood at the front of her and Traj, she felt satisfaction as her fist connected solidly and she darted back out of the way, watching Rex and Traj's assault on the faster of the Webcrawlers, suddenly feeling thankful when they were dropped. Traj's snowball attack in particular--his hit stronger even than her own--caught her attention and she stopped in place for a moment, one of her own snowballs suddenly in her hand where she tossed it a few inches into the air as she pondered it briefly with a hint of a grin dancing in her green-hazel eyes. Those same glittering eyes caught sight of the Spambot in their Encounter that none of them had touched and a wicked grin flashed over her face for a nanosecond as she pulled back her arm... run_command!Item/Snowball/Use/Target/Encounter_B/Spambot
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    The sight of the admin always filled Star with...something, but you know quite frankly at the moment she was having trouble remembering most things. ...except for the distinct lack of socks. TT__TT The sight of the admin's keen blade filled her with envy, her hands clenching once, briefly, into the fists they had been upon making contact with the Spambot's parts. There was something to be said about such "visceral" contact--it was all projected, but still--but there was also something to be said about the satisfactory slicing sensation she knew the admin had gotten to experience just then. The side of Star that she knew hadn't changed was the one that at the sound of more "stuff" immediately perked up. Stuff is always good. (Yeah, okay, especially if it was socks but-) Any kind of stuff. All the stuff. At least one of each of the things. she always been such a hoarder? ...probably. Star nodded at Traj's assessment. This was no ordinary hacker. ...hacker...had she been one of those? As she pulled up her specs and saw her Class/Trait/Desire slots filled with Duelist/Acrobat/Socks, only the last one rang particularly true. Right? Hm. I guess I did take some damage that fight. She rolled a shoulder and popped her neck at the reminder of her HP having taken a hit. She eyed her Energy and gave a little pout at it, her Ability page absolutely, depressingly, empty. When she glanced up, she knew what Traj had locked in, and also knew that if both of their opponents decided to hit her this round, she might not survive. She quickly checked her placement in the Party to make sure it was as she had intended it the entire time... run_command!Party/Formation/Slot_2 ...and whined silently to herself as she moved over to her Inventory page, but took comfort in knowing that she would still have one more... run_command!Inventory/FusedSparkMinis/TheLastStarMaker As was typical for her whenever the chance arose, she fully intended to support Traj once the opportunity presented itself... ((OOC: I fully realize that my action this turn is likely to just be using my item, but just in case something happens and I get to attack, I wanted to specify what I would attack)) run_command!Battle/Encounter_B/Attack/WebcrawlerB
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star found herself blinking unexpectedly in the sunlight, finding the change in time to be disorienting. Traj's comment has her focusing in on the would-be attackers, but when she reaches for what she expects to be her usual weaponry, she finds herself uncomfortably disarmed, as if her entire inventory has been wiped clean. That's...unexpected. ...MY SOCKS TT__TT Despite being dissocked as well, she immediately steps in front of Trajectory when it becomes obvious that the Spambots mean to engage, quietly watching the exchange between Zen and Nebiros and giving an almost-silent snort at Zen's phrasing, passing a glance in Traj's direction before mumbling, "Don't feel like you have to take my rear anywhere. I know I'm not your thing." She gives him a straight-faced wink before turning back to their attackers and squaring her shoulders, feet shifting slightly apart as fists came up in preparation, eyeing Nebiros for a moment to gauge which opponent Star needed to engage. Equally as disorienting was suddenly finding that the list of Abilities Star knew she should have been able to access gone too. Oh well. It wasn't as if she was a stranger to the occasional good old fashion fist-fight. Morning to the left of me. No inventory to the right. (MY SOCKS TT__TT feet are so cold) Here I am, stuck in the middle with you, my dear old faithful Attack command... run_command!Battle/Attack/SpamBot-B
  11. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    So, tbh, I'm not super sure how active I'll be able to be, which is why I hesitated in my sign-up xD Character Username: TheLastStarMaker Desire: Acquire Moar Socks Class: Duelist Trait: Acrobat

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