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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star may have found herself somewhat ambivalent towards Shattered Rift in general, but there was a certain irritated clench to her stomach to hear untruths being tossed around. "You don't think there was a hacker?" Star with a calm, cold sort of articulateness intended to demand the attention of the others in the room--especially she hoped those that were recording the debate--as she glared at Veritas, knowing full-well that she was going to have to tread carefully. She scoffed. "No. Of course you don't. Naturally, you didn't see the sky beyond the Front Gate lighting up with the tell-tale signs of a hacking, the zeroes and ones disrupting the view, did you? Because by the time you managed to log in, the Script Kiddie had already been taken care of, weren't they? As well as some forty-odd mix of Spambots and Webcrawlers the first of us--" She gave a pointed look meant to convey that she knew exactly who those "first" had actually been and it wasn't a single other person in the room. "--took down before that, not to mention the countless numbers of the same that Shattered Rift himself fought with hand-to-hand to clear out these walls enough to make our community's full return manageable." She lifted her nose a little higher in the air as she looked out across the room. "But he didn't leave us with anything we couldn't handle ourselves, did he? And we did handle it. We've reclaimed what's left of ours, which could have been a lot less if not for the admin's quick reaction--after all, the Mansion is still standing, isn't it?--and to my knowledge without a single permanently lost causality to our name. Because we are that #### good." She declared with a bit of a smirk aimed at every single individual in the room, and the ones beyond the room throughout the Mansion as a whole. Everyone who had fought within that last day or so. "And our efforts on that front have left Shattered Rift free to work with our best interests in mind, as he always has. This wasn't some flight-by-night hacking." Star's expression grew darker for a moment. "But we're back." She nodded with a bit of finality, face growing more resilient. "All in one piece. Arms and legs and all. And perfectly capable of rebuilding." She glanced around at those seated, thinking of the general air of despondency that she had been wading through ever since she left her room that morning. "That is, if we'll stop moping around and get off our ##### and do something about it. Or don't." She shrugged, "I don't really care. But then you'd better not come crying to me for socks once my collection is up and running again." She grinned and wriggled her toes, plainly fitted at the moment, but her thoughts were whirling around the photo Rift had left her, one she was pretty sure she had never seen before. "There's so much to do." She said at the last, freely admitting they had a lot of work ahead of them, "But many hands make light work. And we're Sparkbomb. Not even some dumb old hacker can take that away from us." She crossed her arms over her chest and drew silent, looking out across her audience to gauge their reactions with her head slightly raised, this time not with disdain. This time with pride.
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    As Star contemplated the circumstances that they'd all suddenly been reduced to and decided where she wanted to head next, she pulled up her console as the notifications pinged for her attention to search her PMs and see if Traj had responded as of yet. One from iko, then one from Traj to iko, CC'd to her. She made a face. She had hoped Traj would want to go to the Forest, but it seemed like he had other plans and she had no desire or reason to go to this 'Jubliation Caves' place, despite iko's tantalizing offer of fresh 'loot.' Releasing a sigh, she waved away the console and quietly set off on her own towards the next set of forums... Command: Explore General Forum and Lounge
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star's original command stands as it is.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Happy Birthday Traj~!

  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    As before, Star left as quietly as she had come, continuing her trek through the First Floor Forums... Command Explore Games Forum
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ((Rift, are you planning on putting the Locations that we can go in the initial post?)) Star nodded her thanks to the players for their information, and quietly turned to go. She was definitely not keen on leaving the grounds by herself, and shot Trajectory a PM about the notion as she thoughtfully wandered to the nearby Sports Forum to stick her head in for a visit. To: Trajectory Subject: Into the Woods? Message: Visited the Mafia Lounge. They lost almost all their pieces to the hack. The ones playing said a few people went to go cut some trees so they could carve new ones, but haven't come back yet. I bet there's a lot of people who'd be interested in some fresh lumber, not just for Mafia. Want to go check it out with me? I wouldn't really want to go by myself ;P Command(s): Explore Sports Forum
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Retroactive input: "Clashed?" One of Star's eyebrows raised at the word as the admin spoke it and she hummed through pursed lips for a moment as she thought back to the Dark Mansion, the mirror world. "We each found a member of a different usergroup behind different areas that were only accessible by specific traits..." She shrugged, her eyes shifting to the empty space beyond the Mansion. "Who's to say they weren't all working together with that Script Kiddie?" She shrugged again, thoughts swirling about in her head but none of them settling into thoughts that she felt she would be able to articulate at this time. Present moment/The Next Day: Star sighed, fingers tracing the edge of the artwork absently as she looked at the socks therein without really seeing them. She hadn't even had a bed-side table to place the sock-picture upon before laying down on the only piece of furniture left, so she had slipped it underneath the bed last night. She wiggled her toes as she swung her legs back and forth over the edge of the bed where she sat up first thing that morning, feet secure once more within their soft, matching confines. Letting out a small, resolute sigh, Star went over and hung the portrait just above her door, stepping back to look at it from farther, hands on her hips. It still didn't feel like home yet, but it was a start. At least there people wouldn't notice upon first glance. She didn't particularly want to answer any questions as to how she had acquired the thing, but it felt wrong to not having something up in the room. Looking back at the other emptiness around her, she thought of the leftover currency she had remaining, smiled a little as she realized she still had her snowball and foam bat in her inventory, and left the room, making sure that for the moment the space maintained its Private state. Moving at first as someone who did not particularly wish to be noticed as she padded through hallways, Star very quickly rediscovered her "Mansion-Legs," as she decided to call it, and began sliding and dodging and ducking around wherever and whenever the surface would allow, the sensation of the at least somewhat faster mode of travel--the air whipping her hair around her face, the fluidity of motion--settling something inside her that made the blood that had begun rushing through her veins sing a word in regards to herself that she couldn't believe she had forgotten: Acrobat. Without her direct notice, she found herself heading in the direction of the Mafia forum... Command: Explore Mafia Forum and Lounge
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star stayed quiet upon reboot, shuffling along silently with the others, shifting absently through her mostly empty command panel, back and forth through the limited menus with their incomplete knowledge of her past, following the others whom she assumed also had the dated PM from the admin. Upon reaching him, she spent the time staring off into the distance, into the nothingness that he had pointed out, only barely taking note of the fact that everyone had everything had been wiped with a look of chagrin at her bare feet, her thoughts turning to her collection of socks now lost into the abyss of ones and zeroes. She didn't take it quite as hard as others would, she imagined. She had not been here nearly as long as they. She remembered that much. And she remembered she had a sock collection. Maybe that re-log had jostled a few things back into place after all. Star's eyes moved back to Shattered Rift with a steady contemplativeness as he spoke of Spark Coins, and then asked further for their help. She did not let any of her uneasiness with being near him feather towards the surface of her features, letting it flit within the pit of her stomach alongside a notion of saying and doing nothing that might indicate her willing or unwillingness to assist him in the future. She did not know what to make of him. She wasn't sure she ever had. And she found solace in neutrality, wishing to remain unnoticed and in the background. At the reminder that they had lost their usergroups, Star's eyebrows knit together in a consternation that quickly led to her bringing up her HUD again and finding the menu that would have held her status for such a thing depressingly empty. ...who am I here? Bits and pieces floated along her memory, but nothing substantial for now. As her eyes forlornly scanned the Overviews for each Usergroup, she desperately wished that one or another of them would stir something inside her, something that would give her a clue to what she had once been, if anything. Her silent desperation grew into a knot inside her as she ran over and over the lines of text and completely missed the admin's absolutely valid follow-up question as to their whereabouts for the last several hours. In any case, she felt she would have little to add to that particular conversation. She didn't know and had little to say that the others wouldn't be able to articulate more precisely what with their older knowledge of the Mansion and its properties thereof. Star released a quiet breath of a sigh from her lungs and half-heartedly chose her Usergroup as they stood there--if only so she could return something of a normalcy to her existence--releasing her panel into the air and listening to any others that might speak up, waiting patiently for everyone to either be dismissed or for others to begin breaking away before silently slipping away herself at an opportune moment, hoping to go unnoticed as she attempted as much. She would return to her room, tension only slightly relieved when she found her feet managing to auto-pilot her in the right direction before she took direct notice of her path, and hope to find some answers there-in. Also Spark Points. Command(s): Become Werewolf ((Lunar Jade)) Travel to Personal Quarters Explore Personal Quarters ~!**!~ ((I'm not sure if you meant for us to actually Explore our Personal Quarters, but given Star's reaction to things so far, it made the most sense for her to do. I am updating my actions now because I'm not super sure I'll be able to hop on SB over the next couple of days--which should also explain why I wrote Star's reactions the way I did--so if you do decide that we go and rest and awake in the morning to do our Command, Star is perfectly content to go collapse and then explore her room upon awakening.))
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star's fingers quickly brought up her console, wiggling through menus via habit as her gaze never left the individual she found with Traj and that one guy. "Uh, why are we fighting again?" Who thought this was a good idea? "And I swear if you say something about 'trespassing,'" She started to threaten the dark figure across from them but with an irritated shake of her head continued with, "I'm going to have to ask you to take it up with that Script Kiddie you hired to eff up the Mansion. I don't want to be here any more than you or whoever you work for wants me here, I can promise you that." run_command!Party_1/Formation/Slot_3 run_command!Posture/DelayInevitableByDialogue/MaybeItWillWork/IsThisGuyCapableOfReason
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Keeping her own council, as she did most occasions, Star gave the trait-specific door a secret smile and turned to leave on silent steps. run_command!Path_AcrobatWae
  11. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Star turned back to Ward and gave a small nod of appreciation, but did not otherwise change direction. "Indeed! I figured as much, but I am glad someone around here is willing to share information." "As to my not accompanying you--" She shrugged, "--view it how you like. I am not specifically party to your endeavors in any case, but I do wish to see this door for myself. After all--" For a moment her eyes gleamed with something unnameable, "--Knowledge is Power," and then she turned back to follow her pre-determined path.
  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    It had been her first instinct upon sensing that the stairs "didn't want her to pass," but for Rex's sake, she had hoped not. Though it was rather convenient of him to show up and join them. When the other Bruiser did not join them, Star could only assume he had found de wai of their trait, and felt the notion confirmed when they arrived at the stairs and Traj was not with them. She gave a little huff, mumbled something along the lines of 'good luck,' and turned to iko and Ward with a smile that said she had remembered their names. "Well." Her hands moved to her hips as her eyes lingered on the staircase she couldn't access, the notion irking her as if it perhaps felt wrong, but passing just as quickly as she returned her attention to the other two. "That takes care of that. I think it's safe to say there's probably something around here you two can fiddle with, if not these stairs. Even if two words haven't been said about it edgewise. What say we find it...?" Without the ability to use their HUD right now, they would have to do this the old fashioned way: on foot. run_command!Search_HackerWae ((MetaPermissions::run_command!Move_Start|Move_East|Move_East))
  13. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ((O-tay!)) run_command!Return::Ward|iko::'Glitched'Stairs
  14. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ((Yeah, because of PMs being down, I wasn't too sure how much hand-waving of us finding one another would be done, but technically I suppose if there isn't anything specifically seeking at this time to keep us separated or keeping us from finding each other, there isn't any reason why we--eventually--couldn't.)) ((Okay, so at this point, I'm just going to assume commands aren't super necessary if we're just looking for dialogue with one another? Yeah. Gonna assume that.)) ~!**!~ As Star wandered back to what she in her head head already oriented as "Start," she sought out... ...what were their names? ####. She remembered...Traj ... I'm getting awfully tired of not knowing who I am. "Hackers! Are there any Hackers in the house?" She finally called out when she found Start, finding the darkness felt somewhat oppressive and ready to face something if it jumped out at her, altered to her presence by her shout. So far they hadn't been bothered. She wondered if the luck would hold. With a self-conscious hand rubbing at the back of her neck, upon finding them she began with an apology, and shortly thereafter her name. "I'm...sorry. That wipe of Script Kiddie's did a number on my memory. I-If we knew each other before now, I can't remember. Just...bits and pieces." She didn't offer a hand, but just sort of nodded somewhat awkwardly: "Call me Flotsam--err--" She wasn't exactly sure where that nomenclature had arisen from and her head twitched slightly as if resetting the encounter, red rising to her cheeks with embarrassment, "--that is, Star. Call me Star. Sorry." Can't even remember my own #### name. She wished the earth would open up beneath her feet and swallow her whole. She quickly continued, words coming out in a sort of rush that belied her attempt at maintaining any sort of composure, "There's a sort of...barrier back my direction if you're interested in taking a look. I thought maybe a Hacker could tackle it...?" She waited to see if they had any interest. If so, she would gladly lead them back to the stairs she had found at their leisure. ~!**!~ ((I suppose this is where I say if either of you Hackers want to see where Star is talking about, she'll take you there if you want, where then I would assume upon Update Rift'll let us know what we can do next, if anything.))
  15. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ((So, you're just sort of hand-waving us finding one another?))