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  1. That awful, awful moment when one of your favorite bands releases an album and you have no idea where you can get it before a long trip

  2. Werewolf Signups - Inu's Lab

    Aw man. Too soon for the wolf stabbing fun to end!
  3. Inu's Lab

    Since my vote earlier seems to have been ignored, Vote: Cel.
  4. Inu's Lab

    it's a little curious, but if the man is busy, he may just be voting to get over it... Or maybe he doesn't have to reveal a posting requirement this way.
  5. Inu's Lab

    I notice that Inu didn't specify what animal got Rex. Meanwhile, night 1, we saw hints of a wolfish/clawlike nature. Taking this at face value, I'd say that Rex was evil. At the same time, I'm not completely convinced Red is bad. His requirement obviously is to make sure he's sleepy, so I'm thinking dreamer. That, or a nocturnal beast Alas, Vote: Cel. I'm a little curious why you say he's going to be hard to Kill, @mccraabi, can you elaborate a little bit?
  6. Inu's Lab

    Vote: Wee Since it seems we have started with posting requirements, I wouldn't want a snake in our presence
  7. Inu's Lab

    We know who the watcher is...
  8. Inu's Lab

    Vote: Nobody Almost voted Sinical for his unusual behavior.
  9. The People Thread v.3

    I'm a chemist! An interesting field when you're not playing in a lab with mutagens all day ;P And @InuyashaOhki, it's only a 2 year beard. Just look at how my youthful look in my eye faded to distrust of everything. Science. Not even once.
  10. Werewolf Signups - Inu's Lab

    Nobody signs up.
  11. The People Thread v.3

    Amazing what 4 years can do to a guy.
  12. Werewolf: Frequency Sign-Ups

    I'd join, however I wanted to wish you all good luck and all that. I've got a big move this weekend, and next week is going to be the "Oh no what did we forget" week with the room mates haha.
  13. That moment you bail on your private messages without realizing. Real life is weird. Getting an apartment though so all worked well! 

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Congrats on the apartment!

  14. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf Signups/Graveyard

    I received the e-mail a few days ago but forgot about it because I was working. Won't be able to attend this meeting, sorry ladies and gents
  15. Werewolf Almost Classic (Signups) and Graveyard

    Not even upset, at least the wolves wasted their kill on a PI