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    ..too many to mention but i really..really love baking <3
  1. um, hi

    really?! Ah, i live close to KC! Well i mean i live in grandview, but still!
  2. um, hi

    AHHH! i didn't expect replies QAQ Um i work for a henhouse bakery here in kansas. So i don't do much besides prepare everything for the next day. -flails arms- BLACJAC! -huggles- AHHH! RIFT! QAQ Maybe o3o we make a lot of pies here XD Mostly drawing a lot more in all honesty. Since i last talked to you all my art has become a lot better and i've made some friends who help me with details and so forth ^3^
  3. um, hi

    So..hey. I doubt a lot of you know me, or remember me. I was browsing on steam and saw the old Sparkbomb group..and i brought back memories. I hope you all are doing well. As for me? I'm a baker full time, but not where i wanna be. I'm thinking of trying to go work for a full fledged bakery. I still draw, i know nebiros watches me on da. If you all want my account let me know =] Um, i live on my own now, and enjoying life as is. I do miss you all, and i wish i stopped by more to talk to you all more often ya know? Anyways, how are you all? =]
  4. um, its been ages since i ever came back to this site o3o idk if any of you remember me XD

  5. Town Of Salem

    Sometimes, i will admit it, you get really..dumb people playing and they ruin the entire game. Which SUCKS =3= Then you get people that make the game WORTH playing. So far, i hate all any games cause its a major toss up on good and evil. Evil always seems to outweigh the good in an all any game.
  6. Town Of Salem

    Now i'm not sure if many of you have ever heard of this game. I mentioned it to rift after i found the game, VIA Minx. Pretty much the game is like WW, expect its mafia..if that makes sense. Really i want to see if you guys would enjoy it and maybe set up a time to do a game while skyping [is that even a word? Oh well it is now XD] o3o <-that's the game Its all browser base, and signup is free. Custom games are the best =] Seriously guys, once you play the game it will be hard to stop =D <-Also in case you want to see the roles and their skills =] I really think you guys would make a killing in the game ^3^
  7. What are you playing?

    My problem is it feels like a downloadable psn or xbl game. There just isn't enough content to garner a $60 price tag for me. it kinda is in a sense..but i still like it, plus it is fun to start a new game as a different class. That is just me XD Also i've gotten into a game called town of Salem. Pretty much like WW, but fun. Really worth playing, and i think SB would have fun with the game.
  8. What are you playing?

    Update: Playing south park stick of truth. All thanks to nebiros XD she got me addicted to the freaking game. If you don't mind the offensive...disturbing level of south park i highly recommend playing it.
  9. i believe Kansas also passed a bill that businesses can refuse to serve people based on their religious belief. Which to be honest WAS scraped but then put back on and passed. Honestly, i think it is slightly stupid. I have nothing against anyone's religion, but this is just getting way to out of hand. I mean what about EMTs..or hospitals? Are they not also businesses? Cannot they not also refuse to help someone due to their belief? The government has gotten out of hand these past few years and really i don't think they should of passed this stupid thing at all. Now to one of your questions: If they allow some to refuse then fine, but not all should. Really i believe that is bad for their business. Just became someone is gay doesn't mean they don't buy things. They spend money just like everyone else and really if you try to push them away you could possibly loose a good chunk of income for your store. That is just my two cents really.
  10. The People Thread v.3

    Congrats RC! Now where is my cola!?
  11. Sparkbomb Hour

    never does work out XD though i have skype on my phone and keep it on..i cannot do much else since i have a lot to do at work =3=
  12. Sparkbomb Hour

    i would LOVE to be apart of this, but due to my work i only get monday and tuesdays off =[
  13. i just have steam id right now and it is Linyah13 XD
  14. What are you playing?

    Minecraft..which my laptop seems to struggle running but not anything else o3o I will be getting back into my final fantasy games soon.
  15. What about people who would like be in the sparkcomic/mansionverse but cannot afford to do any donation no matter how small it may be?