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  1. It's been a while, I wouldn't mind playing. When is nightfall?
  2. I'm going to back up Voce's vote for tonight. Vote: Franc
  3. @lion wiggles - haters gonna hate.
  4. So this is the point in the game where I go to the first post and see who aren't we talking about. It's happened a lot quicker this time though. Mostly because I'm still confused, and I'm seeing some good arguments...or at least plausible arguments. I will 98% likely to not be on later because reasons* I'm not even semi-confident on a vote tonight. Vote: Nobody *Stardew Valley is taking over my life. I'm only not playing it right now so that I can vote and eat dinner.
  5. So I've been chatting via PM with others and well, the gist of it is now on the forums, so I'm going to lean towards Voce tonight - unless she has a valid reason to disbelieve weee's role claim, which I find hard to believe, I'm erring on the side of being evil and protecting herself. Vote: Voce
  6. Hot potato anyone?
  7. Well if Blacjak is correct, this really does feel like an episode of Star Trek...you know, but with wolves.
  8. Vote: Nobody Checking in. This is going to be an interesting game.
  9. Reporting for duty.
  10. @Shattered Rift @Rexozord Well done game. Good job!
  11. That's not what you asked for.
  12. Oh, didn't you hear? I targeted Voce and Silver...or was my list switched?
  13. Also, weee just told me that she's lynching the tracker next Don't know if you want to prevent that from happening.
  14. Okay so it's been my experience that weee is really good at bluffing me - so this game I had decided to just avoid her. In fact, I haven't had much contact with many players, which seems to be my detriment. I guess I made the "mistake" of not answering her accusations. I'm starting to think Sinical was right about weee. You know, even though he seemed to have lost his marbles a bit at the end there.
  15. No, weee made private accusations that I'm capable of attacking multiple players at the same time, and that just can't be true, that would be just too overpowered. And because that wasn't true, I believe she is lying and manipulating me, and likely her teammates. I don't trust her at all this game. Things just aren't adding up for her so I denied her further information. And it's not just me, granted Silver was evil, so we have to take it with a grain of salt, but she posted about being PM'd by weee the other night with information that wasn't true/possible as well. I think weee may be playing us. Vote: Weee