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  1. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    It was pure dumb luck that I was able to kill mccraabi on Night 1. I wasn't going to role claim but then an opportunity presented itself to a) protect Inu* and b ) be able to claim innocence as mccraabi's role was revealed to me when I killer her (sorry). *I targeted Inu on Night 2 and it was revealed that he was a fan of mine, but I was 'too shy' to say hi to him. I was hoping by claiming his innocence that he would figure out I was the killer and help me eliminate others. I would like to see this game mechanic played out on a larger group. Also, I miss PMing.
  2. RPS wolf game thread

    Sorry, Sunday's been a busy day. I'm still inclined to vote for Zilary, only because my dream last night cleared Inu and Zilary is contradicting my results, I still strongly believe Inu to be innocent because I can't think of a reason why my results could have been corrupted...?
  3. RPS wolf game thread

    Wait - so Zilary also targeted Inu last night? I have to assume I was the one who 'protected' Inu because I was able to use my powers successfully last night (my first attempt failed). Can someone clarify whether Mccraabi is dead or not? Sinical spoke of her in past tense, and my assuming of his 'no one died' post was referring to the night's events. If mccraabi is indeed dead: vote: zilary
  4. RPS wolf game thread

    Oh, that was me, I'm the Dreamer and I was dreaming Inu last night. Edited to add: Also, I will totally vouch for Inu.
  5. RPS wolf game thread

    I'm also against full role claim, there's only six of us (er five now). I guess I'll vote: mccraabi to balance out the vote for Inu. He seems ready to be helpful.
  6. RPS wolf game thread

    I totally didn't pick up on that! But I don't know whether we can use that to determine the killer.
  7. RPS wolf game thread

    Sorry, just to clarify, am I correct in thinking day one ends in ~9.5 hours?
  8. RPS wolf game thread

    I wonder how this will work with only 6 people. Good luck everyone (except the baddie, a plague on your donkey). Vote: Nobody for now.
  9. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    It's been a while, I wouldn't mind playing. When is nightfall?
  10. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    I'm going to back up Voce's vote for tonight. Vote: Franc
  11. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Signup & Graveyard

    @lion wiggles - haters gonna hate.
  12. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    So this is the point in the game where I go to the first post and see who aren't we talking about. It's happened a lot quicker this time though. Mostly because I'm still confused, and I'm seeing some good arguments...or at least plausible arguments. I will 98% likely to not be on later because reasons* I'm not even semi-confident on a vote tonight. Vote: Nobody *Stardew Valley is taking over my life. I'm only not playing it right now so that I can vote and eat dinner.
  13. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    So I've been chatting via PM with others and well, the gist of it is now on the forums, so I'm going to lean towards Voce tonight - unless she has a valid reason to disbelieve weee's role claim, which I find hard to believe, I'm erring on the side of being evil and protecting herself. Vote: Voce
  14. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    Hot potato anyone?
  15. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    Well if Blacjak is correct, this really does feel like an episode of Star Trek...you know, but with wolves.