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  1. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    I didn't do anything this game, lol. The only information I got night 1 was that Spirit chose paper. There was nothing I could do with that, and then I died. My role allowed me to see whether people chose rock, paper, or scissors for varying lengths of time depending on how the "match" went. This may have been useful had I survived, but not knowing who the their target was, or what the result of their encounter was made my information use pretty limited.
  2. RPS wolf game thread

    Vote: Inu Says the vote for me isn't random, yet provides no reasons whatsoever.
  3. RPS wolf game thread

    LOL So I don't forget, Vote: nobody
  4. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    I will also give a provisional yes. I'm going to a friends wedding next weekend, so I'd need to be done by the 25th as well, or start after memorial day weekend.
  5. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    If Star was going to remove smile, then she should have removed me, exiled, red, and blacjak. Day 1, none of us made a game-related post that contained more than just our vote. and yes, obviously leaving an innocent in the game helps the innocents, but removing her just means that you WIN for no reason, since it was only exiled/red left. If smile were removed, there would be only 5 innocents for 2 baddies, which is just a horribly unbalanced game. If that were the distribution, if the innocents EVER executed another innocent, they just lose. That is in no way a balanced game. So yes, if we played a game type of that distribution, you could have won. But just about anyone could win in that game type, it says nothing about how skillfully you played. Honestly, if star felt it was necessary to remove smile, she would have just needed to say the game was void, since the result would not have been a fair game. So if you really want, you can just consider this a null game, rather than a loss for you. But I don't see any way you can consider this a win.
  6. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    yeah we got into a little fender bender last night. It wasn't a big deal, it just took FOREVER to get done with it, so I couldn't get on to vote. Still, you guys couldn't have waited for Zilary to take over? I would guess that weee is evil. She knew that I was a guard, and those cards only have 1 use. So, she should have known there was a good reason not to use my card right away, since one was already wasted. Instead, she let a second get wasted for no reason? Still don't understand at all how I was executed. EDIT: She said "I'm bothered by what she's said today - it seems like she's trying to make us feel more helpless and information-less than we actually are." But that's actually just not true, I had literally no reason to suspect anyone for a particular role, and definitely did not feel comfortable to waste the cards ONE use on that. It makes no sense, and weee knew it made no sense
  7. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    My role is one that I'm not interested in using without having any knowledge, so was hoping to wait until something happened. But nothing has happened. I was hoping that other people would use their cards to get some information..
  8. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    not me!
  9. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Vote: nobody
  10. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    haha if the game lasts that long then I'll just take over in an advisory capacity. I'll be a ghost whispering to you OoooOoooOooo
  11. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    I'm busy from October 7th-11th and will be afk most of that time. Maybe Zilary and I could just be one player and switch off on the 7th
  12. Werewolf Signups - Inu's Lab

    The NPM dream was because she was one of the last to switch vote to Cel, and only did so after I made it so obvious that you couldn't claim innocence and NOT vote for Cel. As zodiac said, I was in PMs with NPM and him after dreaming NPM, which was lucky for me. NPM actually captured me in a jar the night I dreamed her, so I was able to just tell her to let me go before night results. I told Zodiac/NPM that I was suspicious of Blacjack/Zilary/Red in that order, and that's the order I'd be dreaming. So, even if Red hadn't killed blac, I would have gotten his results and we would have won tomorrow. Well, we would have won if I wasn't killed at least. I still have no idea why I wasn't attacked that entire game, that seems like a bad decision by the baddies. I soft-claimed from as soon as I got results. Also, I was the one who left wariness at 50% the entire game, lol. I just forgot about it the first 2 nights, and then since things had been working for me so far, I didn't mess with it. Oh, also weee did you notice my *energy* wording? I was trying to make it subtle enough so that it wasn't a hard claim, but you still realized I knew what your transformer was.
  13. Werewolf Signups - Inu's Lab

    I understand the lack of baddies, actually. I was worried going into this that the innocents would have a severe disadvantage. It's a LOT more difficult to coordinate as a group when PMs aren't allowed, and you have to be careful about revealing too much/ too little information. I think 1 more would have been a standard number in a regular game, but not one with no PMs. Maybe a neutral would have helped though, I'm not sure. That said, I enjoyed this game very much. Although, it was very frustrating trying to *hint* at things and having them be ignored.
  14. Inu's Lab

    Vote: Zilary NPM is not a baddie, I believe Red is suspect still.
  15. Inu's Lab

    The hissing was unrelated. I think we can also see that sinical is evil because he agreed with everything zodiac said, haha. This almost never happens when sinical is innocent. When it does happen, he'll add something like "surprisingly, I agree with zodiac." Also, right now Red has the majority. I strongly urge you to reconsider and vote Cel.