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  1. Werehouse: Homeowners Association

    Hey guys sorry for not being around to vote yesterday. I have limited access to internet until Monday because I just moved around the bay for my job this summer. What do we already about our enemy that could give us a clue into where they may be setting up shop?
  2. Sooooo what's happening with the current game?

    1. InuyashaOhki


      It just started. Remember to vote for me. I'm your Cabbit Party candidate for Chairman.

  3. I'm in! My name is Baron Mathilo Rova and I live in a Crimson Red house! And I'll treat my neighbors with a traditional Newfoundland greeting: Whaddya at bys? Also just gonna throw this out there #Rovaforchairman2016 xP
  4. Rawr!

    I would love to see pictures sometime of the stuff you made! And that jellyfish dress is adorable. Hey Rift! The new layout looks really cool!
  5. High Fantasy Role Play

    Hi Celairiel! Nice to meet ya. I have no problems with taking on a DM type role for this. Ideally I would like to have 2-3 more players. And unfortunately I don't have the time/schedule to commit to a Sunday thing every week.
  6. Rawr!

    I haven't much experience with designing them yet, I've been on the construction side of things when it comes to most of my theatre experience. But I have to say drawing people in long gowns/dresses or guys with longer trench coats/Military style is right up my ally. Something that I have been looking a lot into recently is Clair Danes dress from some award show she was attending. The threading is all LED wiring and it has my mind spinning with idea's with how something like that could be incorporated into a theatre production!

    Time to breath some life back into this topic. Sun & Moon Who's getting what? Which starter are you going with? Have any theories about the game that others might not have thought about yet? When I first heard the announcement of the game release I had made my decision to get moon before I knew what the legendary would look like. After seeing the bat like creature for its cover I was completely happy with my choice! As for the starters I am 100% #teamrowlet. I feel it's about time that a grass starter got some loving! (btw I always go with grass) And suffice to say he is by far the cutest. xP The only thing that worries me about this game now is that I hope it doesn't come off to much like the Hoenn region. Both are tropical islands basically. I have also recently started a replay of my pokemon White version and trying to do it as a Grass type trainer which means all the pokemon in my party have to have grass as one of their types regardless if it's primary or secondary.I am currently at the 7th gym with Serperior, Leavanny, Liligant, Ferrothorn, Amoonguss, and Virizion! I did this with Alpha sapphire as well(Actually had to try the elite 4 a couple times) and I have to say I enjoy the challenge of working with one typing and even more so because it is my favorite so when Moon comes out I think I will go straight up grass trainer. Ever since B/W I have found the games no where near as challenging like when I was kid. Does anyone else play with challenges? How do you play your pokemon game?
  8. Would there be anyone interested in doing a fantasy style role play? Like DnD but with out all the mechanics. I would be open to suggestions as to how people would like to go about it!
  9. Rawr!

    Hey guys! Long time no see. This place has taken quite the face lift since I was last kicking around here. Was hoping maybe I could catch a werewolf game or two over the summer! For those who don't know me I'm Rova and I live in Newfoundland Canada! I like lot's of things but if you were to look at my life you probably see things focus a lot around Anime, Pokemon, and Zelda. During the time I have been away I have gone to Theatre school to learn Stagecraft (technical theatre) and have found myself wanting to focus on the wardrobe aspect. So this year I applied to Dalhousie and have been accepted into their Costume Studies program! Hope you all are doing well and can't wait to take in a game!