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  1. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    I can understand the secret rezconvert, I screwed up pretty bad on Zodiac, and second one would have looked worse.
  2. "Happy" Little Trees

    Vote: Cel Taking Weee's lead again, and feeling lucky to have Weee on my team Also, protector should probably protect Weee tonight.
  3. "Happy" Little Trees

    I am following Weee's lead on Blackjak, sounds reasonable to me to execute someone claiming the same role as someone else. Unvote: Exile Vote: Blackjak
  4. "Happy" Little Trees

    Whoever is the protector, can you please be sure to protect me tonight? Weee is safe tonight, and it would be good to have my vigilante powers around.
  5. "Happy" Little Trees

    Okay, I am going to add my vote against Exile as well, though mostly as a placeholder. I am ready to change my vote if something else comes up. Vote: Exile
  6. "Happy" Little Trees

    Sweet, back again! Sorry Zodiac, but targeting the traitor just seemed totally suspicious to me. Still feels suspicious and now there is confirmation you were innocent :(. I guess I completely read that wrong. So who should we be looking into today? I like possibly looking into Exile or Blackjack as they did jump onto the Zodiac bandwagon without much thought to it.
  7. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    Back in here again
  8. "Happy" Little Trees

    So first, I would like to publicly say Thank You! to whoever rezzed me. I was highly disappointed that I was killed off so quick on my first game I got to chat privately with others, especially when I didn't even have a chance to chat with anyone yet. Next, Cel beat me to it, but I also at first felt that the Zodiac bandwagon was a bandwagon as well, however his defense became more and more desperate sounding. I know that being targeted can make you feel desperate, and it does sound like he has some PI right now that could just be distracting him from making a better argument (sorry for your loss), but his weak defense is still making me lean towards him being a baddie. Finally, he did message me as he mentioned he would, but the power he claimed, and what he claimed he would do with that power seems really off to me. I am still quite new to this game, and I don't want people to think I just always give away everything I am told in private, but this is so off, I am going to share it. He basically claimed to be able to use other people's powers that are in the grave yard, and then planned to target the traitor, a role that has no power listed. I have asked him to clarify the strategy, but something about it just screams non-innocent. Vote: theZodiac
  9. "Happy" Little Trees

    So to be clear, the bus driver had a power that the grave person could potentially inherit? Would his power be on the list, or is it just driving busses. Vote: Nobody
  10. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    In case it wasn't clear, I want to sign up
  11. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    Is it too late to sign up?
  12. Rebels in the Court - Signup Thread/Graveyard

    I am fairly certain that Star did not intentionally do this. I had sent several messages to Star during that time period, trying to get some clarifications, and she had likely not realized I had not officially posted anything. I apologize again for missing posting anything and voting for that day. I was traveling, and I mixed up which day I needed to make sure I got on and vote.
  13. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    I am truly befuddled here. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out both Red and Exile are evil. One the OMT and the other part of the Rebel Team, which means I have to pick my poison. I think I will just leave my vote as is.
  14. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Okay, I guess I will change my vote since you were being so nice and courteous. I was hoping that Exile would get on and say something more, but since he didn't..... Unvote: Red Vote: Exile
  15. Rebels in the Court - Game Thread

    Oh, your right, Unvote: End Day Early Unvote: Exile Edit: Okay, I have re-read the entire thread about 3 times now, and here is what I came up with. Exile: Reasons for being evil: 1. Exile did wait a long time to vote for Weee. 2. He has been pushing a Red execution since the first day, with his only real argument being that Red misread the game rules, and therefore must be evil. (I disagree with this logic, especially since I know I did a little bit of that too , and that was why I voted the other way that day) Reasons for being good: 1. Exile only pushed to end Red the whole time, and only until the rest of the village was leaning heavily towards Weee, did he change his mind. He stayed consistent, and until the rest of the village was ready to turn elsewhere, did he turn. The reason I think this may point to him being good is because he didn't just jump onto any other bandwagon of Loyalist executions when they were presented. Red: Reasons for being evil: 1. The very first day, Weee targeted Red with her ability, and then Red casually got rid of his card because it had been discovered, to which Weee then 'confirmed' that he had the card he claimed. And then he immediately revealed his 'new' card. This is not consistent behavior, even with not understanding the rules (and if the argument had been presented this way, I likely would have voted him Day 2 instead of mccraabi) 2. There was also a moment when it seemed that Weee was warning her teammate to be careful to not sound suspicious. 3. Also, it is highly suspicious that Weee would apologize in the groupies to Red, supposedly hoping to get him to vote for Traj, when she was the one that had changed the vote towards mccraabi. Red could have just as easily have voted along with Sinical towards Weee that 2nd day to save himself as well, but instead sided with Weee. 4. Traj was also pushing for a Red execution during day 2, and was killed off on Night 3. Reason for being good: 1. He is acting consistently like he did in the last game where it turned out he was innocent. I am not going to vote to end the day early, but right now, I am leaning towards a Red vote, since his reasons for being evil seem more damning than Exile's. Vote: Red