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  1. Jay's Question Corner!

    Actually, that's a great answer. Thanks for the honesty. It can be hard to fight something like that; it never really goes away. Bettering your life is definitely worth it. Aw, you didn't have to go and undo your beautiful thoughts. That's okay. I liked 'em! You mean, in a formal classroom where that was all that was expected of you? Because I've found that real learning after schooling is actually easy. The thing that's hard about it is dedicating time. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day. You have to be the one to invest in yourself now; school isn't going to do it anymore. ------ Thanks for the answers, guys! I won't always have a response to you, but I will try to make those connections when and where I can. Today is, of course, Halloween, and the festivities have given me another question for you! Good, bad, and ugly, there have been a lot of films produced in the "horror" genre over the years. Technology, tastes and time-honored traditions have changed over the years, but the fact remains that some people just want to be scared. What's your favorite horror film, and does it scare you anymore? Did it ever? I don't really dig gory slasher flicks or torture porn. Hate driving down elm street, Not a fan of chainsaw massacres or hills with eyes. The first Saw movie was good, but it was just an intense thriller with some bits of dismemberment thrown in to help sell the story. I Like thrillers more than anything, the ones that screw with your head. There's always one movie that perfectly destroys my brain with fear, though. "Alien", no question. The movie is a perfectly performed incision into the terror centers of the human psyche. Just, everything about it is so good. And it holds up so well, too. The rest of the franchise descends into action-intensity, and that's fine, but the first film will always be my go to horror pick.
  2. What up! Hope your day has been especially happy!

  3. Jay's Question Corner!

    Wow, Bed. That was intense! Kudos on such a deep and profound question. Stuff like this makes me wonder about whether Star Trek style transporters are really such a good idea, because would it really be me beaming down to Riza, or would I die as my particle mass is deconstructed, only to have my copy enjoy all the sexy alien action... and then I remember that I think transporters are awesome, and promptly forget to worry. And then I remember I'm married, and my wife would probably be mad if I went to Riza in the first place, and start worrying again... Even though Shattered called it, it's totally okay that you hijacked it, for a wizbang of a thought like that. I was speaking of winning in a metaphorical sense. See, this is really just the latest incarnation of something I've done on and off for almost ten years now. I suppose I should fill in the backstory, to clear all this up so we can really get started... [cue magic flashback ripple] A handful of years ago, I lived about twenty minutes away from my job, walking time. I greatly enjoyed my morning walks to work, as it gave me time to wake up with some fresh air, and stretch my legs in the morning. However, I was often left alone in thought during these brief jaunts. I don't mind, to be honest. I like time to talk with myself; the conversations are interesting, anyway. But one day I decided to try something different. See, I had a number of contacts on my still-newish phone that I wanted to talk to more often, but I constantly found myself at a loss when it came time to communicate with said individuals. I was always stressing about it. What I would say, if I had anything interesting to share, commonality I could discuss. In reality, it was less of a problem than I felt it was at the time, but that was where I had found myself. And I'm glad I did. So, there I am, on my way to work one morning, piddling around with my little flip phone, when inspiration strikes! A way to get people to talk to me! First, I created a group out of people whom I knew would appreciate what I was about to do. Then I sent a message, telling everyone they had been selected for my daily question text. Everyone responded, so I set to work from there. Thus began a sacred morning tradition. Every morning, on my way to work, I would shoot the group a new question. Some days they were pretty simple questions (favorite color?), other times they were serious (how would you handle death of x person?) and sometimes they were downright odd (favorite pants you ever wore?). I wanted to get them thinking about things to respond, to get them talking to me, to bridge the communications gap, and to learn a little about the people I cared about. It was also fun trying to come up with questions, and starting conversations after they answered. [cue magic unflashback ripple] It worked pretty well, until that phone died, and I lost some of the numbers, and life happened. I've done it again twice since. So, realizing I don't know many of the people here on the forum, and that I want to get more involved in its movements and conversations, I thought I'd start a few of my own, using similar methods. I created this topic thread to do that, hoping that, by asking questions, I'd get the people talking. And talking to people is one of my favorite things.So, here we are, in the Question Corner! And now that that's done... IT'S QUESTION TIME! Coming up with questions used to be a daily morning ritual for me, and some days I really miss it. What is something you used to do every day, that you no longer do, and how does it make you feel? Keep flying, everybody!
  4. Jay's Question Corner!

    Hello! If you are reading this, conglaturation, a winner is you! You have been selected to participate in an exciting series of COMPLETELY RANDOM AND MEANINGLESS QUESTIONS. The nature of these questions spans the gamut from totally inane to deadly serious, in an unrelated and completely hodgepodge assortment. The nature of this is to foster communication and understanding between posters, as well as opening up discussion and broadening horizons. JayBlueJay promises never to ask a question he himself (or one of the voices he shares his head with) will not answer. Questions may come at any time, and they will, so keep a sharp eye!
  5. I swear, it was like this when I got here.

    I'll try. Anyone's guess if he actually does, but since one of the goals I have inn moving back into the mansion is to host some games, I might be able to dangle a carrot his way. We'll have to see.
  6. Ă̶Sͮ̔͘ ̻͎̣̣͑̌̒̀T̝̋̓H͎͓ͩ̎͆̕E̾ ̯̬̉̄̔̇P͍̰̗̲͙̘͗̎ͬ̌̕R̨̗̙̬͛̐͗ͭ͋̆ͭO̤͖͖̯͋̕P̱̻̙̬ͣ͐̎ͥͦ̈H̯̠́͠ĔͅC̱̟̈́͊̄͒Y̊͏̜̝ ̺̩͚̃̄̆ͭ̄H̠͘Ḁ̭̪̦̂͋ͣ̾̏́̅̕S̵̰͔̩̎ ͍̳̩̰̀ͣͬ̂F͙̟͖̱̖͈́̿ͪͥ̑ͪ̀O̴̩͍̪R̗̲͕͈͈͈̊ͥ͐̌̀E͍͓̟̹͖ͩ͒ͅT̥͎̄ͤ͢O̩̮̙ͫ̾̏̐̒͒L̲̰̉͋ͪ͒ͦͭ̃͠D͔̝̝̠̽̓͐͢ͅ ̯͓͉̹͓ͩͫͩ͆̇ IͥͮT͈͓͛̃̇̾̽ͥ̉ Bͣͯͨ͂̽̍ͫE̝͙͉̲͍̰ͮ̋̍G̙̦͍͉͉̞̠I̡͙̳̦ͬ̔͛̄͋̊N̬̮͔̤͙̙͔ͬS̢̜̰͈̎̃ͣ͆͐̂ ͙ͣͨ̈ͮ͌͟Ä̢̫̟̰̭́͑G̪͉͉̦̀ͧͅÀI͚̥̩Ň̪̙͐͆̚ Yo. Been a while. Site looks different, I like it. Just talked to Shattered about coming back in, so... here I am! I was here in the early days, but life pulled me out for a while. Thankfully, some seasons come around again. Looking forward to being back. Used to go by Admiral Ackbar, and before that I... think I was firstmate? Friend of Zen and Shattered, brother of LBZ. I wasn't active back then at all, tbh. Hoping to give all this another whirl, actually contribute a bit. Thanks for having me.