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  1. I think I have a few rolls of ducktape and WD-40, that should be able to solve all our problems right?
  2. Its like he's trying to speak to me i know it!
  3. Sorry, I had a lot of...uh well lets call it "drama" last night and was not able to get on. My apologies. Vote: NPM
  4. I do bite my thumb but not at thee! well from personal experience Fox's are very sly and sneaky...perhaps you are really a wolf, in fox clothing! *dun dun DUN!!!*
  5. Well I dont see why I couldn't vote for myself. It starts an entire cycle of self doubt which is tons of fun! The world will never know until the final vote is cast! But I mean, regardless of what I say, I don't really have any proof I'm not a werewolf, but there isn't really any proof that I am one either besides speculation and heresay.
  6. *gasp* do you bite your thumb at me sir?! I may be new to the forum but I'm not new to mafia/werewolf. if I were the werewolf would I do this? vote: myself
  7. That's exactly what someone who is a werewolf would say! *strokes non-existent beard quizzically*
  8. Unless this is your evil plan all along just to kill NPM *intense music plays in the background*
  9. *glaring at Exiled Phoenix intensifies*
  10. vote: Bed
  11. Wait, not everything is about me?? Well, regardless, my point is still valid, is it not?
  12. So I'm good for the next 4 days then?
  13. Vote: Nobody Does this count as my one post per day? RexEdit: I went ahead and took care of the duplicate posts. If a post looks like it isn't going through, I recommend copying the whole thing, reloading the page, confirming it didn't go through, and then trying to post again.
  14. I'll play.