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  1. "Happy" Little Trees

    I think I have a few rolls of ducktape and WD-40, that should be able to solve all our problems right?
  2. "Happy" Little Trees

    Its like he's trying to speak to me i know it!
  3. "Happy" Little Trees

    Sorry, I had a lot of...uh well lets call it "drama" last night and was not able to get on. My apologies. Vote: NPM
  4. "Happy" Little Trees

    I do bite my thumb but not at thee! well from personal experience Fox's are very sly and sneaky...perhaps you are really a wolf, in fox clothing! *dun dun DUN!!!*
  5. "Happy" Little Trees

    Well I dont see why I couldn't vote for myself. It starts an entire cycle of self doubt which is tons of fun! The world will never know until the final vote is cast! But I mean, regardless of what I say, I don't really have any proof I'm not a werewolf, but there isn't really any proof that I am one either besides speculation and heresay.
  6. "Happy" Little Trees

    *gasp* do you bite your thumb at me sir?! I may be new to the forum but I'm not new to mafia/werewolf. if I were the werewolf would I do this? vote: myself
  7. "Happy" Little Trees

    That's exactly what someone who is a werewolf would say! *strokes non-existent beard quizzically*
  8. "Happy" Little Trees

    Unless this is your evil plan all along just to kill NPM *intense music plays in the background*
  9. "Happy" Little Trees

    *glaring at Exiled Phoenix intensifies*
  10. "Happy" Little Trees

    vote: Bed
  11. "Happy" Little Trees

    Wait, not everything is about me?? Well, regardless, my point is still valid, is it not?
  12. "Happy" Little Trees

  13. "Happy" Little Trees

    So I'm good for the next 4 days then?
  14. "Happy" Little Trees

    Vote: Nobody Does this count as my one post per day? RexEdit: I went ahead and took care of the duplicate posts. If a post looks like it isn't going through, I recommend copying the whole thing, reloading the page, confirming it didn't go through, and then trying to post again.
  15. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    I'll play.