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  1. What are you playing?

    Playing a lot of ARK: Survival Evolved on a server I admin for. Playing a bit of Skyforge, but the grind is really real in there.
  2. Ryudamon chased after his charge with all the speed he could muster, Although it was becoming apparent that with his current agility BlackGabumon would lose them in the trees quickly. Think, Ryu. THINK "That's it!" The four legged lizard shouted. "I didn't think great mons ran from an altercation." If he's really Plutomon...His pride won't let him run.I hope The samurai lizard silently prayed.
  3. Madison rolled over the edge of his futon, and with a dull thunk hit the floor several inches below him. "Good morning, Maddy" He mumbled sarcastically as he dragged himself off the floor and shuffled to the kitchenette of his studio apartment. Cat naps being the only form of sleep he got now he was always groggy right after waking up. His body ,moving on muscle memory alone, reached up to the cabinet over the stove and grabbed the blue lidded plastic storage container that confined one of the very few things the jaded young man took any enjoyment in anymore. A promotional cereal from some cartoon about some monkey he was uninterested in. It was however the chocolate cereal with banana flavored marshmallows that allowed Madison enjoy breakfast each morning. Shaking the container out of habit, Madison became aware in a moment. "NOT EVEN A BOWL!" he shouted looking into the nearly empty container with shock. "How did I let this happen?" the disappointed youth questioned aloud. Sighing in resignation, Madison slammed the container back into it's residence in the cabinet. Dejectedly walking to the door he snatched the light gray hoodie from the coat hook and slid it on. Checking for his keys first, he bolted the door behind him. Unfortunately Uncle Chimpy's Jungle Pops were no longer carried in most grocery stores, but Madison had a supplier. The bargain bin shop over by the college still had a large supply of them. Of course that meant riding the damn subway. If he was lucky he would get a seat, pull his hood up, and stare at the floor. Maybe, just maybe, no one would try to strike up a conversation with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryudamon looked back at the female humanoid infront of him with wide eyes. Waving his hands then raising a single claw to his mouth pleading with her for silence.
  4. New Year's Resolutions 2015

    Well I'm doing a little better. Each day and I've found something I enjoy doing. Although I haven't figured out a way to monetize it.
  5. Madison, or as his ex friend used to call him Mad Max, sat at the computer screen pouring over the lines of code. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed into the dimly lit, empty room around him. He quickly extracted the errant lines and closed the CGI Script he'd been working on. Looking at his desktop clock he noticed the time rolling over to four in the morning. "Well this page should be fine for awhile. I'll bill them after a little power nap." The loneliness had started to grate of Madison, and so he had taken to speaking, just to hear a human voice. "The rest can wait till afternoon." A year, well near enough not to make a difference. An entire year had passed since the chestnut headed twenty-something had gone into seclusion. His father, always one for the 'Buck Up' approach, had thought it an extreme reaction. Still Madison couldn't take being around people anymore. His heart was heavy, then again he felt that was reasonable when your best friend of five years and business partner steals said business out from under you and leaves the state with your fiancè. He looked back at the calendar. "An entire year..." He mumbled as he crawled onto his futon and went to sleep. ------ Ryudamon looked out of the underbrush at the black color digimon before him. Thankful for the facts that Plutomon didn't have his sharper senses in this form and the apparent allergies that further obscured his presence from the once great Olympian. I've got to come up with something better than this. I can't just follow him around forever he'll catch on eventually, Jupitermon is counting on me.
  6. It was more focused on on human/beast warriors.
  7. So no concerns with my character?
  8. Final Fantasy

    Son of a ... So they decide to do it now... Damn it now I need a freaking ps4...And for them not to butcher the game in the name of "Innovation".
  9. NAME: Madison Maxwell Hutchinson AGE: 21 GENDER: Male PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Madison stands unimpressive at 5'9" he has unkempt shoulder length reddish brown hair that matches his scraggly beard. He covers his hazel eyes with round lens beatnik prescription glasses and wears a worn light gray hoodie over concert t-shirts with dark jeans. He almost never wears shoes. PERSONALITY: Madison spends most of his time online. He dislikes talking to people face to face ,even on Skype, and has difficulty trusting people. His default position on nearly any situation is one of skepticism. He believes that when it comes to people you can always count on them to do what they believe is best for themselves. BIOGRAPHY: Out of high school Madison started a printing company with his best friend. After a year his "friend" took off with the profits and Madison's fiancè. Ever since then Madison has shut out the outside world except for supply runs. He stays afloat by performing webmaster duties and making shrewd investments. Though he makes a fair wage he doesn't have anyone he could call a friend, even his dealings online are short and impersonal. DIGIVICE COLORS: Gun Metal Grey with Silver accents. DIGIMON PARTNER NAME: Ryu BIOGRAPHY: Ryudamon is something of a sleeper cell of sorts. His ties to the Olympos XII (Isn't it 13 if Plutomon is there?) unclear even to himself. He's tasked with keeping an eye on the renegade Plutomon in his exiled form. The clever mon thought it best to accomplish this by connecting himself to one of Plutomon's traveling companions, A boy who calls himself Madison. Little does he know that this moody introvert's destiny is tied to his own. ROOKIE - Ryudamon-Lai Blade (Fires a katana blade from his mouth) -Helmet Return (Headbutt) CHAMPION - DinoHyumon -Lizard Dance(A series of slashes with all weapons) -Akinakes (a swing with the large sword Akinakes) ULTIMATE - Paildramon -Desperado Blaster( Fires an energy wave from the two organic cannons growing from its arms, like a machine-gun ) -Cable Catchers (Shoots a long rope of its arms, or fires a spear and fights with this spear ) MEGA - Merukimon -Thousand fists (Attacks with lightning fast punches) -Spirtual Enchant (Summons apparations from his knife) SUPER-MEGA - Merukimon Voodoo Mode (created) -Mirror Image (Creates after images of himself and strikes with his knife Aztec) -Kerykeion (Drains energy from the opponent with his Kerykeion spear) -Kerykeion Blast (uses energy drained from opponent to form a giant blast) If using another member of the Olympos XII(I) is a problem let me know.
  10. I am pretty old but new now I guess?

    Ol' AB huh. I think I have you on the book of faces...Not sure though...
  11. How do you like your pizza?

    I am a sucker for a good deep dish pizza. On this note Dyl's analysis of ingredient placement is spot on and he deserves a Michener Award for his research. ( I believe that is the Canadian equivalent of the Peabody award.)
  12. Final Fantasy

    Draw system is the absolute worst magic system ever. best magic system = VII favorite story = VIIII although it encourages a lot of grinding Favorite playable character = Zidane from Dissidia or Auron don't have much to add other than that. I just felt the overwhelming urge to decry the draw system at all times.
  13. New Year's Resolutions 2015

    Good luck with your beard growth Keith, and congrats with your new bachelor. It's in chemistry right? that's an average of about 70k a year right? I have decided to start being a bit healthier. Not to say I'm going to go all lift life, but I'm going to start walking again and eating healthier.
  14. Turf War Feedback

    The notifications on the front page. Could those be automated? Cause it still reads that blue team took Random. After Red took general, ww, and won with no updates.
  15. New Year's Resolutions 2015

    Well from the tiny bit of boxing I did back in school. Keep your hands up, elbows in, and keep moving. Again not super helpful I know. But reach for your dreams. If this is what you want chase it with everything you got. Also find yourself a good coach/ chair man.