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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Provisional, Traj will attack microbat
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat>Microbat
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    I'm fine with that.
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Use Skill- Shoot: Black Rat A
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak stretched and hopped out of bed. It's no hammock, but furniture is really just cosmetic anyways. Still, not to my taste. Blacjak thought for a moment. I suppose if I'm to exit the mansion proper I should keep my mask on. Can't have people knowing I've switch sides. I hope no one minds. Restoring the economy will be the most important thing required to keep the mansion together, I better head to the Cave first. Blacjak equipped his Anon Mask and headed out to Jubilation Cave. Upon seeing some familiar faces, he walked up to them and said, "What a fine day to go spelunking, I hope you don't mind if we work together." Explore Jubilation Cave
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak sent a quick PM to Mast letting him know he'd be reporting shortly. Then headed over. After finishing up there, he slept for a bit and headed into the woods in the morning to explore. Move to Phoenix Lounge Explore Woods
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak forked over 40 coins for the Anon Mask. "Now, as you were saying?" After listening more to Spare's information, he added "I'm sure you're well aware, but it's expected that a little client-broker privilege be maintained in order to ensure a fortuitous relationship. If you get any more interesting stock in, be sure to send me a message and I'll come check it out. Oh, and let Fence know I'm looking for work." If nothing further was added, Blacjak set off to explore the mansion grounds for these new parkour spots Rift mentioned. Purchase Anon Mask Explore Umbra Ally
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    First Blacjak explained what he had saw to Rift, "I'm sure you might be aware of most of this, but after we defeated the Script Kiddie we were sent somewhere outside the ordinary borders of the Mansion to a location one could only think was a beta ground for something else. Objects were not interactive, and the rooms were filled with motionless Spambots. The other acrobats and I discovered a path blocked by fences that lead to a Werewolf who identified themselves as the Ordnance Sergeant. They were significantly stronger than us and we were all fragmented. I can only assume the others faced similar trials." Blacjak looked over the list of classes very carefully. He knew most of his pack would continue their lives as wolves, but something else tempted him to stray. The sleek technology of Biotics, the merging of man and machine, was so tantalizing. Before, he had reached new heights in physical prowess with the power of the lucian form, but with Biotics there would be no upward limit. You know? I always wanted to be a cyber ninja. Sign me up. He thought to himself. Blacjak turned to Ward. "Well it's been fun. Whichever group you choose, I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll see you around!" He waved a final farewell to his pack and headed out to explore his new life. Phoenix Syndicate Blacjak chooses the path of Biotics. Travel to Personal Quarters > Acquire Currency. Explore Umbra Alley.
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Damn, this thing has a tough hide, you wouldn't happen to have any snowballs left would you? I'll try to take this next hit." Action- Defend
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

  11. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak took up a defensive stance and tried to size up their would be opponent. "Even if Star were here, our spark totals are all too low. But this is the only way I can contribute, and so I'll gladly give my body for the cause. How about you Traj, are you ready to die?" He stared down the figure, "Who are you and what do you gain by fighting us?"
  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    6 meters? That's about my max. "I'll scout ahead this way and see if I can open up a way forwards. See if any of the other groups needs your expertise." Parkour!
  13. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Move West
  14. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Move West
  15. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Use Item FSM on Blacjak