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  1. Check out alpham on youtube. Channel devoted to men's fashion, hygiene and health. Great advice.
  2. Oops, sorry for throwing the game. Working all the time is tough yo
  3. Survivalists kill people who target them. We'll get to test star's dreams anyways with the revive giving us another body.
  4. Uh okay, Vote: zodiac I claimed bodyguard, not protector. Bodyguards redirect attacks towards themselves and I had a 50% chance to not die the first time.
  5. Zodiac seems to be playing appropriately to how he normally does. I actually find Star'so post to be more suspicious. However, I definitely agree with NPM's logic and think Rift is a solid vote. Vote: Rift also, Rock is talking crazy again. I'm the bodyguard, and I don't think there'd be two protective roles in a game with likely two baddies and a now dead survivalist. I don't think he's actually claiming protector, that's just how he talks, I just wanted to clear things up.
  6. First Vote: Sinical Come at me
  7. First, I shall sign up.
  8. Vote: Zodiac random vote lol
  9. We also have the option of voting nobody twice and gaining a second night of results and posts to analyze. The only bad idea would be to vote nobody once and execute once. I'd also like to point out that as per rules, a single innocent cannot win 10 points because the wolf wins when there is only one innocent. Unless there's a vigi I guess, but that would assume that the wolf win con is actually calculated at the start of the day/night.
  10. First, this is exactly how I think small games should be run at parties and I quite enjoy the setup.
  11. I think it will shake out that way and you're just trying to prompt the traitor/ww to follow your plan. Prove me wrong and claim something other than PI. I dare you.
  12. I'm wolfsbane. Vote: npm She seems to be advocating against claiming and trying to shed a negative light on it. Claiming is clearly the optimal strategy here.
  13. I'm convinced that 4 people is the minimum requirement for an entertaining game based on mafia. I do it all the time. But really any number of people can be entertained. I ran a single player game over the course of a few years. 6 is the next best after 4 I think, and the base game of Betrayal doesn't really need too many people. Would be cool if there were some more rules. You can't really expect people to sign up for or be interested in something they don't know much about. Uh a way you could work around the low players and balance the game better (if you still wanted to shoehorn execution into Betrayal) would be to have one execution per day, and multiple cycles per day. Room based games are usually very difficult to balance because of the variable nature of non-incentivised player movement.