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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    On the way down the hallways of the east wing Blacjak sent a PM to Rex: Don't risk it for the biscuit, we can reach the east door. Upon spotting their opponent, Blacjak almost shifted to the back of the group as he felt his lack of Nerve getting the better of him, but he was certain a sneak attack could take out his opponent in a single blow. 'We can't afford to lose iko, best keep him in the rear.' Prebattle: Use Item- FSM on Blacjak Shift Position 2 Attack Webcrawler B Auto-battle, Attack Webcrawler C
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak thought for a moment, "iko should go first, his survival is mandatory." Blacjak slipped into the shadows whispering, "I am the night..." Blacjak chooses Stealth, after iko.
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    The groupings I suggested have to do with the fact that Webcrawlers deal special damage and we still have snowballs for damage (which in fact deal more damage, and against a known quantity of opponents). The next group of enemies are more likely to deal less or equal special damage in favor of physical, Star has better Phys Def than our Savants. Either way, I'm not staying and our Guardians should split up.
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Thinking to himself, Blacjak realized the foam "swords" he makes irl are basically just bats. He asked to pick one up and swing it around, trying to come up with a point of difference between the two that would legitimize his larping as anything but slapping each other with pool noodles. But alas, even in the virtual world, his ninja training would have to start with simplicity. "I'd like to suggest that Traj, iko, and Nebiros fight off this force, as they all have Nerves of steel, and our Guardians should be split. The rest of us can move on to clear out the Art Forum to resupply our Savants, before we take down the barrier. I believe our Graphic Tees should go to Rex, Nebiros, and iko (our only hacker). A bat should go to either Star or one of our Guardians, and I'd like one myself, but I suppose I can get by just punching my way through this." Trade Foam Bat?, Move Ahead.
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Blacjak rushed after the Spambot, tackling it to the ground. He then delivered several deadly punches to it's face as he straddled the scraps of digital code. Hearing the sound of combat up ahead, he charged forwards towards the unknown. Attack Spambot, West Hallway.
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Sure thing, but I want some answers. What's going on here? I feel as if I'm late to a party I wasn't invited to." Blacjak rushed the spambot, knocking it back into the door with a powerful flying knee, then performed a front flip in the air in an attempt to bring down a finishing axe kick from above. Attack: Spambot Door
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Welp," Blacjak cracked his knuckles, "only one of us is making it out of this one, and I don't plan on dying yet!" Attack: Webcrawler Door
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Desire: Become a ninja Username: Blacjak Desired Class: Bruiser Trait: Acrobat Having heard something interesting was going on at the Mansion, Blacjak logged in for the first time in awhile, only to find himself cut off by a mass of bots flooding across the front lawn. Instinctively he reached for his weapons, only to find he'd been stripped of everything he'd acquired over the years. Something was very wrong indeed, but by the sound of combat up ahead he figured it shouldn't be too hard to reach someone who could give him answers. Blacjak stretched his arms and sighed before dashing towards the bots, springing over their backs, and muttering "I am the wind, I am the wind, I am the w..hy is the door so far from spawn?" Move- The Front Door
  9. 13 Year Anniversary

    Oh gosh, now we gotta deal with teen angst. :hairflip:
  10. The Next Legendary Fighter- Battle of the Gods/ Clash of Destiny For millennia, the forces of Overworld and Shadowrealm have been locked in an epic struggle for their very survival. Each lives in precarious balance with the other, but a single tragedy from total mutual annihilation. Long ago, the God of Creation birthed a light so bright, that not even the deepest shadow could quench it. Its miracles washed away any affliction, and granted inspiration beyond that which any mortal could conceive. Unsure of what to do with this great gift, he sought the advice of the God of Logic, for surely he would know. It was then that the God of Logic saw fit to bless the champions of Overworld with the mystic power of the Spark. Being the larger realm, it was obvious to him that it was the superior choice. With it, Overworld prospered and became a shining example of creation and virtue. However, not all beings were happy, and this filled the God of Creation with sadness. Jealousy had filled the empty hearts of those abandoned in the depths of Shadowrealm, far from the Spark’s grace. Embracing the destruction of the gods benevolent creation, they launched a full scale invasion against Overworld. Countless lives were lost and Shadowrealm was on the verge of overpowering their opponents and consuming the Spark. It was then that the God of Creation intervened and stopped the slaughter by tearing his gift in two; The Spark of Light, and the Spark of Shadows. The God of Logic however, did not agree with his brother’s actions, and argued that only the strongest creation should be worthy of the Spark. The world stood still for several days as they squabbled before finally a compromise was reached. The gods agreed not to interfere with the conflict between the two realms, however, a direct confrontation would not be allowed. Instead, the mightiest fighters from each world would gather together to compete in the Ultimate Tournament. The prize: the Spark, and inevitably, their very lives. Rules: All standard rules and ethics of Sparkbomb apply. Gods: Blacjak- God of Creation Rexozord- God of Logic Fighters: 0. Sinical ^ His 1. Celariel ^ Drill 2. Rock the Fox ^ Pierced 3. Shattered Rift ^ The 4. Red ^ Signups 5. Zilary 6. Roxeon 7. Lieutenant-colonel Franc 8. thezodiac 9. 10. All-Stars will begin July 5th.
  11. I'd also like to point out that this was advertised as an All-Stars game, and not telling everyone that it wasn't in fact a Werewolf game would be an absurd oversight of two hosts. Let alone the fact that it's in the werewolf forum and I cant even remember the last game allowed to be run on the Werewolf forum that had to specify that it was uninformed majority vs informed minority. All games with variations on this such as Amnesia were specifically highlighted, and forum games outside this spectrum are played in other forums like General. Also, there were 9 players.
  12. Werewolf Hosting and MCing

    I'm announcing that I'm conceptualizing another game, so if someone else would like to host before me, then please show interest in doing so. What I'm currently thinking of is a medieval themed HP/Level UP game. I'm interested in including some illustrations for clarity and engagement. Also, everyone will receive an NPC companion who will help guide them through the game and their role.
  13. Deadline was exactly the same as every other Werewolf, but with the added benefit of having time to allow players to change their night list after execution. Rift used his Kill power at the exact right time he should have. I believe Cel had missed the deadline to deathflag Franc, which is what she meant by killing him. Franc had actually protected himself that match however, and neither power would have worked. I think moving forward, I'll include lots of examples and basic strategy guides for the setup. Some might think that figuring out the game and devising the best way to play your role is a big part of the game. However, it's a common problem with my games that the players catch on too slowly, so I'll definately try the adaptation. I think this is why gunslingers went so well. With a public role, players had more information about the game and examples of other mechanics not gained through role trading, so everyone seemed to catch on faster.
  14. Execution gave a lot of information actually, and players could still play the game and support. You knew who won, and how many players supported each side. You also knew how many matches a player had won. From that and claims, it should easily be able to determine rough estimates of power levels. An innocent who lost a match against someone they thought was a baddie could tell you that that player had more than x power because they know their own power level and the boosts affecting them. The innocents also had an alignment dreamer, and name dreamer/heir/rezzer combo. The OMT suicides when he loses, and the baddies are unlikely to win if Head Honcho is eliminated, who has the weakest support power in the game. I had personally thought the baddies would get steamrolled by cohesive innocent strategy. Making Head Honcho fight more people is fine. It was obvious he was evil. But the innocents made no moves that I saw to form a strategy to defeat him or even attempt to support players going up against him. Supporting powers were the cheapest and could easily be spammed, especially once eliminated from fighting as they would have nothing else to spend resources on.
  15. The Next Legendary Fighter- Battle of the Gods/ Clash of Destiny Opening Plot: Rules: All standard rules and ethics of Sparkbomb apply. Terminology: Phases: Voting: Matches: **Inactivity: Rules Digest: The goal of the game is for your team to try to ensure one of their members wins the Tournament. If any member of your team wins the Tournament, you win the game as well. ~~~~~ A fanfare of trumpets blared throughout the tournament grounds, echoing around the stands over the sound of thousands of spectators cheering. One by one, the champions of Overworld and Shadowrealm entered the arena under the gaze of an enormous golden statue bearing over them. It depicted a figure wielding a sword pointed towards the sky, a helm wreathed in olive leaves, and an expression of pure determination. It emanated the very embodiment of victory. Then, like a clap of thunder, the gods spoke. “Denizens of the realms, you are gathered here to decide the fate of the universe. Your actions, and the actions of those you support could not have held more weight than now. Each day, all of you will vote for a combatant to represent you, and the two chosen will partake in trial by combat. It is at this time, that you must cheer your hardest for those you ally yourself with. When at last only one of you remain, your fate will become clear. Now, who will become your first fighters?!” ~~~~~ Standard Voting format is Vote: Combatant Remember that only Combatants(Players still in the Tournament) may be voted for, and that the current Fighters(Players Fighting in a Match) may not vote or be voted for the next Match. All Players start as Combatants. The first deadline will be on Saturday at 9pm EST. Followed 3 hours later by deadline for night. *You may pre-submit Prep Powers Players: 0. Sinical 1. Celariel 2. Rock the Fox- Eliminated in Match 6 vs Cel 3. Shattered Rift 4. Red- Died in Match 5 vs Sinical. He was the Heir to the Martyr. 5. Zilary- Eliminated in Match 2 vs Rift 6. Roxeon 7. Lieutenant-colonel Franc- Eliminated in Match 4 vs Rift 8. thezodiac- Died in Match 3 vs Rock. His name was Ultiman. Matches: 1. Sinical (No Supporters) vs Red (No Supporters)- Draw 2. Zilary (No Supporters) vs Rift (No Supporters)- Rift 3. zodiac (No Supporters) vs Rock (1 Supporter)- Rock 4. Franc (1 Supporter) vs Rift (No Supporters)- Rift 5. Sinical (1 Supporter) vs Red (No Supporters)- Sinical 6. Rock (No Supporters) vs Cel (1 Supporter)- Cel Top Fighters: Rift- 2 Victories, No Fans Rock- 1 Victory, 1 Fan Sinical- 1 Victory, 1 Fan Cel- 1 Victory, 1 Fan
  16. Here's the google doc dump for roles and such. The only thing I think I would have changed is making Deathmatch's conversion a Unique power so that she couldn't use it if she ended up winning her first match, because it was basically intended not to happen. The main reasons the innocents lost was due to an extreme lack of power usage. A majority of powers were never used, most importantly, Support Powers. Sinical and Red also should not have been put on the Voting block again together, although even Cel was surprised they were still bound by fate. (If they fought, the loser dies) Red was a confirmed dreamer, confirmed by name dreamer heir, and also non-publicly a rezzer. I guess the OMT also didn't play at all so that probably took a bit of pressure off the baddies. Cel being supported (but also her opponent NOT being supported) meant that she moved on with her conversion still (which I should have taken away) and then Sinical not being protected meant that Rift could use his single trump card to kill him in the Match. If Cel had lost, Rock would have been converted. Both Sinical and Rox could beat Rock, and both were built to fight Rift, so his trump wouldn't have guaranteed the win, and I think the innocents probably would have won. If Cel didn't have her Conversion, then it would have been Rox vs Rift and Rox would have won if he had Support, but I had already told Cel that since it wasn't a Unique Power she could still use it again and I didn't want the potential to make the baddies felt like they lost unfairly by GM last minute rules change.
  17. Welcome to the Semi-finals everyone! The last few matches have been decided: Match 7: Sinical vs Rift Match 8: @Roxeon vs @Celairiel The winners of these two Matches will move on to the Finals. It's time to pull out all the stops on these fights, hold nothing back! First up, @Sinical vs @Shattered Rift! FIGHT! Remember to support your Fighter. You never know how powerful a simple word of encouragement can be.
  18. Okay folks, we'll be taking a short extension of 24 hours. Please bear with us. Woo! Semi-finals!
  19. Votes for Match 7: Rift- 3 (zil, sin, cel) Sinical- 2 (Rox, Rift) Zilary was eliminated and can't be voted for. Match 6: Rock vs Cel Cel defeats Rock Del had 1 Supporter Match 7: Rift vs Sinical Will begin in 3 hours. Posted from phone. No PMs rn
  20. Match 6: Rock vs Cel FIGHT!!! Remember to Support your Fighter if you want them to have a better chance of winning. Voting for Match 7 will now begin.
  21. Coroner's Report: The Fighter Red died in combat. It seems he felt he was bound by fate to defeat his opponent and failed. He was the mysterious Heir to the Martyr, and knew that there was more than one way to write a story.
  22. Votes for Match 5: Rock- 3 (Rox, Rift, Cel) Rox- 1 (Red) Rift- 1 (Zilary) Cel- 1 (Franc) Roxzoid-1 (Rock), Rexozord, the God of Logic, has declined to smite you. You are quite amusing to us Gods. Sinical failed to post and vote and has lost 2 Fighting Spirit. Conclusion of Match 5- @Sinical vs @Red : Round 2 The two rivals locked eyes with a ferocious stare. Each knew that this was likely their last chance to prove once and for all which of them was stronger. At first Red seemed to have a slight edge, but was met with several jeering remarks about his manliness. He fought harder, trying to prove to himself that they were wrong, but the crowd was vicious and unrelenting. Sinical felt this pain too, but he knew only one of them was making it out alive, so he pressed on. Taking the offensive, Sinical threw blow after blow at Red, who sank down lower and lower with each hit until finally an opening revealed itself in his defense. "This is for the orphans!" Sinical struck, as if in a rage of blood, and his fist pierced straight through to Red's heart. Sinical is victorious! Red has been eliminated from the Tournament, and unfortunately has died. Sinical had 1 Supporter. ~~~~~ Match 6- @RocktheFox vs @Celairiel will start in 3 hours. (Deadline extended to 1:30am)
  23. Aight, Votes locked. Setting up a fire at a birthday party set me back.
  24. Match 5- Sinical vs Red ROUND 2 FIGHT!!! Remember to Support your Fighter if you want them to have a better chance of winning. Voting for Match 6 will now begin.
  25. Votes for Match 5: Rox- 2 (Cel, Red) Red- 2 (Rox, Zilary) Sinical- 2 (Franc, Sinical) Cel- 1 (Sinical) Conclusion of Match 4- @Lieutenant-colonel Franc vs @Shattered Rift Rift's second entrance into the arena was met with a few cheers for his earlier performance. But when Franc stepped into the ring, he emanated an aura of confidence that can only can only be gained from the fanatical applause in his corner. Rift stood his ground despite this, and Franc was beat down. Rift was victorious! Franc has been eliminated from the Tournament. Franc received help from 1 Supporter. ~~~~~ Match 5- @Sinical vs @Red : Round 2 will start in 2 hours and 40 minutes.