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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros attacks WebcrawlerA
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros's face fell upon seeing... well... literally everything. In most cases, she figured she'd enjoy the ballroom, with all of its windows and clearly stellar views. But not like this. Never like this. At this point, she was almost certain nobody would actually, truly mind if she just... added a 4th option. Set fire to the room. Set fire to the whole mansion. When asked why she'd just say there were one too many robo-spiders. She'd be completely justified. The only thing really stopping her was that, unfortunately, she had no actual way of going forward with her nuclear option. Her frown intensified. Nebiros turned to face iko and Blacjak, who were both in rough shape with sparks. One crit on either would take them out easy. She still had a singular spark mini but would hold off on crushing it for either, hoping to save it for another, less crazy, time if they made it through the ballroom without drawing attention to themselves. "Hey so like... Please don't Leeroy Jenkins this room because I will let you die." NEBIROS IS GONNA STEALTH BY THE ENEMIES BECAUSE EFF THIS NOISE OMG... but maybe not first. iko and Blac can play rock-paper-scissors for that 95% stealth if they're looking to stealth too. I'm chill with 80%. Save yourselves.
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Equip graphic tee Party position 1, with whoever's now with me ... Okay so if Traj and Star are engaging, and iko's chillin' with me... I think I'll skip this engagement and take iko to the hacker door, Blac can choose to be our third if he so wishes while Khem hangs out in sleep mode. Team Piracy skips out on this engagement, and continues on.
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack WebcrawlerC
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Prebattle: FS.Mini, Target: Self Party position 3 Attack WebcrawlerA - Front A
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros' eyes rolled so far back she swore she could've seen the inside of her skull. "M'lady me again, boyo. Your life is in my hands as the only person on this team rocking some of these Spark Minis at the mo'." All threats to deny health were totally empty though. She pulled a Fused Spark Mini out, using it on Khem. "Mind, I now only have one more of these, so uh... let's all not die." Nebiros had definitely overheard Star's comment, giving a wink and finger-guns in response as Team Piracy made their way into the Mafia Forum. The team with the only Hacker could deal with the barrier after they got some sweet, sweet weapons. Yeah, okay, sure, the mansion was maybe being overrun by robots with a crazed Hacker at the helm, but what was actually the rush?? #prioritiestotallyinorder PreBattle: FS.Mini -- Target: Khem Battle: Attack WebcrawlerA
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    (([sweats profusely] C A L C U L A T E D.)) 1 spark left? Noooooo problem. Screaming internally for the foreseeable future, Nebiros forced-casually dusted herself off and promptly marched her way down the north corridor. On edge as anything could just kinda... sneeze at her and remove that last spark. When Rift's reminder about the cache came through, she jumped and clutched her chest, but then rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew. Initially, she didn't care, but thanks to that crit the desire she had been holding to challenge and 1v1 somebody in the pit for a weapon had gotten nixed real damn fast. Groaning at the new targets ahead, Nebiros pulled out a Fused Spark Mini to prepare, crushing it for herself. "So I haven't quite decided which is worse, but now I have a vendetta against Spammy McSpamface..." Prebattle: FS.Mini -- Target: Self Allows position swap, taking iko's 3rd. Battle: Nebiros attacks Spambot, Enc.A ((RNGesus be with me.))
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Nebiros nodded and grinned at iko. "You bet we are. I totally want in on that weapon-y goodness." Nebiros attacks Webcrawler Auto-Battle: attack Spambot I guess if both bots go down, Team Piracy's gonna head North to the Mafia Room
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    As the spambots fell, Nebiros had taken the opportunity to punt the head of her target, watching it fly a fair distance before both bots and their bot-parts vanished into the digital void. Upon entering the mansion, she gave little attention to the bot corpses, or even Rift who was apparently the source of the bot corpses, her eyes falling onto the blade in his possession instead, eyes glittering. She opened her mouth intending to ask about... just... y'know... taking it, and then closed it to listen to Rift talk instead. Upon hearing that nobody among the six had user groups, she finally gave herself a proper once-over since appearing suddenly at the gates. Indeed, the group-logo she was often fond of placing somewhere on herself had gone missing. She returned her attention to Rift, sort of. As she listened, her eyes would occasionally drop back to the weapon in his hand, until she heard the words 'weapons cache'. She knew she couldn't actually take the cool one, even if she asked nicely, so whatever was in that cache would have to do. As Nebiros made her way into the hall with the others after Rift’s lowdown on the situation, and item demonstration, she groaned and shuddered at the little spider-looking bots approaching the teams. Briefly, she thought to just... burn down the whole mansion. It would solve all the problems. The hacker would burn, the robo-spiders would burn, the other bots would burn... it would maybe cause a whole host of more issues, but hey, what's a little rebuilding? ---- Pre-engagement: ITEM: FS.Mini -- TARGET: iko Engagement: ATTACK: SPAMBOT -- ENCOUNTER: A ----
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    [100% blame Rift for the following xD] "You can take my rear any day." Nebiros, the strikingly beautiful, actual Disney Prince™, king of pirates, and general shenanigans causer, glanced over his shoulder, winking playfully at Khem with a steamy smolder on his face to match. Gosh. Simply irresistible. Every tank certainly needed a support, and Khem would be a fine addition to Nebiros' soon to be harem, and he didn't even have to ask... Er. Wait. I mean... hold on. Hold... on... an unexpected error seems to have occurred.... While Nebiros had, in fact, glanced over her shoulder, she simply nodded to Khem, fine with this decision to side with her, before turning her attention back to the Spambots, making sure she stayed ahead of whoever else planned to join up with her. She wasn't sure what the bots were trying to advertise today, something about a new app for lonely singles. Sparklr? Nebiros rolled her eyes. "A'ight. Well that's two of us. Taking one more signup for Team... uh... I don't know. Team something - we'll figure it out later..." Nebiros shrugged. ---- No matter what RPs happen, or what the teams end up being, I might as well put my command in. Nebiros will attack Spambot-A ----
  11. I personally don't consider them gambling, and I think I may be doing mental gymnastics to get to this. I'm definitely agreeing with your points, Bed, and may end up parroting them in my own way. Gambling, for me, is betting on something, with the potential of getting what you wagered back and then some. You've added to the prize pot, which you can win the entirety of, just a little bit of, or simply just lose more. Where with Lootboxes, you've exchanged money for the box itself. Not the items inside. You've made a purchase and you know precisely what you've purchased. The Box. Gambling and Boxes perhaps run closely parallel to each other, but I can't bring myself to consider them as the same thing. Plus, as mentioned, you're not forced to purchase these boxes. It's completely your choice to buy boxes. You could just play the games normally, and earn them that way. Even in Battlefront 2, who's entire progression system is based on boxes, you still didn't have to buy them. It's just BF2 created such a poor pay-to-win environment that people felt they had to just to have an edge in multiplayer. That's not to say they're not dangerous. Especially for the credit cards of parents. But that's on them for not watching their children. They need to be supervising their children. They need to make sure their credit card or paypal details are not hooked up to these games by default. There should be a number of protections in place to stop kids from ruining their parents in just a few hours when left alone with a game featuring microtransactions. To me, the purchase is okay, even more so if the parents talk to their children about what it is they're doing and establish clear boundaries if it's a real concern. Battlefront 2 may have really spurred this conversation on recently, but it's actually the people who just don't care to spend time with their children and know what they're up to that's the problem and threatening to ruin the option to purchase boxes for the rest of us. Boxes are actually a convenience for me at the end of timed events in Overwatch. If I didn't have the time to play regularly for any reason, I can just drop 10 dollars on boxes and walk away with some of the items I was coveting. Or I can choose not to, wait a year, and get them at an in-game currency discount. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    User: Nebiros Desire: Unknown Group: Spectre Class: Guardian Trait: Acrobat
  13. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Guild-style

    Blinking once, twice, three times, Nebiros immediately tripped over her words and then chose to pause in what had been her crash-course on the… new? No. Old monsters, as the play button had apparently been hit on the Mansion's universe. She looked around, taking in the entirety of the arena, the damage to the arena, and what could be seen of the surrounding area. Truly nothing had changed. Business as usual with old Guild-pausing-shenanigans. A rather confused expression, blinking red eyes and a hand wave filled Nebiros’ immediate line-of-sight as Sayuri tried to regain Nebiros’ attention. “Uhm… Hello? Earth to Nebiros...?” “… hey. Don’t uh. Don’t mind me. Um. Yeah. Dragunity, heart of the cards, stuff and junk! You’ll do fine!” Nebiros said with a large smile, patting Sayuri on the shoulder. Said pat containing not a single ounce of confidence in it. Sayuri frowned and her eyes narrowed as she recognized something was up, although she didn't want to bother questioning it. Meanwhile, Nebiros wouldn’t openly admit it, especially now as nothing was supposed to have changed, but she had completely forgotten how to even play Dragunities. She had angrily left the game years ago immediately following Dragon Ravine landing itself on the Forbidden list. How. Dare. They. Sayuri was completely on her own for this one. Hopefully, for her own sake, she’d catch on. Honestly, no matter how she did, if she got out Leyvaten, hearing the dragon’s roar echo across the Mansion’s grounds would be satisfying enough for everybody. “Alright, okay. Just a trial by fire. No big deal." Turning on the spot and facing Ryuenjin, Sayuri took a breath and gave a quick, determined nod to her opponent. "I'm good. LET’S DO THIS!” she exclaimed, excitedly shuffling what was now, as far as Nebiros cared, entirely her deck. Nebiros made her way back to the sidelines, flopped herself down in a seat, and turned her attention to Rift. “So, uh. I vote we just let them whip cards at each other, sans our input.”
  14. Good lordy, 80 for something that should be 30?? YIKES. That's rough, my dude. As for your doodles: Good. Keep doing that until you go crazy. And then once you've gone crazy, keep doing it. If you spend just a little bit of time every day doing a doodle or two you'll see improvements. The best one on the sheet is that... I'm assuming it's a Goblin or a Troll in the bottom left? It's definitely the most polished. You also look like you already have the basics down for human facial and body proportions, which is good and simply needs to be built upon. Perspective needs work, but perspective is hard anyway and 20 years later I can admit that I still don't have it down. If you want some... not quite lessons, but examples, like watching people DO their art, or talking to you ABOUT art, I recommend CubeBrush, RossDraws, and Sycra on Youtube. They have good advice and techniques that may help put you on a good path. Anywho. Happy to help where I can. Drawing has pretty much been my life. I can't teach you, but I can try to push you in the proper directions to better your craft.
  15. TL;DR: Art Academy is worth your time. It will be able to help you out with obtaining the basics of art in an entertaining way. Long answer: Firstly: Rift linked me to this post due to my art background. I figured I'd rise from the ashes log in and chime in with something because honestly? The timer on this post while I'm writing this is like 15 hours ago and nobody has said anything. I honestly have no experience with the Art Academy games as I can... already... draw? So feel free to take all of this with a grain of salt. Secondly: I've never used MaximusCard. I cannot in good conscious tell you to go for it, even though I'm sure it's safe and you shouldn't get burned. If the option is there for you to take and you think it's worth it, I'm not gonna say 'no'. Now. Having watched the Game Grumps play Pokemon Art Academy, and looking up to Ross O'Donovan as one of my many art-senpais, I fully back his opinion of the Art Academy games: If you're able to take the lessons in Art Academy seriously you should walk away with a decent foundation. You can then take what you've learned and apply those lessons to IRL mediums with a degree of success. The rest, such as your style, composition skill, etc. will be totally on you to learn over time. This will be the real test of your focus. Art Academy isn't going to turn you into an art sensation overnight, so you still have to be willing to practise outside of the game, and I can guarantee you will get frustrated like you've never been frustrated before. Don't let this deter you if you really want to art. TBH, if it wasn't for you having a hard time focusing, I'd straight up just tell you to save your money, pick up a pencil/pen/tablet stylus, and start seeing what you come up with through mimicking other artists who you admire. While it's not the best way to learn, as you'll wind up learning all of the mistakes of those artists as well, it's possibly the fastest way to pick up something I assure you.
  16. Nebiros jumped up from behind the counter as Code leaped for cover through the gunfire coming from the thugs, and fired the shot in her pistol at one of thugs with deadly accuracy to his forehead. Immediately returning to her crouched stance, her attention and eyes snapped to Code as realization had hit him. “Wait. WHAT?” Well he hadn’t turned on her, so that was good news, but his outburst had caught Nebiros off guard. It wasn’t the usual recognition she received laced with suspicion around City whenever she was out in the open. This outburst had been one of genuine familiarity, and all she could do was shove the thoughts to the back of her head and steel herself for later, deciding now wasn’t the time to question in-depth. She couldn’t help but briefly stare at Code though, and a few of her own images from the old Mansion began trickling back into her mind’s eye. These are all from dreams, damnit. With a shake of her head, Nebiros tried to regain whatever composure she had that had been steadily slipping away from her as the night progressed, and gave a chuckle to Code’s question regarding her weaponry. “Packing a punch is part of the show.” she quipped, grinning wildly herself, and taking a moment to reload her weapon.
  17. “I think they’re all next! There’s only ten more!” Nebiros exclaimed, speaking up for the first time since the newcomers had arrived. The amusement in her voice was clear, the sound of her voice, however, was not coming from the direction of her earlier position at the bar. All that was left of the pirate was the slight wobble of her seat. With no additional time to take in the rest of the scene, Nebiros had been extremely quick to jump up from her seat to behind the bar the moment the grunts had converged to attack Code, and against her better judgment had moved in closer to the man. She knew she could hold her own for a while if messages were mixed and he turned on her in the commotion, but she hoped that wouldn’t be the case. But seeing Code dispatch three of the thirteen in quick succession had been enough to question what exactly she was doing. Although mostly hidden by the bar counter, in her right hand she was now brandishing her teal-colored cutlass, and in her left held her single-shot flintlock. The tension in the air was thick, Nebiros’ pupils were blown from the sudden surge in adrenaline, and she was ready to take action at any moment. She felt like she missed this, whatever this was. This entire night was turning out to be a trip for her brain, and the convergence of baddies wasn’t helping her out. All she knew is that she was now obligated to assist.
  18. Nebiros' eyes followed the bartender as he promptly left the scene, mentally noting that the bloody mess that had been his face just mere moments prior had been remedied after Code had made his way behind the bar. Her gaze shifted between Code and Bey, giving them a quick pass from top to bottom. There wasn't anything particularly remarkable that stood out about them, but it was clear from her vantage point what was at play. She looked down at her empty glass, mulling over the idea of asking for a refill, until she, for once, was actually able to hear Vertigo above the noise. Followed by, and she was pretty sure she had imagined the sound, the hard slap of glass against skin. Peering up from her glass, Vertigo looked pissed beyond belief, and Code had apparently just caught a bottle of Sparkjuice thrown at his face in an instant. Impressive. Her expression was quick to change, however. From astonishment at Code's reflexes, to pure disgust at Vertigo near instantaneously, she watched poor Bey sit awkwardly on Vertigo's knee and promptly get pulled in closer. The entire situation felt like it was precariously teetering on the edge of being under control, and being completely not. Conscious of this, it took an incredible effort for Nebiros to reel in the urge to not just toss her own glass into Vertigo's face. Interfering with whatever Code, Bey and Liz were doing would probably make everything even more disastrous.
  19. Further down the bar sat a flamboyantly dressed female, watching the scene unfolding from the corner of her bright red eyes. Purposely, she had found a spot that would obscure most of her features from the general public. In her left hand she held a serving of Sparkjuice that she had been slowly sipping long before Mr. Suspenders had come up behind Vertigo, followed not long after by Liz. She really hadn't been doing much besides enjoying the music. She was here to enjoy her own company, and she would've gladly preferred that her night had stayed that way, but it was looking more and more like that just wasn't in the cards as the scene seemed to escalate. Something was up with these new club attendees, though. What it was she couldn't put her finger on it, but her head would not. Stop. Nagging. Nebiros didn't concern herself with the details of who was who in City. She didn't care much for anybody else. But she couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity dancing around in her brain. Through the lights flashing, effectively obscuring mouth movements, and the bass of the music flooding her ears, she was unable to make out any of the words being exchanged between the parties from the distance at which she sat, but that was the least of her now growing concerns. Amongst the regularly eclectic crowd of the Hawaiian Penguin, she felt like she fit in. Nobody would, in theory, have any qualms about her manner of her black, blue and teal, pirate-inspired dress here. Nor would they be immediately able to call her out on being a mostly known troublemaker to City under the lighting conditions. All was good at the club. So she thought. Apparently she thought incorrectly, given that now there was a large group of "Suits?? Ganging up on some new guy? What the... I mean, at least it's not meee..." she thought, wincing with sympathy-pain as she watched the glass Vertigo had just finished off fly into the bartender's face, shattering. Frowning, she calmly finished the Sparkjuice she had been working on and continued to observe closely, opting to not involve herself unless it became necessary.
  20. Travel, Cultures, and Foreign Languages

    Languages: I only speak English. My background is part French, but I was never able to fully pick up that language. I know some words, and I can read it, and depending on who's talking I might be able to pick up some general things while listening in on a conversation. But I cannot coherently string together sentences to carry on a conversation with somebody else at all. There's no language I particularly want to spend the time learning, either. Travels: I've been to all Provinces and Territories in Canada, except for Quebec. Montreal was an airport stop and an epically long layover on the way to Nova Scotia one year with terrible weather, so I don't count it. I've been to a few States. Most recently was Washington and Oregon two years back. I've been to Nevada, New York, Massachusets, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida (twice), Alaska, and... some central States but I was too young to remember so I don't count those. There's other States that have just been airport stops (like Minnesota en route to Florida), so I also don't count those. When we moved from Nova Scotia to the Yukon in 1995, instead of driving through Canada we drove down through the US to visit family we had along the way. Outside of North America, I've been to England and Scotland. It was a school trip, and we were mostly in London, occasionally venturing out to the various tourist spots outside of the city. I enjoyed my time there. The weather reminded me of the east coast here so I was able to handle the springtime wind and rain with ease, while my peers complained a bunch, and I loved all of the old architechture. Scotland was a much shorter stop, we hit up Edinburgh Castle and... that was really it. There was also a Caribbean cruise during my second Florida trip, which was nice. I love travelling though. It could be because of where I live and the burning desire I have to leave whenever I get the chance, but travelling is such a liberating experience for me. It's even better if where I'm going has friends, or potential friends, for me to hang with. I don't have any specific places where I would like to go, and currently my only criteria for travel is "is there a convention happening and can I get tickets to it?"
  21. *PROUDLY HOISTS THE TEAL FLAG* Player: Nebiros Age: 23 Gender: Female Height: 5'5" Physical Appearance: Weapon of Choice: Single-Shot Flintlock + Cutlass Skills: Acrobatics, Stealth, Marksmanship and Swordplay Biography: Nebiros. "Pirate Queen". Teal Lead up until the destruction of the Mansion upon the violent reaction of the cores. Nebiros of The City, prior to her awakening, is still a pirate at heart just as she was even before the events of War, and is nothing more than a troublemaker as a result. Tagging the city property, commandeering Spark Juice crates and selling it off to distributed underground markets, away from the eyes of Monger's military patrols, petty pickpocketing - nothing is really below the pirate. Headstrong, stubborn and loyal to an extreme fault, her personality hasn't shifted between the events of War and her awakening in The City. Nebiros is goalless. She dabbles in shenanigans purely because she can and the city patrols make her feel obligated to stir up a bit of chaos, despite knowing she's easy to find with her particularly flamboyant choice of dress. With the fog slowly lifting from her head as she awakens with visions leaking through while she sleeps, she does want to find those who appear in her mind's eye, but beyond that she feels... stuck. Class: [static fizzles out the User UI, unable to access this data] Techniques: [uI fizzles again, this time flashing red and returning to the main menu]
  22. Destiny (Bungie's new MMO)

    Destiny is a day-one buy for me, hands down. I thought I was going to just... ignore it like I do with most FPS titles, but I gave it a shot and oh my goodness I love it so much. I played the Alpha on PS4 when those invites went out, and I thought it was incredibly polished even then. I'm sad the beta is over. I was having a blast playing with my friend. I wish it had gone so much longer. But, I lovelovelovelovelove the Warlock class. Uhuuhuhuhuuuu energy blasts and grenades everywhere~! Also, man. That Devil Walker. We made a single attempt because the 3rd person the system partied up with us left on the first wipe. Communication is a bit of a bummer so I hope they change how it works for launch. I could only hear and participate in voice chat if it was using the PS4's party option. I couldn't hear anybody in game who was in my fire squad. :c Sucked because I had figured out to shoot the Walker's legs, but our third didn't catch on and kept shooting elsewhere and dying to the laser. Sigh. There's only so much dancing and pointing I can do before I consider you a lost cause and make an attempt with my friend to duo the encounter.
  23. Fashion

    And if/when you do find those fabled perfect pants, they have FAKE POCKETS KLJHFJKHSFJLHJ.I'm SO GLAD to actually have a pair of jeans that are comfortable everywhere and ACTUALLY HAVE FUNCTIONAL POCKETS. Allow me to say that the pockets on women's jeans is a personal soapbox/pet peeve of mine. WHAT IF I DON'T /WANT/ TO HAVE TO CARRY A PURSE AROUND BECAUSE THESE STUPID POCKETS WON'T HOLD MY WALLET/KEYS/PHONE? WHAT THEN YOU STUPID FASH-[iON]-ISTS?? HUH???!!! Srsly. I've been known to rant on and on about this. I'd like to have a pair of jeans that allow me to put my wallet in my back pocket without making it look like I have a wallet-shaped tumor on my butt. As if I wasn't already paranoid enough about being pick-pocketed, let's just make it COMPLETELY obvious which pocket I have my wallet in. kthx. WHY do we even HAVE pockets if I can't PUT anything IN them! AUGH! IF I WANTED TO WEAR A SKIRT AND BE POCKETLESS I WOULD DO SO! I could rant for days about pockets. I don't carry purses, those are totally useless, and feel too femme and tacky (To me, keep in mind. Purses look fine with other people). I carry a single, small, Mighty Wallet, my keys and my phone. I require at least three functioning pockets, which luckily my jeans fit this requirement. My dress pants do not. I have two functioning front pockets, although they're extremely shallow, and... there's a back pocket... but it's fake. Like. I was actually excited when I bought them. "OH MAN, YEAH, I HAVE A BACK POCKET!" and then I tried to stick my wallet there and... "what... what is this... IT'S. CLEVER STITCHING. It only looks like a pocket when it's actually NOTHING. HA.HA. EXCELLENT JOKE, CLOTHING INDUSTRY." Meanwhile I can find 6? functional pockets on my shorts that I got from the guy's section. :/ I can also rant for days about women's sizing. To all the guys in the thread, if you're ever wondering why girls take forever to shop if for whatever reason you're shopping with a lady friend, it's because we don't actually know what our sizes are. And if we do, it varies from shop to shop and brand to brand. I could be a 14 in one pair of jeans, and a 16 in another pair of jeans and this never helps me, because those numbers are NOT A WAIST SIZE MEASUREMENT. I NEED to see two measurements on pants: Waist and in-seam. I've only ever seen in-seam once on some women's pants, but the size number given to the pants is completely arbitrary. I can't not be angry about this. #SparkbombLadiesRantAboutClothing
  24. Fashion

    And if/when you do find those fabled perfect pants, they have FAKE POCKETS KLJHFJKHSFJLHJ.I'm SO GLAD to actually have a pair of jeans that are comfortable everywhere and ACTUALLY HAVE FUNCTIONAL POCKETS.Also, oh my gosh, Trunk Club looks really neat. As for the rest of the thread:My style is consistently casual, and generally leaning WAY way more on the masculine side, because women's fashion has always driven me into irrational fits of rage for as long as I can remember. I now will not shop for obviously feminine items unless I absolutely have to, or know I can effectively use those items with everything else that I have. Any overtly girly clothes that may still be in my closet are probably forgotten gifts from relatives that didn't quite know me, or are necessities. Usually (like... 99% of the time) I just wear various graphic fandom tees, jeans and converse. Summer brings shorts into the mix, winter brings hoodies. Winter also brings in nice coats. Being a government support tech means I don't have to dress professionally at all due to me having to crawl around under dusty desks and such. The main downside to this: I have found myself with a severe lack of dressy clothing. Although this problem is currently being remedied purely due to cosplay reasons. Thank you, Sherlock, for wearing dress pants and forcing me to go get a decent pair. Also, loud clothing?Let us take a moment and appreciate these oxfords that should be in my possession by Tuesday.
  25. Sherlock

    Besides Fargo which just had it's finale not too long ago, I'm not watching anything right now. Apparently I really need to sit down and watch Agents of SHIELD. But, I dunno. I'll get around to it, I guess. TV is really boring me despite all the good I hear about various shows. Doctor Who is back in August, so I'll be all over that. Re: Sherlock discussion (Is there enough interest to get a general Sherlock thread going?) I find Series 3 was just more aimed towards character development and the introduction of Mary. I'm not disagreeing it feels weaker than the other two, but it was still a great addition. John moved on. Sherlock returned and subsequently ripped apart what was left of John's already destroyed world... which is slowly mending. Slowly. John is rather distant through the entirety of S3. He's become more of Sherlock's old self, and Sherlock more of John. Sherlock showed he was capable of displaying much more emotion than he's let on in S1 and S2. I feel we're seeing Sherlock become less of the god he thinks he is, and more of a man. He knows now that his actions do affect the ones he happens to care most about. I don't know if anybody else plans to watch Sherlock, so His Last Vow ending spoilers ahead: Personally, I'm looking forward to S4 purely for Mary. There's something... awry with her and I really, desperately, want to know more. She had some sort of a connection to Magnussen, which as far as I can tell may have only came from what information he had on her. But, gosh. During the wedding that message to Mary that was read out by Sherlock and signed off with "C.A.M" - if you watch her face she's sooo uncomfortable at this. I absolutely love watching Mary's expressions and body language. Her expressions are amazing especially towards Sherlock. She called him out on bluffing in Episode 2, and in Episode 3 (More His Last Vow spoilers) And goodness, there's this glorious shot: Guys, I love Mary. And I need more of her. I'm totally convinced she's got some sort of an important tie to the baddies.