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  1. Tabletop Games

    Star, myself, and a mutual friend got through Pandemic: Legacy in the space of a month, playing for about 8 hours every Wednesday. We did poorly, if you go by the score at the end, but we also needlessly handicapped ourselves by playing (or attempting to play) the same characters every time, ignoring the changing landscape. We basically turned it into a mini-RPG and had a blast anyway. Personally, I really like the idea of legacy games. For those who don't know, a legacy game is a game that changes each time you play it - changing rules, adding rules, taking away rules, ripping up cards, adding stickers to the game board, adding stickers to cards, et cetera; actual physical changes to the game itself. The end result means it's hard to play the same game twice, but the fact that the game customizes and changes itself along with the players playing it makes it really fascinating to me as a game genre. I'm looking to pick up Gloomhaven next (Star, the mutual, and myself tend to gravitate towards co-operative games).
  2. Werewolf: Year's End Game Thread

    Sorry for my absence, guys. Rogue One came out this weekend and I was just unable to do anything other than work. As an aside, I see I was a werewolf last time, or something? Total news to me. 😳
  3. WW: Simple and Clean

    And Trajectory never hosted another werewolf game. The end. Game over.
  4. WW: Simple and Clean

    Sorry, guys. Had a late night. Will edit shortly. Edit: Alright, guys. With a plurality of votes (two), you've elected to execute NPM. She is dead, and the game is not over. Day 2 begins. Lion Wiggles and Celairiel are in danger of being replaced if they do not vote today.
  5. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Standard groupies rules apply. Postulate away.
  6. WW: Simple and Clean

    If the Werewolf is killed, the game is over.
  7. WW: Simple and Clean

    What? It's a good song, okay?! Aaaaaanyway. *cough* Player list: 1. Rexozord 2. Blacjak 3. NPM 4. Zilary 5. Lion Wiggles 6. Celairiel 7. Exiled Phoenix Roles: Werewolf x1 - Standard baddie fare. Kills one person every night. Does not know who the Traitor is. Traitor x1 - On the baddie side; wins if the Werewolf wins. Knows who the Werewolf is. No other special powers. Wolfsbane x1 - If the Werewolf eats them, they won't be able to kill the following night. Innocent. Mason x2 - These guys know each other, and know they're both innocent. Villager x2 - Standard plain innocent. Other notes: - The villagers win when the Werewolf is dead. They do not have to kill the Traitor in order to win. - The Werewolf and Traitor win when all the innocents are dead. - In the case of a tie, there will be no execution. - Failure to vote for two days in a row will result in replacement. End of. - Roles will not be revealed upon death. - Day 1 will be 48 hours long and end at 12 am CST Thursday, Dec. 8th; people will have all of Tuesday and Wednesday to check in. If everyone shows up super early and you guys want me to end Day 1 at 24 hours, let me know with a unanimous End Day Early vote. - Execution will be by plurality. Votes for no one are not allowed. - Private messages are not allowed. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me! The game starts.... now.
  8. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    No problem, Zilary. I'll give Zodiac a few more hours, see if he's available. I'll start the game this evening sometime.
  9. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Sorry to hear that, Zilary. I do sort of feel like we need to get some sort of game started, but as it's Sunday now, I could start the game tonight and with a 48 hour Day One that should give Zilary enough time to come back and join us, so I think that's what I'll go ahead and do. Edit: That would actually give enough time for thezodiac to stay in and play, if he wanted to... would anyone be able to reach him? I'd hate for him to come back after withdrawing to find that he could have played after all.
  10. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Will do, Cel - it's what I'm leaning toward at this point anyway. If you (or anyone else) knows anyone who wants to play a more basic game than the one I was going to host, please reach out to them and let them know! I'll shelve this one until after the holidays and whip something more basic up, no worries guys. I'll see about starting it Friday night, regardless of how many people have signed up. The first day will be 48 hours (to accomodate my work schedule as well as other people getting revved up to start).
  11. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Did you see the rules I edited in, Blacjak? If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. If I were to host this game with a low number of players, I might consider adding on some kind of health system.
  12. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Hey, guys. I've only had 6 people sign up so far, and that really isn't enough for this game, so I was considering perhaps switching to another fairly basic game, give the newbies to the forum another chance to play generic Werewolf. What do you guys think? I'm going to leave signups open till Monday, poke some people, see what happens, but if I haven't gotten any more people by then I'll probably just whip up something generic instead and save this one for later.
  13. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Based on how busy this week has been so far for me (40 hours in 3 days, heh heh heh... ) I think I'm going go go ahead and say that this will start on Friday. I'll get the actual rules up as soon as I can, I promise. I'm dead right now, though. Good night.
  14. Hey, guys, Traj here. Star's recent Love Letter-esque game inspired me to do something similar with a room system; players will only have their Alignment at the start of the game, and they'll have to use their environment to affect the game. Players will send a Move List every night, in addition to any powers they pick up - this will subsequently move them around the map (which I will provide); also, communication will be limited, but available. I'll explain more once I have time to get an actual comprehensive rules post typed up, but I wanted to open signups a bit early so people could start signing up. I don't foresee this game actually starting until probably this coming Wednesday - if people would prefer me to hold off starting until Friday (since Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA), I can certainly do that as well. Let me know if you'd like to play! Rules - Standard Sparkbomb rules apply. Rules specific to this game are below. - Each player will have a Move Rate in their PM, specifying how many rooms they can travel through at Night. Movement is the last thing to occur at night - any abilities that target rooms will occur before people move out of them unless otherwise stated. - PMs will be available, but restricted in the following manner; you may only PM with people in the same room as you! I will create message groups every day with people who are in the same rooms, and you may use those to speak semi-privately. There may or may not be other ways to communicate privately. - Execution on the first day will be by majority; Nobody votes are allowed. Execution on subsequent days will be by plurality. - Deadline will be 1 AM Central, unless something happens at work that makes me change it. 1. Rexozord 2. Blacjak 3. NPM 4. Zilary 5. Lion Wiggles 6. Celairiel 7. Exiled Phoenix Replacements: 1. Inu