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  1. Hey guys... Old X-Evo person here

    Shattered & Stratus: Yeah, but I've heard it's got pretty crappy subs. They call most Digimon and attacks by their English Dubbed names, and even use the phrase "Digivolution". Ugh... No thanks. Besides, I don't have Netflix. Inju: I know my man! ... Haven't spoken to you in years, but I still know my man.
  2. Hey guys... Old X-Evo person here

    Inju: There's Digimon on YouTube? ... Better get in there and watch it quick, 'cause it'll no doubt get taken down soon. And you better be watchin' the subbed version, bub! (Something tells me that you're too much of a nostalgia buff for that. ;P) Blacjack: ... Do I know you, good sir? Stratus: Oh, god. Maybe I should start practicing some kind of sexy wink? With a cutesy little wave thrown in for good measure, perhaps...?
  3. Hey guys... Old X-Evo person here

    Whoa... Inju? How's it goin', man? Talk about a blast from the past! This is actually my first post on the new forums (lurker and proud!), but I'd say this is an occasion worthy of breaking my posting duct. Nice to hear from you again. I've gotta ask the question, though ... What on earth made you suddenly stop and think (after all this time) - "Hey, I wonder how those guys on Sparkbomb are doing?" - I mean, that's just ... damn, you're random! Haha.