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  1. So... how dead are we?

    I check in every couple of months, but that's about it.
  2. Magic: The Gathering

    I got into Magic almost a year ago. My friends talked me into the 2015 core set prerelease, I got a shiny piece of cardboard and now I've spend by my calculation too much money on cards.
  3. So what's up?

  4. A05V8UL708PERC55 A05VD2S02LJ6TN5T

  5. So I'm at my first magic pre-release, I pulled a holo Garruk.


    I spent a while breeding up elekids trying to get a 5IV one, well I did it, but I have a bunch of 4/5 iv elekids with ice/fire punch and cross chop I'm going to wonder trade tomorrow. PM if you want one.
  7. Hey guys... Old X-Evo person here

    Yeah, summer classes are exhausting, free time is at an all time low. No that it was particularly high during the school year.
  8. What Are You Reading?

    I started the Dresden Files this last semester definitely liking them I just started the seventh one.
  9. Hey guys... Old X-Evo person here

    Welcome back dude.
  10. So, what's up?

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    2. Kirby-oh


      My teeth still hurt and I am still sewing and now I am watching SNL via Netflix

    3. TheLastStarMaker


      @Rex, it was late and my brain is so scattered xD I didn't mean to. TRSR makes more sense. lol@Rift

    4. R.A.


      Well it would appear I've missed quite a lot.

  11. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-110956362 I made a lot of stupid moves, but this is probably the second best comeback of my life.
  12. First battle on Pokemon Showdown flawless victory. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-109122408

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    2. Sinical


      Well...damn. Good luck with that.

    3. R.A.


      Thanks I'm going to need it.

    4. Sinical


      You could always just try what I used to do and just not sleep, np.

  13. So it's been a while how are things?

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    2. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Things are good now that you're here.

    3. Nell



    4. R.A.


      @Zen Good to hear Mr. Campbell.

      @Blakjak and Nell I would love to come back to DnD, but there's just no time with all I have going on.

      @Rift Glad to know I helped.


    I'm working towards it, but the plan right now is to make a bunch of dark void smeargles so I can trade them off.
  15. Taking linear algebra online was a poor choice.

  16. Sparkbomb Hour

    Well as of now I don't have anything going on tonight, I'm game.
  17. Anyone up for a Multi-Battle?

    1. Kirby-oh


      Like Pokemon? Probably too late, but sure.


    I didn't think they were tough per say I just had to go and grind for a few hours to not get insta gibbed. Anyway 3DS friend code: 2895-7448-5939 Friend Safari type: Flying Contents: Spearow, Hoot-Hoot, and Rufflet Current team Coverageking : 5IV Timid Sheer Force NidokingRampart: 5IV Modest Magic Guard Espeon Ferrothorn: 4IV Bashful Spikes, and Stealth RocksGarchomp: 4IV Rough Skin, Iron Tail and OutrageBruce: ?IV Beedrill, He's my bro from the main game.Surtur: 5IV Adamant Speed Boost BlazikenI need to breed replacements for Ferrothorn and Garchomp I got them off of Wonder Trade and can't nickname them, and maybe a Greninja to unfortunately replace Bruce.

    I guess I'm in the minority in the whole liking Black and White thing. Don't get me wrong they were by no means the best games in the series, but I appreciated all the improvements they made, they made breeding a bit easier, added hidden abilities, the full body sprites were a nice step towards the 3D models we have now, unlimited use T.Ms, and the best part, that is if I'm remembering correctly, the extremely limited need for an HM whore/slave I think during the main game I had to use cut like twice. Though I do have to agree that while the game made a lot of awesome technical advances the game itself was midcore at best, the plot was wasn't that great, the encounter rate was way too high at times, seriously F the desert, the dream world gimmick was stupid, another fire/Fighting starter, the difficulty spike at the end is crazy I sailed through the main game until the elite four where they had almost twenty levels on me, and while their are some pretty awesome pokemon that stand out designs, galvantula and cofagrigus come to mind, overall the designs just not that great. Going back to the plot really quick it was nice to see the gym leaders actually taking an interest in saving the region rather than just letting a child do it by themselves. Sorry for any and all grammar and spelling mistakes, but it's three a.m. and I'm tired. I'll post my 3DS friend code tomorrow.
  20. Check in!

    Like you could get rid of me.