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  1. Check my post in graveyard and rezz plox.

  2. REZZ ME PLEBS. I am the secret message guy, in contact with the investigator and role blocker. EDIT: Rift is ruining my fun of making everyone WTF at what I said and tell you guys what's up. 1 minute before execution I edited an older post in the thread with the relevant information in case I was killed. EDIT 2: He's not even going to let me let you guys search for it. It's my first post on page 4. The comma before I vote nobody. Enjoy a new tactic in Werewolf everyone.
  3. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Under the assumption Sinical is telling the truth we should expect baddies to target him, protectors can do what they can assuming we have one. If he never gets attacked he's probably lying and we can kill him in a few days, either way he's outted and looking for someone else after Lion might be ideal. If there is any suspicion on me simply track me and you'll see I target no one and am a plain old innocent. I wouldn't say track me tonight, just track me soon. If you track me tonight and a baddie sees that as an opportunity to frame by not attacking, well that would suck. Just keep me as a possible target in the foreseeable future. Vote: Lion
  4. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    My first thought when I seen who died tonight was "well fecal matter, now I'm going to get a finger pointed at me." I'm of the game mentality that if I'm the most powerful voice left alive I'll win. Pretty common knowledge that regardless of my alignment I play to be alive and win at the end, even if I'm the only one left alive to win for my team. I am glad someone mentioned the fact sooner rather than later so it doesn't come off as some sort of "AH-HA!' moment that just ends up getting another innocent killed. I was also thining "Who else would kill people known for taking over entire games multiple times right away besides me?" And came to the conclusion about NPM as well, you too to be fair. I dunno, just wanted to reply. I'm not dumb enough to get a finger pointed at me if I had the ability to kill at night.
  5. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    It says your role was shrouded, I assume by a power. Maybe you've been contacted by someone asking for role information and denied? I dunno. It's a lead that needs followed, and your explanation can shed some light.
  6. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Forgot to add to my post (would edit but someone posted already so best not). Sinical, care to explain the last bit of night?
  7. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Am I the only one sad that Steev wasn't shot and Liz Mauled? Purely for old-school Sparkbomb Store reasons. I'd look into inactives/less active day 1 for potential targets that added to the nightly death amount.
  8. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    In a game where it's one baddie team vs innocents you're right. When baddies can kill off other baddies, voting nobody stays relevant a lot longer than day 1. Assuming chance is equip baddies have as much of a chance of killing another baddie as innocents would at killing one. However if we limit death it gives innocent roles with relevant powers more time to analyze and mark off cleared players. There could be a case made that baddies teams have a slightly reduced chance of killing a baddie over execution since they wont target their teammates. But it's still a valid opinion.
  9. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    The vote manipulation didn't seem to do anything according to plot. Perhaps that wont always be the case. Would be prudent to check everyone's vote-post to check for edits after night to see if everyone's votes add up correctly, perhaps that would be a tell? Anyways, barring anything before night, Vote: Nobody
  10. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Talking with the dead about the game is against the rules. Even if both players are dead communication about the game outside of graveyard is against the rules.
  11. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    I think there is a more than usually clear chain of events for each role's priority, at least that is what it seemed like from the plot. I'm suprised by both the deaths, but then again I've played 2 game sin the last 2 years, so I dunno who are the "meta" (pun intended) targets are.
  12. Is there a way to make more than 25 posts per page on the forum?

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Oddly, as far as I can tell, no. Which surprises me.

  13. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Met-owned? Yeah, Met-OWNED.
  14. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Vote: Sinical Not because I think he should be killed or anything, just we have plurality on Nobody and it's amusing to make someone panic. Actually think first day votes don't give much info and the chance of killing an innocent is too great to risk it.