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  1. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    Has anybody heard from Cel?
  2. WW: Simple and Clean

    Well, I don't know who I want to vote for. Why the vote on Rex? @Exiled Phoenix Edit::::::....... Vote: Cel Placeholder vote
  3. WW: Simple and Clean

    Good grief. My phone died and I plugged it in last night and forgot to get back on to vote. Do we still have a mathematical chance of winning by roleclaiming and voting for villagers? im driving right now or I would do the math myself. I shouldn't be on here.
  4. WW: Simple and Clean

    Okay. So I'm not so sure about claiming, Day 1. I do think that the math is theoretically good for innocents. Assuming we can decide who to vote for between 4 claimed villagers, you have a potential 1 in 4 chance to end the game day 1. If you don't end the game Day 1, it becomes 1 in 3 and so on for the following days. With everyday that we don't get it right, we have the potential to lose an innocent at night, making our numbers go down as well as our voting power. Its really up to whether or not you want to take the chance. After thinking about it, it's a viable play. It's just so "high risk, high reward" that I'm not sure if I really like it. Role claiming, also, narrows down who the Wolf/traitor need to attack. Meaning, they can ..... Oh. I just read through all the rules again and realized the wolf is the only one with an attack. I suck. So, that makes the numbers more in favor of innocents winning with the Roleclaim tactic.
  5. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I'm fine with playing a normal game, if you don't want to use the game you came up with til we get enough people. I wouldn't want you til feel like you wasted it or that it didn't live up to its full potential or what not.
  6. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I'm fine either way.
  7. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I'm down like Charlie Brown.
  8. "Happy" Little Trees

    Vote: Cel Lets hope sonething didn't get messed up in the interpration of dreams.
  9. "Happy" Little Trees

    @Blacjak I think it's more about you not giving much reasoning behind the vote. It wasn't the fact that you agreed with Zil. I do understand, though, that you may have been busy. Or didn't have input to give. It happens. I think, now, the problem is that you have claimed the same role as someone else. Which is why I'm voting for you. Vote: blacjak
  10. "Happy" Little Trees

    @UrGilgamesh Zodiac isn't voting for the execution of Zilary, who started the wagon. He is voting for blacjak, who hopped on the wagon. Just FYI. So, after all that's been said on the subject of the Zodiac wagon, I do see some arguments that make sense. But, not enough for me to vote. I think I'm still anti-wagon because the wagon was built with a couple flimsy wheels. Albeit, potentially true. I'm gonna Vote: Cel Just as a placeholder. In case fall asleep. Which is likely.
  11. "Happy" Little Trees

    I'm just gonna throw this out there... The Sociopath could very well be, a newer player. One that possibly didn't pay attention to what they were supposed to do. Or remembered to do it before cutoff. Edit: I take that back, I just looked and there are basically no new players.
  12. "Happy" Little Trees

    I guess the bandwagon is more suspicious than the vote and analysis itself. Especially since she said she didn't actually look into his posts. And is saying she's open to a defense of zodiac. But, I don't think I would make an analysis without analyzing people's actual posts. The concept is strange to me. A little off. Also, the whole post is based around 3 people possibly being the knifer. Only 3 out of 15? All based on the assumption that the Knifer probably has to knife every night and, therefore, based on activity/ the lack of a knife kill night 1, it must be 1 of those 3 people that didn't vote. That is just a leap I don't think I can accept, yet. I do understand, though, that this could just be a theory Zil is just tossing around and not her making an actual accusation. So, the bandwagon... I agree that blac could just be busy with irl stuff and didn't have time research. Exiled, I'm not sure how I feel about.
  13. "Happy" Little Trees

    Yeah. I have to speak up on behalf of thezodiac. The case made by Zilary against Zodiac has no weight. He did say it was just a placeholder vote for weeee. And there definitely was no sort of confirmation of weee's innocence. Nor was the subject ever brought up. Weee dying is the only thing that did. And, either it is coincidental that zodiac voted for her, or someone dispatched weee and is attempting to now make a play at zodiac. I'm not buying.
  14. "Happy" Little Trees

    Glad to see that it turned out good. Makes this a little easier. Obviously, some people are reading things correctly. Bodes well. Is it possible that Smile was rez converted? Or is that not something in the roles? I assume the Necromancer role is what rezzed her. Is it a role that is typically inno?
  15. "Happy" Little Trees

    I'm not sure about Bed or Cel, but I'm not going to vote Cel based on what's been said. Vote: Bed If some amazing proof of the contrary comes up, I'll change my vote.