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  1. So... how dead are we?

    I exist.
  2. For discussion about the game. I got my first pentakill today. I needed someone to tell. I was very happy, and it was in a ranked game!
  3. Mail your X-mas gifts that you bought me to Canada. Canada knows how to find me.

    1. Kirby-oh


      Make sure you address it to Syrup Claws

  4. How's Life?

    I mean, I just pose with French Canadian women. It just so happens that most French Canadians are hot Learning English is pretty huge over here, considering we live on a continent of English-speaking people, and that Quebec is becoming more and more English (to the dismay of a lot of seperatists. They get pretty mad. I stopped trying to reason with them). In the rest of North America, my understanding is that Math and Science teachers are in high demand. Over here, it's French, English, and Math teachers that are. Also, I can use my degree to go teach English in another country if I want (ie. South Korea, Europe, etc), which would be pretty cool.
  5. How's Life?

    Man, I really should give you guys an update. I've since moved to Somalia, I've got 2 wives and 5 kids, and I'm now a shoe salesman. EDIT: I lied. Sorry. I just finished a 7th summer of camp - 4th as a camp coordinator - and am currently in an off week before I start my new university program. Going into teaching English as a second language. Summer went very well, but I barely slept all summer because of work. Currently trying to fix this massive sleep debt. Also, my laptop is dying on me. I'm buying a new one this week. Downside - my bank account ain't happy. Upside - It comes with MSG5, and I'll be able to run Fallout 4.

    Red team pls go away. pls. So, since there is no good way of communicating, I'm doing this. I find communicating through PMs to be not very awesome. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: I was shot. Clucky avenged me. CLUCKY AVENGED THE KING. For this, he has been promoted. He is no longer a measly henchman. He is now promoted to a Valuable Soldier. The ranks are, from worst to best: Stable boy's boy. Stable boy Henchman Valuable Soldier Knight Cunning Strategist Royal Guard Queen (Can only have 1, slot open) King (Can only have 1, slot taken) What's next, men?
  7. I don't mind you entering the tournament with your own deck, Red. You'll just have to catch up in terms of games. I'll see what the others say about it, though. Blacjak stop being lazy!
  8. Nah, Qanda had won with both other decks, so had to keep Warrior. Qanda wanted to use another deck when I beat the warrior the first time, but I told him/her that he/she had to keep it.
  9. Yesterday, I played PS3 for about 12 hours straight. Hadn't done that since high school, I think.

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    2. Lixyl


      Kingdom Hearts 2.5 :D

    3. Red


      I never got into KH. I hated the Alice in Wonderland world that you go to in the first like three hours of KH1.

    4. Lixyl


      It's my favorite game series ever. When I saw they remade it, I had to buy it :P

  10. It's in the rules right there. Anyway, nice matches. During the second and fifth match, I hovered around 5 HP for several turns before winning. Was very scary. I again made some questionable moves during the matches, but I blame that on it being 3-4AM over here when we did them I think I need to revisit my decks for some stuff if I have more matches to play.
  11. Yeah, I started by going up 2-0, he came back. Was scared. I think we both got lucky in different matches. I made one or two more significant misplays, and I know he made a few as well. It's unlikely to be ever possible, but I'd love to be able to play against Sinical when we both have our accounts, with no point limits on the decks. Edit: Updated the grid. BLACJAK GET PLAYING!
  12. Glad to see people playing their matches. And now I really can't wait to play against Sinical, I wanna see who gets the first loss between us Updated the grid.
  13. I honestly lost track of my own HP during that last game. Came pretty close to dying without even noticing. Updated the round robin grid. Took out NPM. Y'all need to do matches!
  14. I agree with that, yeah. I never felt too threatened in the last game though, so from my point of view it wasn't too close. I was, however, very scared in the priest game.
  15. Clucky and I played! Was pretty cool, I ended up winning 3-1.

    1. Clucky



  17. I didn't make a bye column, the site I used just included it because we're an odd number of people. I'll just fill the spaces with gray or something. Actually, I'll change it into this: Where "RW" = Round Wins
  18. Here is the grid which I will update! I really encourage everyone to double-check their decks to make sure they fit with the 40 points rule. Other than that. Have fun!
  19. Man, I've got 2 of my 3 decks ready. Had to pretty much build from scratch, my other decks hovered around 60 points. Can't wait!
  20. IGN - Lixyl#1847 Skype - Given out in private. I'm ready to whoop some butts.

  22. Hearthstone

    He summoned the panda (I've got a blank on the name).
  23. Hearthstone

    40 seems fair to me.
  24. Hearthstone

    YO what is up with those 11/3 weapons?
  25. Hearthstone

    Rox: Haha wow. I don't have that card yet, can't wait to use it. Someone used it to summon a turn 3 Sylvanas on me. As for the tournament, I think first order of business is to get everyone's usernames to add each other. Mine is: Lixyl#1847 As for the rules, that seems fine by me. Maybe I could see changed the total amount of points you can have per deck (currently 32). Maybe 36 would be better, I don't know. Depends on you guys. Also, these are best fo 5s, right? So before a match, You should need to announce which 3 decks you are going to be using (ex. Mage, Shaman, Priest). This is to make sure someone doesn't prepare 9 decks and change them mid-challenge to facilitate beating their opponent. I guess this doesn't prevent them from making 3 decks for each class they're using and choose the one most fitting, but I don't see how that can be stopped, and I don't think people will bother cheating. Also, I don't think we should necessarily set a number of matches per week. Maybe it'd be best if we set a date (say, December 31st), and agree that all matches must be played until then. All matches not played are counted as losses for both players, or something like that. Once I know all participating members, I'll set up a grid such as this one. and keep it updated.